Pro Kabaddi League Auction 2018: Full list of raiders, defenders and all-rounders picked by each team

Mumbai: The 2018 edition of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) auctions turned out be a landmark event, witnessing the making and breaking of records with five Indians and one foreign player entering the Rs 1 crore club.

Wednesday, the first day of the two-day auction, had seen Iran star Fazal Atrachali create history by becoming the first to command a price of Rs 1 crore before raider Monu Goyat became the most expensive player when Haryana Steelers secured his services for a whopping Rs 1.51 crore.

Thursday's proceeding's were more sedate in comparison. Prashant Kumar Rai was the hot pick of the day as UP Yoddhas bagged the raider for Rs 79 lakh.

Here is a list of the players picked by each team 

Name Playing position Category Price (Rs)
PO Surjeet Singh Defender A 8,030,000
Maninder Singh Raider A 5,687,627
Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Ameares Mondal Defender NYP 660,000
Mithin Kumar Raider NYP 660,000
Jang Kun Lee Raider A 3,300,000
Ziaur Rahman Defender - Left cover B 3,325,000
Ran Singh All-Rounder A 4,300,000
Shrikant Tewthia All-Rounder A 2,500,000
Baldev Singh Defender - Right Corner B 1,200,000
Mahesh Goud Raider B 1,200,000
Vittal Meti All-Rounder C 800,000
Bhupender Singh All-Rounder C 800,000
Vijin Thangadurai Defender - Right cover C 840,000
Amit Kumar Raider C 800,000
Amit Nagar Raider C 800,000
Rakesh Narwal Raider C 800,000
Ashish (Chhokar) Raider C 800,000
Manoj Dhull Defender - Right Corner C 800,000


Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Meraj Sheykh All-Rounder A 6,555,588
Tapas Pal All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Tushar Balaram Bhoir Defender NYP 660,000
Vishal All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Naveen Kumar Raider NYP 660,000
Khomsan Thongkham Raider C 800,000
Pawan Kumar Raider A 2,000,000
Satpal Defender - Right Corner B 1,200,000
Viraj Vishnu Landge Defender - Left cover B 2,500,000
Vishal Mane Defender - Right cover B 4,500,000
Joginder Singh Narwal Defender - Left Corner B 3,300,000
Chandran Ranjit Raider B 6,125,000
Shabeer Bappu Raider B 1,550,000
Rajesh Narwal All-Rounder C 1,600,000
Anil Kumar Defender - Left Corner C 800,000
Kamal Kishor Jat Raider C 800,000
Ravinder Pahal Defender - Right Corner A 2,000,000
Sidharth All-Rounder B 1,200,000
Yogesh Hooda Raider C 800,000


Name Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Rohit Kumar Raider A 8,910,000
Harish Naik Raider NYP 1,000,000
Sumit Singh Raider NYP 1,000,000
Amit Sheoran Defender NYP 660,000
Dong Ju Hong All-Rounder C 800,000
Gyung Tae Kim All-Rounder C 800,000
Mahender Singh Defender - Left cover A 4,000,000
Kashiling Adake Raider A 3,200,000
Ashish Kumar (Sangwan) Defender - Righ cover B 2,350,000
Mahesh Maruti Magdum All-Rounder C 800,000
Jawahar Vivek K Defender - Left Corner C 800,000
Sandeep Defender - Left Corner C 800,000
Mahendra Singh Dhaka Defender - Right cover C 800,000
Nithesh B R Defender - Right Corner C 800,000
Pawan Kumar Raider C 5,280,000
Anand V Raider C 800,000
Anil Raider C 800,000
Raju Lal Choudhary Defender - Right Corner C 880,000
Rohit Raider C 800,000
Jasmer Gulia All-Rounder C 800,000


Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Sachin Raider A 5,687,627
Sunil Kumar Defender A 4,910,766
Mahendra Ganesh Rajput Raider B 2,455,961
C Kalai Arasan Defender NYP 660,000
Amit Defender, right cover NYP 660,000
Rohit Gulia All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Vikram Kandola Defender - Left Cover NYP 660,000
Anil All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Lalit chaudhary Raider NYP 660,000
Hadi Oshtorak All-Rounder B 1,200,000
Dong Geon Lee Raider C 1,720,000
Parvesh Bhainswal Defender - Left cover A 3,500,000
K. Prapanjan Raider A 3,800,000
Ajay Kumar Raider B 2,500,000
Ruturaj Shivaji Koravi Defender C 3,040,000
Sachin Vittala Defender - Left Corner C 2,000,000
Shubham Ashok Palkar Raider C 800,000
Yashwant Bishnoi Raider D 500,000
Amit Jaivir Sharma Defender - Left Corner C 800,000
Dharmender Raider NYP 500,000


Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Kuldeep Singh All-Rounder C 1,034,916
Vikash Defender NYP 660,000
Neeraj Kumar Defender NYP 660,000
Mayur Shivtarkar All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Arun Kumar HN Raider NYP 660,000
Patrick Nzau Muvai All-Rounder C 800,000
Md. Zakir Hossain Raider C 840,000
Surender Nada Defender - Left Corner A 7,500,000
Wazir Singh Raider A 2,000,000
Monu Goyat Raider A 15,100,000
Sachin Shingade Defender - Left cover B 2,000,000
Vikash Khandola Raider B 4,700,000
Prateek All-Rounder D 500,000
Amit Singh Defender - Right Cover D 500,000
Anand Surendra Tomar Raider D 500,000
Bhuvneshwar Gaur Raider D 500,000


Players Playing position Category                                Price (Rs)
Ajit Singh Raider NYP 660,000
Nitin Rawal Defender NYP 660,000
Santhapanaselvam All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Lokesh Kaushik Raider NYP 660,000
Young Chang Ko Defender - Left cover C 1,140,000
David Shilisia J Mosambayi Raider C 1,000,000
Deepak Niwas Hooda All-Rounder A 11,500,000
Mohit Chhillar Defender - Right Corner A 5,800,000
Sandeep Kumar (Dhull) Defender - Left Corner A 6,600,000
Anup Kumar Raider A 3,000,000
Selvamani K Raider B 1,500,000
Bajirao Hodage Defender - Right cover C 1,460,000
Gangadhari Mallesh Raider C 800,000
Sunil Siddhgavali Raider C 800,000
Anand Patil Raider C 800,000
Brijendra Singh Chaudhary All-Rounder D 560,000
N. Shiva Ramakrishna All-Rounder C 800,000


Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Nitesh Kumar Defender NYP 660,000
Pankaj All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Arkam Shaikh All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Azad singh Raider NYP 660,000
Seong Ryeol Kim All-Rounder C 820,000
Sulieman Kabir Raider C 800,000
Jeeva Kumar Defender - Right and Left cover A 4,500,000
Shrikant Jadhav Raider A 3,700,000
Rishank Devadiga Raider A 11,100,000
Prashanth Kumar Rai Raider B 7,900,000
Narender All Rounder C 800,000
Sachin Kumar Defender - Left Corner C 1,920,000
Sagar B Krishna All-Rounder B 1,320,000
Nitin Mavi Defender - Right cover C 800,000
Rohit Kumar Choudary Raider C 800,000
Vishav Chaudhary Defender - Left Cover D 500,000
Amit Defender - Left Cover C 800,000
Bhanu Pratap Tomar Raider C 800,000


 U Mumba
Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Surender Singh Defender NYP 660,000
E Subash All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Shiv Om All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Anil Defender - Left Cover NYP 660,000
Gaurav Kumar Raider NYP 660,000
Mohit Balyan All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Fazel Atrachali Defender - Left Corner A 10,000,000
Abolfazl Maghsodloumahali Raider B 2,125,000
Hadi Tajik Defender - Right Corner C 1,100,000
Dharmaraj Cheralathan Defender - Right and Left Corner B 4,600,000
Rajaguru Subramanian Defender - Right cover B 1,200,000
Rohit Rana Defender - Left cover B 1,200,000
Vinod Kumar Raider B 2,225,000
Darshan Kadian Raider B 1,200,000
R. Sriram Raider B 1,200,000
Adinath Sakharam Gavali Defender - Right and Left Cover C 800,000
Siddharth Sirish Desai Raider C 3,640,000
Arjun Deshwal Raider C 800,000
Abhishek Singh Raider C 4,280,000
Rohit Baliyan Raider B 1,200,000


Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Girish Maruti Ernak Defender A 4,910,766
More GB Raider C 1,357,931
Rajesh Mondal Raider B 2,455,961
Sandeep Narwal All-Rounder A 7,260,000
Rinku Narwal Defender NYP 660,000
Monu Raider NYP 660,000
Vikash Khatri Raider NYP 660,000
Amit Kumar All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Sanjay Shrestha All-Rounder C 800,000
Takamitsu Kono All-Rounder C 800,000
Nitin Tomar Raider A 11,500,000
Ravi Kumar Defender - Right cover B 1,600,000
Deepak Kumar Dahiya Raider B 1,200,000
Vinod Kumar Defender - Left cover C 2,020,000
Parvesh Raider C 800,000
Akshay Jadhav Raider C 800,000
Bajrang Defender - Right Cover D 500,000


Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Jaideep Defender A 5,500,000
Jawahar Raider C 1,320,000
Manish Defender B 2,905,320
Pardeep Narwal Raider A 6,050,000
Vijay Raider NYP 660,000
Arvind Kumar All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Parveen Birwal All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Taedeok Eom All-Rounder C 1,140,000
Hyunil Park All-Rounder C 800,000
Kuldeep Singh All-Rounder A 2,200,000
Deepak Narwal Raider A 5,700,000
Surender Singh Raider B 1,225,000
Tushar Patil Raider B 2,000,000
Vikas Kale Defender - Right cover C 2,740,000
Vikas Jaglan Raider C 800,000
Manjeet Raider C 2,040,000
Ravinder Kumar Defender - Right Corner C 800,000
Vijay Kumar Defender - Left Corner C 800,000


Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Ajay Thakur Raider A 7,623,000
Amit Hooda Defender A 6,930,000
C. Arun Defender B 3,630,000
D. Pradap All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Anand Raider NYP 660,000
Chan Sik Park All-Rounder C 800,000
Jae Min Lee Defender - Left Corner C 800,000
Manjeet Chhillar All-Rounder A 2,000,000
Darshan J. Defender - Right cover A 2,800,000
Sukesh Hegde Raider A 2,800,000
Sunil Defender - Left Corner B 1,200,000
Jasvir Singh Raider B 1,200,000
CPO Surjeet Singh Raider B 1,200,000
Athul MS Raider C 920,000
Anil Kumar Raider C 800,000
Vimal Raj V All-Rounder D 500,000
D. Gopu Defender - Right and Left Corner C 800,000
K. Jayaseelan Raider B 1,200,000
Abhinandan Chandel Raider C 800,000


Players Playing position Category Price (Rs)
Nilesh Salunke Raider A 5,687,627
Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari Raider B 2,455,961
Rakshith Raider NYP 660,000
Sombir Defender NYP 660,000
Vishal Bhardwaj All-Rounder NYP 660,000
Rajnish Raider NYP 660,000
Ankit Beniwal Raider NYP 660,000
Kamal Singh Raider NYP 660,000
Abozar Mohajermighani Defender A 7,600,000
Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan Defender - Right cover B 2,150,000
Rahul Chaudhari Raider A 12,900,000
C Manoj Kumar Defender - Left cover C 800,000
Sanket Chavan Defender - Left Corner C 800,000
Armaan All-Rounder D 500,000
Anuj Kumar Defender - Right Cover D 500,000
Deepak Defender - Left Cover D 500,000
Rakesh Singh Kumar Defender - Left cover B 1,200,000
Mahender Reddy All-Rounder C 800,000

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Updated Date: Jun 01, 2018 20:21:07 IST