PUBG 0.12.0 is now LIVE: Darkest night mode, jumping zombies and more

Tremble, mere mortal, for zombies can now climb over low walls and small obstacles.

PUBG Mobile's latest and not-so-secret 0.12.0 update should soon be available on Android and iOS. The update features a brand new gameplay mode, tweaks to zombie, new weapons and the option of spectating friends, not to mention a whole host of tweaks and updates.

Darkest Night mode

A major feature of the update is the recently teased 'Darkest Night' mode, which will require players to survive a night in a toxic, zombie-infested map. Interestingly, all teams (or solo players) that survive the night will win. Tencent also explains that each player will have a 'passive skill' of some sort. The company hasn't specified what form this passive skill takes and whether there are complementary skills that will reward smart team play.

PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 adds a brand new zombie survival mode.

PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 adds a brand new zombie survival mode.

Survive Till Dawn mode updates

This mode sees a bunch of tweaks. Stun grenades will now stun zombies (go figure) and zombies can now climb over small obstacles and low walls. New jumping zombies and dogs will also be introduced. To go with this, you get some new weapons, including an RPG-7 – which should be perfect for decimating zombie hordes – and even flamethrowers for better crowd control. These alone are reason enough for checking out the update.

Other tweaks include changes to weapon balancing, gunshots slowing zombies, daily missions and more.

Misc. tweaks

Quality-of-life improvements should also make the game much more playable on mobile. These include the following:

  • Automatic door-opening has been tuned
  • Dynamic weather odds have been tuned
  • More buildings have been added to Dino Park, Coal Mines and Goroka in Vikendi
  • Crew Challenge qualifying round has been expanded, and top 10 teams now get unique outfits
  • Emulator detection enhanced to stop emulator players from being matched with players on mobile devices
  • Friend invitations now show map and lag information
  • Quick Chat messages are now edited in Inventory
  • Quick Chat messages can now be displayed as a wheel to make sending messages faster and easier
  • Shadow effects can now be disabled to reduce resource consumption, heat and battery usage
  • Added a reminder on dismantling duplicated items for Silver
  • Previews are now available in some pages. Tap the reward icon to preview outfits
  • Gallery now only show items currently in stock at the Shop
  • Cloth Bandana (Leopard) with first purchase has ended. Rewards for first purchase of the season will be updated
  • RP Backpack now remember settings from the previous season
  • Mythic outfit emotes can now be heard by more players
  • Added haptic feedback to some buttons
  • Added animation for dropping empty magazines when reloading
  • Animation for throwing grenades while prone has been tuned
  • Animation added for opening/closing doors
  • Fixed a bug where hair was not displayed correctly when equipping certain headgear
  • Fixed a bug where Season 6 Pants caused graphic glitches in certain footgear
  • Fixed a bug where doors were not displayed properly
  • Fixed a bug where players may get stuck in buildings in certain areas

At the time of writing this article, the game is still on version 0.11.0 on the App Store and Play Store. Hopefully, the update should roll out to everyone by midnight.

For some gameplay footage of the Darkest Night mode, check out our livestream using the beta version of the app...

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