Hollywood actor and comedian Jim Carrey tweets about deleting his Facebook page and starts #unfriendfacebook hashtag

Hollywood actor, Jim Carrey announced on Twitter that he would be selling his Facebook stocks and would also delete his page from the social media platform.

Jim Carrey. Reuters.

Jim Carrey. Reuters.

Carrey tweeted “I’m dumping my @facebook stock and deleting my page because @facebook profited from Russian interference in our elections and they’re still not doing enough to stop it. I encourage all other investors who care about our future to do the same. #unfriendfacebook”

According to a report by The Fortune, the actor known for his comic roles, before removing his account from Facebook, had put a caricature of Mark Zuckerberg along with a "thumbs down" with an altered name of Facebook. His reaction comes in the wake of Russia-linked ads which were shared on the platform during the US presidential elections in 2016.

A previous report said that Facebook had allowed 80,000 posts related to Russia to be available on their platform. These ads are supposed to have allegedly swayed the US presidential elections in 2016.

This comes after Facebook is trying to bring a major overhaul to its NewsFeed, especially when there is a decrease in user-engagement. It is trying to focus on people and their interaction with their loved ones on the social media platform.

The #unfriendfacebook hashtag is getting a lot of traction on Twitter as we speak.

Updated Date: Feb 07, 2018 11:10 AM