League of Legends is updating to prevent passive early game

Riot is introducing tradeoffs to laneswapping, where there is less engagement with enemies early in the game, in preference for gathering of resources.

League of Legends is making some changes to prevent a passive early game. This is to prevent an emerging gameplay style where players avoid direct engagement with the opposing team, by swapping lanes and trading towers early on in the game.

Laneswapping is an advanced move, and is being increasingly used in professional competitions. For casual players, these changes don't affect how the game typically progresses.While the updates are not designed to prevent laneswapping, Riot is making the choice more strategic, with the introduction of tradeoffs.

There is a first blood reward for taking down a turret. The turret AI reward is tweaked to defend the champions better, and give the champions preferential treatment during defense. The fortification buffs for the turrents have been reduced in duration from seven minutes to five minutes, but the damage reduction has been increased to 50 per cent from 35 per cent. The outer turrets have been made stronger, with the damage going from 3300 hit points to 3500 hit points.

The canon minion will now spawn in rotation for each lane. The bottom lane gets the canon minion in wave 3, the mid lane in wave 4 and the top lane in wave 5. This pattern repeats for the next twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, the canon minion spawns in the middle lane, then spawns in both the top and bottom lanes in the next wave. This pattern then alternates till the game reaches 30 minutes, after which all lanes get a canon minion spawn in every wave.

All of these changes makes lanseswapping a riskier maneuver than it is. These round of changes are expected to be the last major changes before the 2016 League of Legends World Championships.

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