illi is a puzzle-platformer from the makers of Daddy Long Legs

Illi is a one touch puzzle platformer from Set Snail, the makers of Daddy Long Legs.

Daddy Long Legs was a notoriously tough endless walker. Set Snail, Daddy Long Legs' developer, just launched its second title, illi. It's a puzzle-platformer with one touch controls. You have to control a creature that has the DNA of a goat and a slug. You are in a space environment with blocky platform planets. Each block has its own gravity. The controls are pretty simple. You have to tap once to get the slug-goat moving, after which it circles around whatever platform it's on. All subsequent taps makes the creature jump. Jump just right, and you land on another platform. Jump wrong, and you fall off into space, and you fail the level.
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There are objectives for every level, finish in so many seconds, collect so many light crystals, use so many jumps. However, it is not possible to always complete all the quests in one attempt. For example, it may be possible to finish a level in one jump and under 8 seconds, but it is not possible if you go for collecting all the light crystals in that level. Finishing all the quests in a level marks that level with a gold colour, or else the level remains white. This gives replayability to every level, as the approach for finishing the level depends on what quest you intend to complete.

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The game gets more elaborate in the later levels, with more mechanics, obstacles and traps. Timing gets increasingly important. The levels start out simple, but tax the brain increasingly as you play through. The game is not as difficult as Daddy Long Legs though.

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While the game is available for Free, there is a timesink mechanic, where illi goes to sleep after a few attempts at levels. If you are playing in short bursts through the day, this is not much of a problem. illi sleeps for only a couple of minutes at a time. The in-app-purchases are thoughtful enough to give you options for getting illi to wake up faster. You can make a one-time purchase to get rid of the energy mechanic entirely, making illi a permanent insomniac. The other option is to gain time by watching advertisements.

Illi is available on the App Store and on the Play Store.

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