Nintendo Switch: Top 5 Switch issues that you cannot fix

Here is a short list of issue on the Nintendo Switch that you just cannot fix.

The Nintendo Switch is a great mobile gaming device. It was announced in January and is now making its way into the hands of gamers worldwide. Being a handheld console that can also be played on your TV via the Switch Dock Set, it comes with three main parts, the tablet and the two Joy-Con controllers. Sounds fairly simple right?

Many who received their units and used them have noticed a plenty of glitches and problems. What appeared to be a straightforward gaming system, is gradually beginning to showcase a lot of defects. So far there have been a ton of complaints, so we took the trouble to list down the stuff that you just cannot fix on the new Nintendo Switch.

1 Dead Pixels

On bigger displays, dead pixels are a common issue. It was the same with Sony's PSP range, and the Nintendo Switch is no different. Quite a few users online have begun to notice dark patches on their device's touchscreen, these are dead or stuck pixels, things that are usually not covered by manufacturers and cannot be repaired but only replaced.

Nintendo has made it clear that a "small number of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens," and that one should not consider this as a product defect. If your retailer is feeling generous, you could end up with a replacement Switch unit. The odd bit is that you could end up with a replacement unit with a few more dead pixels so there's no guarantee on that front.

2 Stuck Controller Straps

The Joy-Con controller straps give you a centimeter of more grip to hold on to. However, insert then incorrectly and you will end up non-functional top buttons. By incorrect we mean inserting the wrong strap into the wrong controller. If inserted correctly, a button on top is supposed to eject them. But it looks like Nintendo oddly did not come across a scenario where they would have mistakenly switched the straps because it is pretty hard to pull them off. You will eventually get them off, but it wise to be cautious as you don't want to spend the first ten minutes of your gaming session because of an incorrectly placed strap.

3 Scratched Switch Screen

The problem arises from the fact that Switch Dock is made of cheap plastic and does not even have a smoother inner lining. When you slide your Switch tablet in and out of the dock, the plastic screen on the tablet gets scratched when it makes contact with basic plastic inlays. It's not a design defect, but a velvet lining on the inside could have prevented the display from getting scratched every time you insert it into the dock. So until the next Switch comes out. You will need you to fit a micro fibre cloth on the inside of the slot to prevent the abrasion as there is no other solution.

4 Display Problem

Many users are facing an issue to do with the device's display showing random colours and lines. This occurs right at first boot and the issue will not go away no matter what you do. The problem according to some stems from a screen's ribbon that is probably plugged half-way in. So the device will try and display random lines that resemble the actual UI. The weird bit here is that the touch sensitivity is active, meaning that this indeed could be a loose connector inside. We would suggest not opening it up but just getting it replaced.

5 Wobbly Joy-Con controllers

So you just received your new Nintendo Switch and you slid both the controllers in. Start a game and you realise that not one, but both of your controllers attached to the Switch tablet are wobbly. This is once again a defect. In a normal scenario both controllers have a snug fit and will not wobble or shake. It does not hamper your gaming experience, but hey if you don't like those wobbly controllers, you need to head back to your retailer and get it exchanged.

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