App Weekly: Get your strategy gaming fix for the week

Just to make sure we got you other gamers covered, there’s a platformer and a local multiplayer shooter too.

There is a strategy game in here for all types of gamers. Fans of traditional RTS will enjoy the neon world of Castle Battle while racing nuts will like the manoeuvering required in Reckless Getaway. Just to make sure we got you other gamers covered, there’s a platformer and a local multiplayer shooter too.

Image: Agent Aliens

Image: Agent Aliens

Agent Aliens

Of the various interpretations of what it would mean for humans and extraterrestrial life to meet, this is perhaps the most amusing one. In Agent Aliens, your role is to free the other undercover aliens that have been captured by what appears to be another kind of otherworldly life.

The game is a platformer where you start out with one character but keep gaining allies who fight alongside you after you free them. The character design is beautiful and even though the anatomy isn’t familiar, the aliens will grow on you like your own human best friends. The game is fast-paced and the added advantage of sidekicks can give you an edge in the combat.

Agent Aliens is a slick platformer with plenty of visual interest to keep this game on your phone for a long time.

Day of the Viking

Day of the Viking is about a slightly maniacal princess who orders her army around to protect her kingdom from Vikings. She finds them smelly and disgusting and hence deems it just to pierce their hearts with arrows, leaving them to die just in front of her picturesque castle. She employs a variety of military units, such as archers and catapults. The game is reminiscent of Angry Birds and if you’ve been looking for a change from that game and the numerous spinoffs, this will make a good substitute. The highlight of the game is the humour in the dialogues. Day of the Viking is pretty, though not prettier than Angry Birds.


Barbaric: Marble-Like RPG, Hyper Action Hero!

Barbaric is about a glorious man with a magnificent golden mane. He is so manly that he does not need to wear anything other than a loincloth as he valiantly fights sentient skeletons. The game is played by launching the blonde hero towards the enemies and hoping that your aim is good enough. A helpful line showing your trajectory appears before you are about to shoot the man into the fray. The graphics are captivating and the enemies are rather well-designed. The combat is forgiving at first but the difficulty quickly notches up. Even though it has turn-based gameplay, there is more flexibility due to the absence of fixed cells to move in. You can move freely across the level and have to consciously plan out movements in order to win.

Reckless Getaway 2

Reckless Getaway 2 is a lot like Pako in terms of gameplay and style. However, while in Pako the aim was to avoid touching obstacle, here you can go wild. In Reckless Getaway 2, you are presumably a criminal who did not think through a getaway plan for himself. Thus, you’re stuck in the suburbs with no way to escape and a ton of picketed lawns to maul. Law comes after you in its many avatars. You are chased by police cars, helicopters and armoured trucks. There is a lot of scenery to wreck and even some ramps to propel you into the sky.



Battleplans is perhaps the most gorgeous strategy game on mobile platforms right now. The design is similar to that of the detailed miniature style you can find in HitmanGO. As for the gameplay, it has a medium level of complexity. The landscapes are beautiful and are scattered with bases that you must capture in order to win. There is a story too, complete with dialogue and fleshed-out characters. There are a few things that might irk you, like the need to play some chapters again in order to advance or a few occasional glitches. However, on the whole Battleplans makes for a truly engaging little game.

Astro Party

Astro Party is a party game taken too far, both in terms of space and seriousness. In this game, you shoot at your friends’ ships until their body drifts off into space. That’s not at all, you can shoot at them until they finally disintegrate into blood and bones. The game can be played with four players on the same device. There is one button to shoot and another to control the motion of the ship, which steers to only one side. Power-ups you collect on the way introduce new twists and turns into the game. There are different arenas for you to test your skill in. These are pretty innovative, with some featuring asteroids and lasers.


Bushido Saga

Bushido Saga is an epic game about a samurai who has to protect his kingdom from evil forces who threaten to overrun it with their darkness. The story has been inspired by the Japanese saga of 47 Ronin. The enemies in the earlier levels are literally shadow creatures. The game has an astounding level of detail, last seen in the likes of Infinity Blade and its sequel. The protagonist uses a range of Japanese weapons like katanas, naginata and a bow known as daikyu. The combat is intricate and defeating enemies demands skill.

Castle Battle: Fast RTS

Castle Battle is a premium game. This is reflected in the quality of the graphics, storytelling, character design and voice-acting. For starters, not a whole lot gaming even have voice-acting. You play alongside Les Moustachiers, a band of three mustachioed men with little experience in planning war strategy. The game matches the essence of Age of Empires more closely than many other games that have tried to do the same. Castle Battle calls itself a fast RTS and it sure delivers!



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