Explore Wikipedia as a text based adventure thanks to a game created by an Indie developer

There is now a brand new way to explore Wikipedia, as an old school text based adventure created by indie developer Kevan Davis. Users are presented with geographical information pulled from Wikipedia, and then can feed their wanderlust or thirst for knowledge through simple text commands. The most rudimentary commands are moving in particular directions, but users can pick up items and interact with people. The "Examine" or "x" command allows users to check out a particular place or object. A list of all possible interactions is displayed on using the "help" command.

While there is no quest, or a scoring system, the nature of the game allows users to spontaneously come up with challenges. We found it difficult to get out of the Island city of Mumbai. In Bengaluru, we managed to grab one of the cycles from a NammaCycle stand. If you want to pick up items, which can be a quest in itself, the developer recommends making a visit to Lobuche, Nepal, according to an article in Ars Technica. Apparently there is a lot of junk strewn about Mount Everest.

Fair warning though, you might encounter unexpected things in your travels. At times, you can walk into the scene of a gruesome crime, or sites of terrorist strikes. Not all the "locations" you stumble across in the game are actually places.

If you use the "go to" command to drop into Trimbakeshwar, you can only travel to the banks of the Manjira river and back. The co-ordinates for the location have to be fed into the Wikipedia page for the place to show up in the game. Some of the locations show up in highly pixelated surreal images, where it is difficult to make out the original image. Davis explained the art to Venture Beat, "It’s also nice for making some of the bad photos and boring architecture look a bit cryptic and fantastical instead."


Updated Date: Jul 03, 2017 22:31 PM