Sania Mirza shuts Sanjay Manjrekar on Twitter; accuses him of not having 'common sense'

Former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar and current World No 1 women's doubles tennis player Sania Mirza were involved in a volley of words on Twitter on Wednesday, after the former made a comment that not only earned Mirza's ire but also caught plenty of attention from other members of the micro-blogging website.

The whole incident started when Sania Mirza posted a tweet, celebrating 80 weeks at the top of the WTA rankings.

Many Twitterati congratulated her on the accomplishment.

An amazing run of fine tennis performances deserves all the appreciation in the world, and Manjrekar too congratulated her but then reminded Sania that her No 1 ranking was in the women's doubles category.

Considering Sania quit singles tennis in 2013, her career is restricted only to doubles, and there can't conceivably be any other format she could have become World No 1 in. But it's a fact that Manjrekar is still to grasp. Taking potshots at Sania for missing an "important" detail was unwarranted, and the champ replied back in kind.

Ideally, this should have been the moment when Manjrekar should have realised the tide had turned a long time ago and apologised. But the charm offensive continued, as he tweeted out the following:

Not one to back down from a fight, Mirza replied back in kind and pointed the commentator out to an article published by WTA, which talked about her amazing run as one the best doubles player in the world.

The conversation came to close with Manjrekar finally backing down, but still not acknowledging his error in pointing out something as obvious as Mirza's doubles run.

This entire Twitter exchange has only made Sanjay Manjerekar's stock fall in the eyes of cricket as well as tennis fans. Belittling the achievements of a champion and not having a clue about her standing as a player in the doubles circuit, despite it being more than two years since she quit singles events due to injury concerns, speaks volumes about Manjrekar and his ignorance of the matter. It was completely justified for Sania Mirza to return his volley with a forehand smash of her own!

Updated Date: Oct 19, 2016 16:59:12 IST