Battlefield V’s battle royale Firestorm mode arrives today: All you need to know

Firestorm is a battle royale reimagined for Battlefield V and set in the largest Battlefield map yet.

Since its announcement at E3 last year, we didn’t hear much about the battle royale mode that DICE and Criterion Games were developing for Battlefield V. A few days ago, they finally revealed details along with a trailer and a first look into the gameplay. Chapter 3: Trial by Fire starts off with Firestorm, which is launching on 25 March for all Battlefield V players.

Firestorm Gameplay

Starting from the basics, Firestorm is a traditional battle royale game with Battlefield elements thrown in. EA claims that the game mode is sporting Battlefield’s largest map ever and they are calling it Halvøy. It’s apparently ten times larger than the biggest Battlefield map in existence – Hamada. As with all battle royale titles, you’ll have to survive enemies and the ring of fire – the firestorm – as the play area gets ever smaller. You have to keep on moving inside while fighting enemies.

As with other battle royale games, the location of the firestorm will be different every time and you will be landing at random spots within the safe area along with your squad, unless you’re playing solo. Your entry into the map is obviously going to be an airdrop. While you’re parachuting down, all the landmarks, supply points and the firestorm will be visible on the map. One thing to note here is that while the Firestorm map itself is massive, the firestorm will already be in effect at the start of the map, meaning you'll never play on the full-scale map. Not yet at least. The map will also be limited to 64 players as compared to PUBG's and Fortnite's 100.

Searching for loot is essential because that will decide whether you survive early on in the game. You will be scavenging for weapons, ammo and various gadgets with their own tactical advantages and limited inventory capacity, so you have to choose wisely.

Squad and Solo modes

Sixty-four players will be dropped in the map in four-person squads or solo matches. This means, there are going to be 16 squads in the squad mode. You will be looting weapons, supplies and items throughout the game. Sticking close to your squad will be key to winning the match because you will need to be revived at some point and also require supplies to heal or refill your ammunition. Enemy players will be able to knock you down before killing you, but unlike other battle royale titles, you're not entirely helpless when down. Your sidearm will still be useable (though you won't be able to reload it) and you'll be able to use a knife. If you bleed out or the enemy takes you out a second time, there’s no returning back to the game.

In a squad, you will be securing resupply points and vehicle strongholds spread across the map. Once secured, you gain access to rare vehicles and gear that will give you and your squad an advantage over enemies. There are five types of objectives in the game that will enable squads to get their hands on the best loot from the map.

Battlefield V: Firestorm Squad play.

Battlefield V: Firestorm Squad play.

Strongboxes and Safes distributed all over the map will give you basic and high-value loot respectively. Supply drops will occasionally happen through the match and you will have to make your way to them to obtain powerful loot. They will be marked with a green flare but every squad’s eye will be set on the drop, so be careful. Resupply points will be holding Rare and Epic weapons including Reinforcements. They aren’t always active but when they are, you will be able to locate them by spotting a set of olive-coloured balloons rising. Reinforcements include armaments or supplies including combat and transport vehicles, supply drops with powerful loot, artillery strikes and a V-1 Rocket strike. It’s going to be based on the type of random flare gun you pick up. Finally, Vehicle Lockups are bunkers housing the strongest combat vehicles in the game. Apart from powerful vehicles, you will also find Epic tier loot. However, do note that whenever a bunker is opened, everyone in the vicinity will be alerted with the blaring alarms and they’ll be rushing to get to you.


Firestorm will be packed with Battlefield V’s gunplay and destruction. This means all the weapons and gadgets found in the base game will be available in this mode. All the weapons are divided into three tiers including Common, Rare and Epic. Every weapon will be available in these tiers with increasing support for special attachments or upgrades. Essentially, the Epic tier will support more attachments than the Common tier weapons.

Battlefield V: Firestorm Sniper rifle.

Battlefield V: Firestorm Sniper rifle.

Firestorm consists of sidearms, rifles, snipers, shotguns, machine guns and sub-machine guns with their own ammunition types. You can equip a primary and secondary weapon. You will also get to loot up to 10 different melee weapons in the map. Coming to the gadgets, you will be carrying all your supplies in a backpack. For healing, you have healing syrettes. After you land, you will be equipped with an empty armour vest and you have to collect armour plates to increase protection across three levels. Common armour consists of a single plate, Rare has two while Epic has three armour plates, the highest. When an armour plate is damaged, you simply swap it out for a new one.


You won’t be fighting against enemy units only on foot but taking the battle to the sea and air as well. When you’re on foot, you can search the map for 17 different types of vehicles including tanks, helicopters, sports cars, and tractors. Among them, five are exclusive to Firestorm whereas the rest have been tweaked and imported from Battlefield V.

Spawned vehicles will have limited fuel, so if you’re moving across the map then you will need to refuel them by picking up Jerry Cans. Some vehicles have mounted weapons with their own type of ammunition. So, you will also need to refill them along with your own weapons.

Armoured tanks in Battlefield V: Firestorm.

Armoured tanks in Battlefield V: Firestorm.

Looking at the gameplay, Firestorm surely looks fun. Together with Battlefield's signature environmental destruction system enabled, this is certainly shaping up to be a fun and unique take on battle royale.

Make sure you catch the livestream of Battlefield V: Firestorm on our YouTube channel later tonight.

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