App Weekly: Here are the six best games to kick off the first weekend of 2018

Monogolf is one of the six best games for the first weekend of 2018 as part of our App Weekly series. Here golf has been simplified to just one shot.

Enjoy our collection of casual games with something for every kind of gamer as part of our AppWeekly series.

App Weekly: Here are the six best games to kick off the first weekend of 2018

MiniGolf. Image: Google Play Store

Whether you like picking out outfits or fighting sausages, you will find something suited to your specific tastes. Play BarBarQ for some party fighting fun and Cats are Liquid to see something new in an old genre.

1. Monogolf

Monogolf is a minimalist take on Minigolf where the game of golf has been simplified to just one shot. Each of the levels in this game has to be solved with just one shot of the golf ball. The game resembles 'Okay' in that aspect. What keeps this game interesting is the variety of shapes and surface types which affect the physics in different ways. The transition between levels happens in a second so it is easy to play a lot of levels in one go, and you would want to do that in Monogolf.

The game also gives you the ability to create your own levels, complete with all the elements you unlock while playing the game. The level editor interface is easy to use and because the game involves only one shot, you can create and test your level in a matter of minutes.

2. International Fashion Stylist

International Fashion Stylist . Image: Google Play Store.

International Fashion Stylist . Image: Google Play Store.

International Fashion Stylist is a game where you can put together outfits for different situations and earn in-game currency based on how well you do it. The game presents specific scenarios like a presentation to investors or a cover photoshoot. There is a collection of outfits for each scenario and you can pick the paid or free ones. The game is also about managing your resources and maximising the score within a fixed budget. After a few levels, the criteria for judgement becomes clearer as they judge on the basis of your outfit sticking to the brief for that particular level. There are also multiplayer levels where you can have your outfits judged by other players. This game is better than others of its kind because of how fast you can play a level and get feedback in the single-player mode. Most similar games have only a multiplayer version where you have to wait for other player's votes to come in before you get a result. The profusion of ads may put you off but these aren't video ads for the most part which makes them easily avoidable. Play International Fashion Stylist whenever you want to style a YouTube star or comedian or researcher. According to this game, everyone can do with a little fashion.

3. BarBarQ

BarBarQ is casual pixelated MOBA where you can team up with other players and beat your opponents. The game is a lot like Realm of the Mad God, a PC game. The cute pixel characters can use a bunch of powerups and special abilities to bring ruin to the other players. The combat is simple but still requires a bit of skill, unlike the tap-to-combat variety of games. Weapons and mushrooms are strewn across the arena and the person who gets to them first has an undeniable advantage. You can also chat with the other players in your team for better coordination and join forces to emerge as the champions in this crazy online war. Download BarBarQ and get ready for casual bouts of barbaric violence!

4. Cats are Liquid

Cats are Liquid is a platformer which functions on a premise widely accepted by cat owners. The physics in this game are luxurious, giving the player plenty of time to manipulate the cat and the states of matter. The levels guide the luminescent cat through the story of how she came to be trapped in the maze. The levels are fabulous, with a new kind of obstacle at every turn. It is especially enjoyable to have the cat turn into its liquid form and zoom along tiny crevices and cracks in the wall. There are no additional controls for this function and the game functions using the four basic arrow keys. Play Cats are Liquid to be reminded of everything that is good about platformers once again.

5. Sausage Legend

In the games you have played, you'd definitely have fought battles as a Marvel or DC hero, a gladiator, perhaps a boulder or even a cat. But have you ever fought as a sausage? This game attempts to fill the space in your gaming experience you didn't know you had. Sausage Legend has you take on the role of different kinds of sausage or sausage-shaped things in two kinds of gaming modes, single and multiplayer. The physics of this game are simply delightful and you will love seeing the jiggly sausage lash out at the other and break it into chunks of defeated meat. The graphics are beautiful and will fill every foodie with at least a moderate sense of excitement. The multiplayer mode allows you to play locally with a sibling or a friend. The combat is based off on tapping at the right moment and takes some time to master. This game is a fun, casual way to spend a little spare time. Also, you will learn about different kinds of sausage so you could pass this off as an educational experience too (though the flaming lava sausage sadly does not exist).

6. Lines - Physics Drawing Game

Lines is a puzzle game by Leo de Sol, creators of Puzzlerama, which is the most comprehensive and extensive puzzle game on the Play Store. In Lines, you have to manipulate the eponymous lines and compete to create the longest line. In each level, you are presented with a network diagram and you can start off a line from any point on this diagram. After you make this selection, you can watch how the race unfolds in the lines below. There are six modes with their own twists to the basic game, including the eraser and rope mode. Although the premise of the game is pretty simple, the complexity of the puzzles and the unpredictability of the results will keep you coming back for more.

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