WT20 as it happened: India crash out despite winning thriller

WICKET! South Africa 151 all out after 19.5 overs
Morne Morkel b Balaji 6 (3b, 0x4, 1x6)

OHH!! Incredible stuff. Morne Morkel clobbers a six over square-leg and when South Africa need two runs from two balls, Balaji cleans him up. India have won by a run and this is cricket at its craziest.

India have won the match and kept some respect, but they have been knocked out of the World T20. Pakistan, Australia, West Indies and Sri Lanka make it to the semis.

WICKET! South Africa 145-9 after 19.2 overs
Albie Morkel b Balaji 10 (6b, 0x4, 1x6)

Six from Morkel and then out. It seems to be the norm with SA in this innings.

WICKET! South Africa 138-8 after 18.5 overs
Johan Botha c Raina b Ashwin 8 (5b, 0x4, 1x6)

Botha heaves a huge six before trying it again and sending it straight to Raina-- who is in quite the catching form tonight. India playing for pride and doing it quite well.

WICKET! South Africa 127-7 after 17.3 overs
Robin Peterson b Khan 10 (10b, 1x4, 0x6)

Yorker from Zaheer and Peterson's walking back without even looking at the stumps.

WICKET! South Africa 127-6 after 17.2 overs
Farhaan Behardien c Raina b Khan 13 (12b, 1x4, 0x6)

Behardien goes for the big one, can't quite middle it and is caught in the deep by Raina.

South Africa 126-5 after 17 overs
Peterson 9, Behardien 13

IT'S ALL OVER FOR INDIA. South Africa have scored more than 121-runs, the number of runs India had to restrict them if they wanted to make the semis. Peterson plays a short ball for a single to send the Indians back home.

South Africa 113-5 after 16 overs
Peterson 8, Behardien 7

Ashwin had Peterson out twice! But the first one-- when he was caught after a try at a reverse sweep was called a no-ball and the second time-- when he was bowled, it was on the free-hit delivery.

WICKET! South Africa 107-5 after 15 overs
JP Duminy c Gambhir b Balaji 16 (23b, 0x4, 0x6)

Balaji removes Duminy! His swept attempt straight to deep square-leg. Is there a glimmer of hope for India?

WICKET! South Africa 95-4 after 12.4 overs
F du Plessis c Raina b Yuvraj Singh 65 (38b, 6x4, 2x6)

Du Plessis loves lofting his shots over the offside for his quick runs. He gets one right but then tries it again and is caught by Raina. But the damage has already been done.

South Africa 90-3 after 12 overs
Du Plessis 61, Duminy 9

With every shot he plays, India seem to be coming closer to home. Du Plessis, with two fours in the last two deliveries of the 12th over has reduced Indian hopes to almost nil.

South Africa 73-3 after 10 overs
Du Plessis 47, Duminy 6

If SA keep going like this, then the job will be done by 15 overs. Nothing special in the last two overs. SA just prod on with patience.

South Africa 63-3 after 8 overs
Du Plessis 39, Duminy 4

Du Plessis is threatening to send India crashing out of the WT20. He slaps a six over mid-wicket with ease after taking those easy doubles twice in the over. Meanwhile, Raina is warned for moving from first slip towards leg slip when Du Plessis tries the premeditated sweep.

WICKET! South Africa 46-3 after 6.1 overs
AB de Villiers b Yuvraj Singh 13 (13b, 2x4, 0x6)

Talk about Yuvraj getting the important breakthroughs throughout the tournament! And he's done it again. De Villiers waits for the ball forever and when it does come to him, he plays it on.

South Africa 32-2 after 5 overs
Du Plessis 11, De Villiers 13

Very clever from du Plessis. He plays a couple of shots which get him two runs each, before lofting a six in the long-off region. SA need an over or two like that to get going.

WICKET! South Africa 16-2 after 3.3 overs
Jacques Kallis c Sharma b Pathan 6 (8b, 1x4, 0x6)

Danger-man gone! Kallis plays an off cutter against the line and it's taken at mid-wicket by Sharma. India are jubilant.

South Africa 16-1 after 3 overs
De Villiers 9, Kallis 6

De Villiers scores a fine boundary through the offside for four. Kallis is slowly settling down at the crease. India have certainly added pressure to SA after that early wicket.

WICKET! South Africa 0-1 after 0.2 overs
Hashim Amla c Sehwag b Khan 0 (2b)

Wicket!!!!! Zak gets the first wicket, superb ball, Amla gets the edge and catch is taken in slips by Sehwag. Great start for India.


The winning equation for India

India (152) need to restrict South Africa to 121 & win by 31 runs to qualify. The NRR for Ind will then be 0.274 and Pakistan's NRR will be 0.273.

There is some hope... read the tweet below


WICKET! India 152-6 after 20 overs
Suresh Raina run out 45 (34b, 5x4, 0x6)

Five singles and a four off the last over for India. They tried to take two runs from the last ball but the throw went to the wicket-keeper's end and Raina is just an inch short of completing the double. India's deep batting line-up must have saved the blushes a bit, but their bowlers need to do exceptionally well to send them to the semis.

