PAX East 2016 : Glorious gameplay footage from Pyre emerges

Supergiant's Pyre mashes together elements from contemporary popular titles to make something entirely new and exhilarating.

Supergiant Games showed off its spanking new title at PAX East, attendees got to try out the game, and gameplay footage has landed on a number of sites. Polygon has captured the first 20 minutes of the demo and you should check it out.

The art style seems 2D for the most part, but the animations are a joy to look at as everything moving pops out of the display, as some of the animated assets are in fact in 3D. The fluid fire, or pyre in maps that players have to battle to take control of, is as mesmerizing to stare into at as a real meatspace fire.

There is a new gimmick for world-building, that also lets you immerse yourself into the realm as much as you want and at your own pace. Each chat box has hyperlinks with more information about in-universe terms and phrases. Literacy is prohibited in that world, which just goes great with your character, known as The Reader.

The battles seem like MOBA battles in bullet time. There is also an orb that you need to take to the pyre of the opponent, which seems a bit like Rocket League. It is also an RPG, where you level up all your three heroes. Supergiant Games has however remixed these game mechanics so much, that they seem entirely fresh and new.

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