Acer’s $14,000 Predator Thronos Air is an absurdly expensive gaming chair

The Acer Predator Thronos Air is an ‘affordable’ version of the Predator Thronos unveiled at IFA last year

There are expensive gaming products and there are ridiculously expensive gaming products. Acer’s $20,000 Predator Thronos gaming chair quite clearly belonged to the latter and now the company has launched a more affordable version of the chair called Predator Thronos Air. Priced at $14,000, it doesn’t include the automatic motorised monitor arm, so you will have to painstakingly move a few muscles of your wealthy hands while relaxing on your throne to adjust the monitor(s) in front of you.

Acer’s ,000 Predator Thronos Air is an absurdly expensive gaming chair

Acer Predator Thronos Air unveiled at IFA 2019.

If you’re thinking you get some kind of hardware along with the chair, then you’re wrong. At that price, you’re only getting an incredibly strong gaming chair that has a huge steel frame like that of a scorpion’s tail to hold up to three monitors. The entire assembly is so big, it won’t fit in your average bedroom. It will definitely occupy its own spot in your living room.

To get your gaming groove on, it has the Acer Predator's teal blue lighting enabled at certain areas on the chair. All that money and no RGB lighting? Disappointing. Adjustability is quite extensive in this chair. You can change the angles of the chair to up to 130 degrees inside the cabin whereas up to 180 degrees outside it. Acer knew that it had to add something more to justify the price, so they added a massage function in the chair. We are nodding our heads in agreement to the necessity of this feature. While already disappointed with the lack of RGB lighting, we had another setback to discover that there's no cup holder.

Apart from the adjustable monitor stands and chair, there’s an adjustable tray for your keyboard and mouse. Again, this tray has to be manually moved into your desired position. There’s a footrest at the bottom for your precious feet. You have to set up your gaming PC and three monitors (go all in or nothing) in the cabin on your own. There's a place to install a camera above the middle monitor for some vanity live streaming sessions. Once you're all set up, you can finally place your bottoms on this ostentatious piece of gaming artefact.

The Acer Predator Thronos Air will start shipping in the fourth quarter this year and it will be available in Europe and North America. It's also coming to India, going up for pre-orders starting from November. There's no price mentioned and it will only be shared on request according to the company.