Moong Labs releases Epic Cricket - Big League in Dolby Atmos for mobile gaming fans in India

The modern Indian gamer is very demanding, especially when it comes to experiences. Therefore, game developers have had to step up their game and offer better gaming experiences. That is why, a developer like Moong Labs worked with Dolby Laboratories to create Epic Cricket - Big League.

Mobile gaming is growing rapidly in India. There has been an increased demand from consumers for spectacular audio experiences on their smartphones. Therefore, game developers and publishers have had to step up in order to cater to the demands of the modern Indian gamer.

Moong Labs, one such developer and publisher of free-to-play F2P games for smartphone and tablet devices, collaborated with Dolby Laboratories, and released a mobile game named “Epic Cricket” in Dolby Atmos.

Moong Labs releases Epic Cricket - Big League in Dolby Atmos for mobile gaming fans in India

Epic Cricket in Dolby Atmos is a mobile cricket gaming experience that provides incredible and immersive gameplay. The team behind the game has deployed complex algorithms and techniques to build an amazingly realistic experience.

Through Dolby Atmos, critical moments in Epic Cricket will feel more realistic. The player will be able to experience a distinct loud roar of the crowd from the stands where the ball travels and the sound of a wave while the player gets ready to face the next delivery. Furthermore, the clearly audible chatting of the wicketkeeper from behind the stumps will add to the realism of the game. 

We got in touch with Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director, Japan & Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories, Samit Babbar, Head of Product, Moong Labs, and Madhav Sheth, CEO, Realme India, VP, Realme and President, Realme International Business Group on the occasion of the launch. Edited excerpts:

Would you say that gamers are demanding better sound experiences with games? If so, when did this demand start growing, and how does having Dolby Atmos in devices and content help gamers?
Ashim Mathur: The world of mobile gaming in India is an interesting place to be in right now. The last few years have witnessed a boom within this sector as more Indians have turned to mobile gaming on the go or at home. Undoubtedly, gamers today are seeking better sound experiences as it enables them to connect deeply with their mobile gaming experience with sound all around them. With Dolby Atmos, gamers will get a next-level gaming experience as it uses three-dimensional precision game audio to immerse the gamers in a more realistic, more intense gaming experience, and even allow them to improve their performance. Sounds with lifelike detail are precisely placed all around them, so they feel like they are deeper inside the game — reacting faster and more accurately than ever before. Whether you’re dropping into a busy battlefield or exploring a mysterious cave, understanding what’s around you is critical. Dolby Atmos allows you to pinpoint the precise location of individual sounds and more easily detect key sounds that might otherwise be lost in the mix.

How did the collaboration with Moong Labs and realme come into being?
Ashim Mathur: Dolby takes immense pride in the work that it does with all its partners. We have had a long association with realme on the device’s front and feel great pleasure in collaborating with them to provide the best gaming experience from a service and device perspective. With mobile gaming picking pace in India and the game of cricket being at the heart of the nation, it was the right time for us to collaborate with Moonglabs for Epic Cricket- Big League, to give our gamers a sound experience like never before. 

Everything fell into place with the launch of realme’s Pad X in Dolby Atmos and Moonglabs releasing Epic Cricket – Big League in Dolby Atmos for mobile gaming fans in India. As three different entities, we share a common goal of providing an immersive experience to gamers from a content + device + service perspective. 

Will we see more of such collaborations with different publishing studios?
Ashim Mathur: At Dolby, we are dedicated and always scouting for new ways to ensure seamless and effective delivery of quality audio solutions which will enable transformative experiences for our consumers. Our goal is to offer experiences that bring entertainment to life. The gamers of today are seeking memorable and spectacular experiences so, the need of the hour is to offer an immersive experience which stays with them like never before. We have a collaborative ecosystem with several OEMs, services and content creators to deliver the ultimate gaming experience to the gamers. In fact, content creators as a community have always been extremely important to us and we look forward to many more such associations and providing immersive gaming experiences. 