India 143-5 after 19 overs
Raina 42, Dhoni 13

4-2-4-2-2-0: Dhoni does well to score 12 runs from WT20's most economical bowler. That included two brilliant boundaries-- hit hard typical Dhoni style.

India 129-5 after 18 overs
Raina 42, Dhoni 3

Raina gets dropped at deep mid-wicket by Behardien. That's unlike South Africa, who are usually pretty sharp in the field. Raina then punishes the drop with a well-timed four through the on-side.

WICKET! India 112-5 after 16 overs
Rohit Sharma lbw b Peterson 25 (27b, 2x4, 0x6)

India's best partnership has been broken. Sharma is trapped in front of the stumps while trying to sweep Peterson. He's played an important innings though. Skipper Dhoni up next.

India 103-4 after 14 overs
Rohit 21, Raina 23

Good over for India. They've brought up the 100-run mark. Sharma and Raina both get a four each in the 14th over, and that shall give the Indians some impetus in this innings.

India 81-4 after 12 overs
Rohit 15, Raina 8

Rohit hits a ball high over the bowler-- there's two fielders coming under it and Botha takes a brilliant diving catch before letting the ball pop out when his palms hit the deck. Raina finishes the 12th over with a fine lofted four over covers.

WICKET! India 68-4 after 10 overs
Yuvraj Singh b Morkel 21 (15b, 1x4, 2x6)

He must have played the spinners well but Morne Morkel's yorker gets the better of him. He misses his shot and the off-stump is sent rolling.


India 61-3 after 9 overs
Yuvraj 20, Rohit 5

Another six from Yuvraj. This time he gets on his knees and hits against the spin over mid-wicket. He then pulls away Botha lazily for four more. Good batting. He just needs to stick there.

India 45-3 after 7 overs
Yuvraj 7, Rohit 2

Yuvraj gets the second six of the match-- sweetly timing one over the covers. But India need more of those while retaining wickets. Tough, isn't it?

WICKET! India 36-3 after 5.3 overs
Virender Sehwag b Peterson 17 (14b, 1x4, 1x6)

Uh oh... this means trouble. Sehwag first smacks a huge six and on the very next ball, he's bowled. The slower ball completely fooled him.

Focus will be on Kohli once again. AP

Focus will be on Kohli once again. AP

WICKET! India 30-2 after 4.5 overs
Virat Kohli c de Villiers b Kallis 2 (6b, 0x4, 0x6)

India's best batsman is back in the hut. He tries to play Kallis' short ball towards fine leg and is taken on the dive by the wicket-keeper. Huge set back.


WICKET! India 23-1 after 3.3 overs
Gautam Gambhir b M Morkel 8 (12b, 1x4, 0x6)

Bowled him! Morkel gets Gambhir's inside edge and the ball diverts onto the stumps. Virat next up. By the way, that delivery clocked at 146 kmph.

India 22-0 after 3 overs
Sehwag 5, Gambhir 8

Only leg-byes in this over. One run off the pad and four off Gambhir's helmet. Weird.

India 17-0 after 2 overs
Sehwag 5, Gambhir 8

Patient. Very patient from India and especially Sehwag. No reckless streak as yet. Gambhir did play a loose shot off the last ball but it's safely fallen in the deep.

India after 1 over
Sehwag 0, Gambhir 5

Good first over for India. Gambhir plays a lovely cover drive on the first ball before getting four leg byes after glancing a ball straying towards the leg side.


South Africa won the toss and elected to field first. Slightly strange decision considering that the wicket isn't going to get any quicker.

For SA, Ontong, Tsotobe, Parnell and Levi are not playing. India are fielding an unchanged squad from their last game.


India: Gambhir, Sehwag, Kohli, Yuvraj, RG Sharma, Dhoni (c,wk), Raina, IPathan, R Ashwin, L Balaji, Z Khan

SA: Amla, Kallis, de Villiers (c,wk), JP Duminy, du Plessis, Behardien, A Morkel, Botha, RPeterson, Steyn, M Morkel

Equation for India

Here it is: India will need to beat South Africa by 31 runs or by 24 balls to spare to go ahead of Pakistan's net run-rate. And more... If India score 160, they need to win by 32 runs; if they score 140, the margin needs to be at least 31. Too complicated. There was a time when cricket was just about winning and losing. When did maths get into the picture.

More math: Ind score 200 to qualify win by 33 runs; 175 win by 32 runs; 150 win by 31 runs.

Depending on what India or South Africa make batting first the margin could vary by 1 or 2 runs or 1 or 2 balls.


India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni admitted that devising a strategy without knowing the result of the Australia versus Pakistan game will be foolhardy as that will help them chart their course of action.

In case Pakistan (-0.426), who are a shade better than India (-0.452) in terms of net run-rate happen to win against Australia, Dhoni and his men will then have to win comprehensively against the South Africans in order to make it to the last four.

Read the full preview here

Updated Date: Oct 02, 2012 23:29 PM

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