Counter-Strike co-creator Jess Cliffe reportedly arrested for sexual abuse of children and has been suspended by employer Valve

Every gamer and to large extent, non-gamers as well, know of the hugely popular FPS multiplayer game Counter-Strike (CS). It wouldn't be wrong to assume that many people worship the creators of this game, but recently a report has come out claiming that Jess Cliffe, co-creator of CS, has been arrested for alleged sexual exploitation of a child.

Counter Strike.

Counter Strike.

Details are not readily available at the moment but Seattle’s KIRO-7 news outlet reported that Cliffe may have been involved creating images or videos of sexual abuse on children.

The report states that no official charges have been filed thus far and Cliffe is set to appear for a bail hearing.

Gaming giant Valve, who employs Jess Cliffe, said that his employment is currently suspended until they get to know more about the incident.

In a statement to ArsTechnica, Valve said that it is still learning about the details of what actually happened. "Reports suggest he has been arrested for a felony offence. As such, we have suspended his employment until we know more," said Valve.

Valve had released Counter-Strike as a standalone game back in 2000 and has been supporting it ever since. CS:GOis a popular game on the e-sports circuit. Cliffe also voiced the nostalgic phrases in the game such as "bomb planted", "terrorists win", "fire in the hole" etc.

The story is currently developing and we will update it as soon as there are more details forthcoming.

Updated Date: Feb 02, 2018 15:11 PM