Fortnite Avengers Endgame mode brings back Thanos looking for the Infinity Stones

Pick between team Thanos or the Hero team in the new Endgame limited time mode.

After being teased for a few weeks, Epic Games has finally revealed Fortnite’s yet another crossover with Avengers, this time for Avengers: Endgame. Previously, Epic had collaborated with Marvel during Avengers: Infinity War to promote the movie. The ‘Endgame Limited Time Mode’ went live with the latest v8.5 patch update.

Fortnite Avengers Endgame Limited Time Mode.

Fortnite Avengers Endgame Limited Time Mode.

Players will be either picking team Thanos or the Hero team. Thanos’ team consists of members of the Chitauri tribe and Thanos himself. They will begin their journey as Chitauri invaders initially. They will be loaded with a powerful laser rifle, an anti-structure grenade attack and a jetpack for quick jumps in the air. As a Chitauri invader, their objective is to search for all the Infinity Stones on the island. The first invader to find a stone will transform into Thanos. His abilities include a powerful punch, a destructive laser or beam attack, and a high jump and smash attack on landing.

As players collect the Infinity Stones, Thanos’ abilities become more powerful and he becomes unstoppable. The Chitauri also simultaneously gains health. If the hero team manages to eliminate Thanos, a different Chitauri invader will transform into Thanos shortly. Every Infinity Stone has its own ability listed as follows:

  • Reality Stone (Red) = Heath & Shields doubled (1000->2000)
  • Soul Stone (Orange) = Siphon activated (grants Thanos shields only)
  • Mind Stone (Yellow) = Jump height doubled
  • Space Stone (Blue) = Ground Pound AOE size tripled, damage x6
  • Time Stone (Green) = Big knockback added to each hit, damage x3
  • Power Stone (Purple) = Laser damage x6

On the Hero team, players will drop on the island with a treasure map depicting the locations of the ‘Mythic Avengers items’. It probably includes Captain America’s iconic shield, Thor’s hammer Stormbreaker, Iron Man’s repulsors and Hawkeye’s bow as shown in the reveal trailer. The map also includes other Avengers items placed in Chests. An advantage of the Hero team is that they will continue respawning even after being eliminated.

Both the teams will be battling it out against each other to win the match. For team Thanos to win, they need to collect all the six Infinity Stones on the island and eliminate the Hero team. The Hero team has to prevent them from collecting all the stones while eliminating the Chitauri invaders and Thanos. Do note, once the enemy team collects all the stones, the hero team won’t be able to respawn after being eliminated.

The Fortnite v8.5 patch is live now. Apart from the new mode, it also includes several improvements in weapons, items, competitive gameplay mechanics and the regular bug fixes. Download Fortnite now to enjoy the Endgame Limited Time Mode.

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