Mobile gaming has grown exponentially over the years in India. What trajectory do you see the industry going ​in?
Samit Babbar: We are a mobile-first gaming nation. For the majority of the gamers in India, mobile devices are the primary means of consuming games and this trend is only going to go up. Even OEMs have realised this trend and have launched devices that cater to such an audience. We expect with the innovations in hardware and the 5G connectivity becoming a reality in the coming years –online gaming on mobile devices is going to explode. While most consumers play casual games, but with the advent of Esports, mobile gaming will become mainstream and more people will join in.

Games that require spatial awareness need a good sound engine. What was the reason that Epic Cricket was made with Dolby’s Atmos? How does that impact the gaming experience?
Samit Babbar: Dolby is a pioneer in sound technology – partnering with them for building Epic Cricket in Dolby Atmos was a no-brainer. Gamers today want immersive experiences from their games and Dolby Atmos allows us to bring a whole new level of immersive gameplay to take gamers right into the action with spatial sounds. Players will be able to soak in the sound, tension and elation of the crowd as they play the game and experience cricket game at a whole new level.

How has consumer gaming behaviour evolved? And how are game developers and publishing studios catering to this evolving behaviour?
Samit Babbar: Consumers today view games as more than a source of entertainment – the games have become a means to socialise with friends and family and to be part of a community. Since the 2020 lockdowns, more people have got introduced to the power of gaming as means of entertainment and social interaction. More and more developers and publishers today are building games that allow the community of gamers to play together online in real-time. And as broadband penetration and 5G technologies take hold in the future – richer and more diverse experiences will be possible right from the metaverse to real-time avatar-based interaction in virtual worlds.

Realme has launched some great devices over the last year. How is the company planning to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for gaming-specific devices in India?
Madhav Sheth: We have always recognised the value of strong chipsets and performance required in smartphones and have taken a lead in bringing several industry-first processors like the Snapdragon 778 5G (realme GT Master Edition), Dimensity 810 in (8s 5G) and many more. In addition, we have increased RAM options, and included high storage modules across our smartphones. Our GT series features a special GT mode that accelerates performance to the best of the speeds for our customers, along with cooling systems within these phones. Besides this, we have also designed software to assist with optimal network performance, which boosts gaming efficiency. Lastly, we collaborate with audio- technology companies like Dolby to together ensure that gaming experiences for our users become more profound and immersive. 

What exactly do people expect from a good gaming experience on Pad X?
Madhav Sheth: Consumers like accessibility and realme PAD X caters to their needs enhancing their experience during their daily usage. Snapdragon 695 enabled PAD X can not only deliver seamless productivity but can also handle good gaming and provide an excellent experience in MOBA games, racing games, and other games.  Besides this, realme PAD X is the only 5G tablet in the premium mid-range segment powered with 8340 mAh mega battery supported by 33W Dart charge which is bound to give users an unparalleled experience. realme Pad X also features Quad Speakers with Dolby Atmos for immersive sound that uses three-dimensional precision game audio to immerse you in a more realistic, more intense gaming experience, and even allows you to improve your performance. Additionally, being at the forefront of technology and innovations, we are continuously working towards bringing more and more advancements to our products

How has consumer gaming behaviour evolved? 
Madhav Sheth: The gaming industry has grown exponentially. As per the recent reports, pandemic resulted in people playing online games more frequently. There is a significant rise in time spent on gaming during the lockdown compared to pre-lockdown. The most recent trend observed is the shift from PC or console gaming to smartphone gaming, which stems from the fact that smartphones make gaming accessible to an enormously large group of audience. This trend has allowed many gaming enthusiasts to get into the smartphone gaming industry.  The future of online gaming will continue to see more growth since the time spent on gaming will increase. The scope for growth in the industry is massive because of the deeper internet penetration and mobile gaming. Keeping this in mind, we frequently take feedback from gamers on several of our smartphone series to enhance user experience. Also, with 5G becoming a reality, gaming will become easier and will reduce any kind of lags in cloud gaming. 

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