Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT) 2017, highlights: Maharashtra United go down 11-16 against Dabang Smashers T.T.C.

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Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT) 2017, highlights: Maharashtra United go down 11-16 against Dabang Smashers T.T.C.
  • 23:18 (IST)

    Enjoy some highlights of Day 10 of UTT

  • 23:18 (IST)

    Another enthralling day of Table Tennis comes to an end with some absolutely wondrous Table Tennis by Dabang Smashers T.T.C as well as Maharashtra United. Wong Chun Ting had a rough day, but you would expect the top seed to come backj strong in the upcoming games. G Sathiyan, Madhurika Patkar and Marcos Freitas deserve a round of an applause. RP-SG Mavericks will fight against Oilmax-Stag Yoddhas as we move into the last week of this fine tournament. Thank you for tuning in, we hope to see you tomorrow as well, we will be live blogging the match from 7:15 PM onwards. Good night!

  • 23:09 (IST)

    Marcos Freitas has been named the Foreign Player of the Tie.

  • 23:09 (IST)

    Madhurika Patkar is adjudged the Indian Player of the Tie

  • 23:04 (IST)

    Dabang Smashers T.T.C. win the tie 16-11 over Maharashtra United. The gap between the score might seem slightly large, but honestly there was hardly anything between the two sides.

  • 23:02 (IST)

    Would you believe it? Kim Song I has saved two match points and won the game. Extra ordinary table tennis by both Paddlers. There was hardly anything to chose between them. The match ends in Smashers' favour as Kim Song I put up such a phenomenal performance. Got to appreciate Liu Jua's fight.

    Final score: Dabang Smashers T.T.C. 16 and Maharashtra United 11

  • 23:00 (IST)

    Some powerful smashes handled with chops then lobs by Kim Song I. Some class by the defender, but Liu Jia never looked like buckling down as she smashes one out of Kim Song I's reach to make it 10-8 inher favour.

  • 22:58 (IST)

    Into the final game of the night and Jia is putting up a fine show, both the players have pushed each other to their limits. It is hard fought battle evn though the tie is decided.

  • 22:56 (IST)

    Liu Jia was up by two game points and Kim Song I almost got to the golden point, after saving one match point she surprised Kim Song I with serve to the edge of the table but Jia is quick on her foot to get there. Song I chops one wide as Liu earns a vital point for Mahrashtra. Tie score: 15-11 to Smashers, with one game to play.

  • 22:52 (IST)

    Lovely point by Liu Jia. First pushes Kim behind then unfurls the soft drop shot and Song stretches forward to bring the ball back on the table and Jia returns with solid smash into her body.

  • 22:50 (IST)

    Kim Song I wins three points on the bounce and then she tries to pound Jia's serve, but the spin on it makes it tough to get it over the net. Jia leads 7 -5.

  • 22:49 (IST)

    Inside out forehand goes wrong for Kim Song I. Liu Jia leads 4-2

  • 22:48 (IST)

    Liu Jia on the attack, she pushes Kim Song I behind and gets the early lead 2-0

  • 22:46 (IST)

    Cross-court smash by Liu Jia earns her another point but Kim Song I takes the first game 6-11

  • 22:45 (IST)

    Kim Song I is displaying some immaculate precision in her chops  from far off the table. She is leading 8 to 6.

  • 22:44 (IST)

    Terrific start by Kim Song I. Typical defender's point as she goes far from the table and kept chopping until Liu Jia errored in her shot.

  • 22:43 (IST)

    Final Match of Day 10:

  • 22:42 (IST)

    Maharashtra United have been beaten and Smashers T.T.C. will look to garner as many points as they can in the last match. 

  • 22:38 (IST)

    Monteiro hits it long and Dabang Smashers have secured the Tie as they take a lead that Maharashtra United cannot catch upto now. They taste defeat for the first time in the league. Match: 2-1 to Dabang Smashers and Tie score: 10-14 with one match remaining.

