Fortnite players disgruntled after being killed during the one-time event rocket launch

Fortnite's event was a rocket launch which created something of an inter-dimensional rip in the sky.

The latest in-game event on one of the biggest multiplayer titles globally, Fortnite, has left many players disgruntled and rightfully so. This event, which happened to be a one-time only event, was a rocket launch which seemed to have created something of an inter-dimensional rip in the map and thousands of players logged into to see it. That was until many of them were killed in the game.



Users had to be logged on to a specific time period to see the event. As many players in the game's Battle Royale mode stared up in the map's night sky to see the spectacle unfold, most of them became oblivious to their surroundings. Quite a few players took advantage of the situation and gunned many players down, ending their event quite abruptly.

As a matter of fact, a new solo kills record was made in the game when a player decided to blow up a ramp on which 48 players were standing to view the inter-dimensional rip. In the aftermath, Twitter became the primary place where the dead players vented out their frustration against the users who had killed them.

It's easy to understand why some players were distraught after getting unexpectedly killed while watching the one-time event. It is, as the name suggests, a one-time event. However, this is not the first time a one-time event has been conducted by Epic Games  (creator of Fortnite).

Every season in Fortnite comes with several one-time events, which are hyped nearly a week from when they are supposed to happen and provide a change to the game's narrative, both in survival mode and also in the battle royale mode. If you happen to have missed the event, don't worry. Fortnite is expected to have another big one-time event soon.


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