Sorry seems to be the hardest word: Van Gaal storms out of presser with unapologetic journos

"Has anybody in this room not a feeling to apologise to me? Nobody has that feeling? That’s what I’m wondering"

Apparently no one did, as Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal discovered at the pre-match press conference ahead of Saturday's Boxing Day match against Stoke City. The manager was clearly aggrieved at the criticism that's been hurled at him over the past few weeks, and more so at the speculation that he was about to lose his job — a not-too-outlandish possibility if the boos that rang out at Old Trafford following the Red Devils' loss to Norwich City on 19 December are anything to go by.

Nevertheless, at Wednesday's press conference, van Gaal — who went to great lengths to point out that he was only present 'because of the Premier League rules' — was asked first-up about his views on Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger's remarks that the speculation over the Dutchman's job security was 'disrespectful'. Whether or not this was an act of masterful trolling by the wily Frenchman to give the media something non-Arsenal-related — injuries, 11 years without a title, not buying a new striker, expensive tickets; take your pick — to get worked up about, cannot be confirmed.

But there can be no doubt that van Gaal was aware of Wenger's statement. In fact, he said as much.

"I have read (in the media) — I have been sacked... What do you think that happens with my wife or with my kids or with my grandchildren or with the fans of Manchester United or my friends? What do you think? They have called me a lot of times and also Arsène Wenger is saying something about that," he raged.

Perhaps not 'sacked', in the past tense, but there's certainly a lot of people out there calling for his ouster. Here's a tiny sample before we pick up the tale of the press conference once more:


A little over five minutes was about as much LvG could handle with the press before wishing them a Merry Christmas, inviting them to enjoy their "wine and a mince pie", and promptly walking away. Of course, managers throwing tantrums at press conferences is no new phenomenon. Remember former Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson calling a journalist a "pr*ck" during a press conference in March? Or how about when he called a different reporter an 'ostrich' a month later? He went on to accuse him of being either 'very, very silly' or 'absolutely stupid', before saying, "I am sorry son, you are daft".

But enough about Pearson.

The Sun appeared to have taken van Gaal's question seriously or not very seriously at all. You decide:

But one person from whom Van Gaal is likely to get no apologies is Firstpost's Pulasta Dhar who, before last weekend's Manchester United-Norwich City match, tweeted:

Watch LVG's five-minute press conference here:

Updated Date: Dec 24, 2015 14:14:36 IST