Flowy is the game to play when you're stressed out; available on iOS and Android

Flowy Beta is a deep breathing and boat navigation game that calms down people experiencing high levels of anxiety, or panic attacks, within 90 seconds.

Flowy is a game that calms you down. Scientifically tested and designed to handle panic attacks and high levels of anxiety, the game can be used to relax in other situations as well, such as when you are getting angry or if you are thinking of too many things at once. Flowy is basically about deep breathing exercises, along with the casual, one touch distraction of navigating a boat. The game has been developed and tested for specific objectives, that it's useful, it works and it's fun. However, the game is not a replacement for treatment by a medical professional if help is needed.

There is an animated cloud on screen that tells you when to take a deep breath, how long to hold it in, and when to let it out. Flowy has been tested and known to start calming users down within 90 seconds of starting to use the application. The game measurably eases the symptoms of anxiety, panic and hyperventilation. Playing Flowy also measurably increases the quality of life.

The breathing provides the wind for a sailboat. There are simple swipes needed to navigate the boat around obstacles, or to gather pickups. The gameplay pace stays the same for however long you play, not getting increasingly challenging. So this game has a flat difficulty curve. There is a high score though, that shows how much distance you have traveled in one calming down session and we do wonder how mad you have to be to beat it.

The app also tracks your state of mind and incidence of attacks. You can review these on a map after a few weeks or months of using the app. There is also a small, 8-question test that you can take weekly, which gives you an anxiety score based on how anxious the week has been. Be careful when you take the test though, if you start on a random weekday, you will have to take the test every week only on that random weekday.

Flowy Beta is available for free on the App Store and Play Store.

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