Players question Fletcher's contribution to Team India

After MS Dhoni, it's no surprise that Duncan Fletcher has also come under fire following the 1-2 home series defeat to England.

According to a Times of India report, some players have told the BCCI that they are unhappy with Fletcher's rein as coach of the national team.

The report says that unnamed players have gone to the BCCI with grievances about Fletcher's style of work, citing that he has been of little help in these tough times for Indian cricket.

Fletcher became India coach after Gary Kirsten's highly successful stint. AFP

It also quotes a 'member who is an integral part of India's bowling unit' as saying: "The team meetings now lack the kind of focus and intensity which we used to have during Gary Kirsten's days. There were no inputs on how to contain Alastair Cook or how to play James Anderson or Panesar or Swann. Fletcher has been England coach himself, but we got no insights into the opposition."

Another member was quoted as saying that Fletcher's ideas were stale.

However, there is no official complaint as yet and a senior board official, while admitting that Fletcher was a disappointment, has denied suggestions that players have spoken to board about this.

Fletcher became India coach after Gary Kirsten's highly successful stint, but has barely filled his boots where performances are considered. If dismal results continue, his contract may not be renewed beyond April 2013.

There are also suggestions that Fletcher hasn't helped young players make the transition to the international stage. The way Rahul Dravid (in Australia) and Sachin Tendulkar (against New Zealand and England) were repeatedly bowled is also being used as an example against his inability to solve technical problems.

Maybe there may not be immediate action against Fletcher and Dhoni, but it is clear that every match will go a long way in deciding their fates.

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Updated Date: Dec 19, 2012 11:53 AM

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