World Chess Championship Game 4 as it happened: Carlsen, Anand fight to a draw

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And it is a draw!

Carlsen and Kasparov:

Carlsen's tactics decoded:

After 41 ... Qd2

Into the endgame


Vishy moves it around:

This is why Magnus is better in 'dry' positions:

After White's 23rd move, the signs are not good for Anand:

White or black?

After white's 19th move, Anand looks solid.

15. .... Bh5. Tricky move. Many GM's saying they might not have played this move.

Playing into Carlsen's hands?

Solid Anand:

Subtle gains:

After 13 moves:

Heavyweight title match:

After 11 moves:

Here comes the novelty:

The meaning of Sicilian:

After 7 moves:

Typical Magnus... again:

The opening shots:

Viswanathan Anand's comeback win in Game 3 has thrown the World Chess Championship wide open. But today, in Game 4, it will be Magnus Carlsen's turn to set the tone. The Norwegian will start with white pieces and his preparation will come into sharp focus.

 World Chess Championship Game 4 as it happened: Carlsen, Anand fight to a draw

File photo of Viswanathan Anand. FIDE

GM Anish Giri told IANS after Game 3: "I don't think there was a change in strategy for Anand. The strategy has always been fine, just today it finally worked out well. Anand got very lucky that Carlsen was completely unaware of this relatively well known variation."

"If Carlsen had been better prepared, the game should have been ended in a draw, but then again that's the weakness of Carlsen so there are no "ifs". I am very glad that Anand came back, now we will have a real fight!" he said.

"The game once again proves that Anand plays well in complicated situation which is not Carlsen's forte," Harikrishna told IANS.

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Updated Date: Nov 12, 2014 23:37:13 IST