  • 22:36 (IST)

    Freitas changes his stance gets into the position to play the backhand and then drills past Monteiro. He leads 9-7.

  • 22:34 (IST)

    Again! these two continue to play some breathtaking table tennis! The score reads 8-6 to Freitas. 3 Tie points for Smashers.

  • 22:30 (IST)

    Freitas has the final say in the game. He has avoided Monteiro's comeback and taken his side on the brink of a victory. Tie: Maharashtra United 10-13 Dabang Smashers T.T.C.

  • 22:28 (IST)

    Nothing to chose between the two experienced paddlers as they exchange one point after another, it is 9-9 right now (6-6, 7-7, 8-8, 9-9...)

  • 22:28 (IST)

    And Yes! The trend follows 10-10. Golden Point.

  • 22:26 (IST)

    Monteiro is dominating the game 2 as well. He leads 6 to 3.

  • 22:26 (IST)

    Break for Freitas, he ties it up after winning 3 points on the bounce. Down the line drive to win the sixth point.

  • 22:24 (IST)

    They know the importance for this win!

  • 22:22 (IST)

    Maharashtra needed a point and Monteiro has delivered to do it after winning the 1st game 11-8 against Marcos Freitas.

  • 22:21 (IST)

    Here is how she celebrated that sweet victory!

  • 22:19 (IST)

    Monteiro have started really well, he hasn't clearly not given on Freitas' forehand which has been his strength. Monteiro leads 5-8.

  • 22:18 (IST)

    United in search of some points here, they need to win two out of three games to take the Tie into the final Match.

  • 22:17 (IST)

    Match 8:

  • 22:12 (IST)

    Smashers march towards the 14-point mark, they lead 12 to United's 9 with 2 matches to be played in the Tie.

  • 22:10 (IST)

    Fu Yu takes into the golden point after 4 consecutive points, fails to convert the all-important point. Madhurika Patkar becomes first INDIAN WOMEN TO BEAT AN OVERSEAS PLAYER. 

  • 22:09 (IST)

    Madhurika has 4-match points to her name, She can become the first women Paddler to win a match against Foriegn paddler. 

  • 22:08 (IST)

    Madhurika looks extremely focus and has pushed Fu Yu to her limits. Madhurika forehand gives her the 8th point and a backhand counter gives her 4 point lead as we move towards the match point.

  • 22:05 (IST)

    Patkar is leading 5-1. She has played really well to put pressure on Fu Yu. Fu Yu is clearly disturbed with Patkar's onslaught.

  • 22:02 (IST)

    Patkar tries to stay in the game, but Fu Yu powers her way in the second game and she takes it 7-11, the match no.7 goes into the final game with 1-each to both the players.

  • 21:58 (IST)

    WHAT A WIN! Madhurika Patkar has stunned everyone to get the first game 11-9 against Fu Yu. Smashers are quickly inching towards the 14-point mark to take away the tie. It is 11-8 in Smashers' favour.

  • 21:56 (IST)

    A bit of a fortune for Patkar and then she engages in some really stunning counters. Fu Yu is forced into comimtting some mistakes. Patkar is suddenly up by two game points.

  • 21:54 (IST)

    Patkar is right on Fu Yu's heels as she trails her by a point (5-4)

  • 21:52 (IST)

    Match 7: Fu Yu (United) v Madhruika Patkar (Smashers)

    Challenge for Patkar to get past Fu Yu, who already has the only clean sheet of today to her name.

  • 21:47 (IST)

    Harmeet gets the match point with 10 to 9, but Freitas has shown why is he so highly rated. Champion stuff to win the final 2 points. Takes the match(2-1) comes from behind after losing the 2nd game. Tie score: Mahrashtra United 8 Dabang Smashers 10

  • 21:46 (IST)

    The World no. 14 has comeback strongly from 6-9 to 9-9. Stunning shot by Freitas to equal the score, he turns the racquet at the last minute to get the edge of the racquet, which takes the ball away from Desai.

