Hunting Safari 3D celebrates nature by making you slaughter baby animals

Hunting Safari 3D has a mode where you are in a serene meadow with baby animals frolicking around, and you have to destroy them.

Hunting Safari is a shooting game for Android made by Italy Games. It's a sequel to Wild Hunter 3D. It's mostly free to play, but there are some special weapons that need in-app purchases. The game is not a full blown hunting simulator like the Carnivores series. It still has a wide range of weapons, many exotic animals from around the world, and specialized consumable equipment, however. It's an arcade shooter, and there are various game modes. Some levels require you to shoot from a motorboat or a land vehicle.

Other modes require you to hunt either a single animal or multiple animals on foot. There is even a mode where you are in a serene meadow with baby animals frolicking around, and you have to destroy them. You can use night vision goggles and scopes when necessary. There are special quests that require you to take down an animal with a lung shot, or the very fun heart shot.

The animals start of with basic herbivores, Kudu, Goats, Moose, Baby Moose, etc. Then more exotic animals such as the Gemsbok, the Scimitar Oryx and even a Unicorn appear. As you progress through the game, you can go on to kill carnivores and more dangerous animals. The ultimate achievement is bagging the Big 5, the most difficult animals to hunt. These are a leopard, a lion, a rhinoceros, a buffalo and an elephant.

There are many weapons available, including scoped rifles, shotguns, machine guns and the surprisingly deadly pistol. Some of the costlier weapons have special features and are amazingly designed. There is also a test range, where you can fire the weapons before investing in them. It is not possible to stick to one or two weapons, and upgrade them to become increasingly deadly. Upgrades for weapons will have to spread out across all classes of weapons, as specific missions require particular weapons. We test fired every gun in the game, and all of it is in the video below.

The music is catchy, but quickly gets repetitive. The graphics are not mind blowing, but are passable. The animation of the animals is endearing. Hunting Safari is violent and fun. If you love nature, or are a vegetarian, or find killing animals distasteful, this is still the perfect game for you. It lets you indulge in the things you never wanted to do. At the end of a session, you can actually walk away with a deeper appreciation for nature, because it's just a game.

Hunting Safari 3D is available on Android 

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