World Chess Championship Anand vs Carlsen as it happened: Game 9 drawn


Carlsen: I don't quite see what to do. It seems like the match is going the distance. I think my play has been quite inconsistent both in terms of preparation and overall play. Anand was better prepared than me in this game. It is tougher (vs Anand here) than in Chennai. It depends on my mood (if he plays what was prepared or what he feels like at the board). If there's any disappointment with a short draw with White then it's easier to swallow (it) when you're up in the match.

Anand: I would rather not explain (the opening strategy). (My confidence is) quite reasonable. I'll have to try harder with White. I will focus on this match. I don't think about Chennai (match) a lot.


Sudden draw - after six checks from Carlsen

Anand in preparation - positive signs for Indian

Novelty from Vishy

Vishy is the first to drop a novelty on the board For those of you who are wondering why didn't Vishy go for Bb7 directly, instead of Ba6 first and then Bb7 , here is the difference : direct Bb7 gives white the option of Nd4-Nd4-Nd4 and now black doesn't have the resource of pushing away the knight with c5 (which he had in the Ba6 line ) because of Nb5, with clear advantage.

Entering the middle game

Berlin explained by Susan Polgar: In the Berlin, black voluntarily allows the Queen exchange, forfeits his right to castle, and allows the double c pawn.

Carlsen first to deviate

Expert say: Carlsen is not in the mood to repeat the variation from game 7. He is the first to deviate, the previous game saw 11.Bf4. This one sees b6.

Berlin it is then


Game eight report: Belying expectations of chess fans across the world for a positive result, Norwegian world chess champion Magnus Carlsen and title challenger Viswanathan Anand Tuesday decided to split points in 41 moves in the eighth round of their title match at Sochi in Russia.

 World Chess Championship Anand vs Carlsen as it happened: Game 9 drawn

Viswanathan Anand still trails by a point against Carlsen. FIDE

It was a very good preparation by Carlsen and his team, who introduced a new idea and the game quickly fizzled out into a dull position which Carlsen held very easily," World No.7 and Grandmaster Anish Giri summed up.
Playing white, Anand opened the game pushing his queen pawn two squares. The game progressed to what is technically called Queen's Gambit Declined.

APAt the end of this round, Carlsen leads the 12-round match with 4.5 points to Anand's 3.5 points. AP
Making his moves pretty fast, Carlsen made it clear that he was well prepared in this line.

"Carlsen played one of the rare lines in the main line with the move Re8 on his 9th move," World No.23 and Indian Grandmaster P. Harikrishna told IANS.

It was evident that Carlsen and his team had prepared well as the champion was playing fast even till the 25th move, Harikrishna said (IANS).

Updated Date: Nov 20, 2014 18:55:53 IST