  • 21:44 (IST)

    Intelligent play by Desai. He is making Freitas run around. Desai leads 9 -7

  • 21:43 (IST)

    Frietas has an argument with the chair umpire after he ruled a service error as Freitas took more than stipulated 10-seconds. After some deliberation the match begins and Harmeet's doesn't fall on Frietas side of the table, obstructed by the net.

  • 21:39 (IST)

    Freitas is fighting back, but Harmeet is chipping away with an occasional point, which turns out to be useful as he had a hefty lead. Hameet wins the 2nd game (11-8). He keeps United in the reckoning. Tie score 9-8 to Smashers.

  • 21:38 (IST)

    Desai has paved his way back into the game down from 3-1 he wins six consecutive points he takes a 7-3 lead.

  • 21:35 (IST)

    Freitas takes the first game 11-6. It has been entertaining to say the least. Smashers extend their lead to 9 to United's 7.

  • 21:34 (IST)

    Harmeet Desai almost threw it away as he didn't get the force behind a looped up ball from Freitas from way back of the table, but Freitas smashed the follow up into the net.

Preview: Tie 10 of Ultimate Table Tennis will see DHFL Maharashtra United go head-to-head against Dabang Smashers T.T.C at Thyagaraj Stadium in Delhi. United are the only team in the league, who are yet to taste defeat, while the Smashers have been blowing hot and cold, winning one and losing two ties so far.

 Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT) 2017, highlights: Maharashtra United go down 11-16 against Dabang Smashers T.T.C.

DHFL Maharashtra United'S Harmeet Desai in action during the Tie 3 of UTT against Oilmax-Stag Yoddhas. Ultimate Table Tennis

After sealing a win against Oilmax-Stag Yoddhas in their opening encounter, DHFL Maharashtra United dismantled RP-SG Mavericks with 16-11 in their next Tie.

Going into the clash, the biggest boost for them is the form of Harmeet Desai, as the Surat lad won both the Matches against quality modern-day players like Stefan Fegerl and Panagiotis Gionis.

The flying starts that Desai gave for DHFL Maharashtra United in the previous Tie was vital for them to keep the momentum on their side throughout the Tie. So, it’s interesting to see the Smashers’ tactics against the talented Indian going forward.

Despite the fact that the Men in Orange were supreme against Mavericks in the previous Tie, the biggest surprise was that the tournament’s highest seed Wong Chung Ting’s loss to Indian veteran Sharath Kamal. The 25-year-old had no answers to Kamal’s astonishing forehands in the first two Games and lost the Match eventually 2-1.

Although he came back strongly and routed Stefan Fegerl in Match 8, it’s interesting to see his approach against Smashers in today’s tie.

Veteran Fu Yu and Joao Monteiro proved effective for the team in their previous encounters and the duo will hope to carry their good form.

Dabang Smashers, on the other hand, are heading into the Tie at the back of 13-14 defeat against RP-SG Mavericks on Thursday. They had a great start by winning the first two Matches but they failed to win any of the Games in the Mixed Doubles category, and that proved decisive in the outcome of the thrilling Match.

Mixed doubles has been an area of concern for the Smashers, as they are yet to win a Game in the three Matches they have played so far in UTT. It’s very important for them to get a right combination and get some wins under their belt.

For the Smashers, Chennai lad Sathiyan Gnanasekaran is showing lot of promise in the Men’s Singles, despite not at his very best in the Mixed Doubles. He has already won both his singles Matches against the consistent Par Gerell and Stefan Fegerl, but there is no denying that the real test for him would be against Saturday’s opponents.

Considering the imperious form of DHFL Maharashtra United, there is no doubt that Smashers should come up with a special performance in order to taste success, or else it’s going to be another walk in the park for the Men in Orange.

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