Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack cancelled as it’s too ‘technically demanding’

Developer Mojang had initially announced the Minecraft graphics update back at E3 2017

It’s been two years since Minecraft unveiled the Super Duper Graphics Pack at E3. Unfortunately, it’s officially dead now. Minecraft developer Mojang has confirmed that it has now stopped its development.

Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack cancelled as it’s too ‘technically demanding’

Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack was announced at E3 2017.

In a new blog post on the Minecraft website, the studio said that the pack was “too technically demanding to implement as planned”. The Super Duper Graphics Pack was all about giving the game a graphics overhaul. In the words of Mojang: “Light will filter in shimmering rays through cotton clouds, dappling the ground beneath fluttering foliage, and sparkling on the rippling waters. We have dynamic shadows! Directional lighting! Edge highlighting!”

It was going to be an optional DLC that meant it won’t be applied to the default game. The company also had released a trailer that showed how the game would look like with the update. This announcement was made when the company announced the Better Together Update that brought cross-platform play and 4K HDR graphics with improved lighting, shadow and water effects.

During the development of the Super Duper Graphics Pack, Mojang said that it wasn’t happy with the performance of the game across devices. Although it wouldn’t have been a problem on high-end gaming PCs and the latest consoles, it probably was too heavy for portable mobile devices like the Nintendo Switch.

Mojang apologised for not delivering on its promised update and said that it will look for other ways to deliver Minecraft with a new look.

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