NBA Rundown Week 2: Juancho Hernangomez's block for the ages, Blake Griffin shoots 50, Steph Curry magic and more

Alright, this week did not have the same drama as the one before. The Lakers have finally managed to win a couple of games. And none of their players has tried to throw any more punches at opponents. But despite this, there was a lot of action that you may have missed in the NBA during the week that flew by...

Yes, we're looking at you, DeMarcus

When DeMarcus Cousins joined the Warriors, people expected him to propel a team which already has cemented its legacy with three titles in four seasons. But so far, his stats read: Games 0, Points 0, Assists 0, Rebounds 0, Ejections 1!

The big man is recovering from an injury to his Achilles, but somehow made headlines in the Warriors' clash against the New York Knicks by getting himself ejected from the Madison Square Garden for arguing with the referee.

Juancho Hernangomez's block party

Juancho Hernangomez is a man known to struggle defensively. Was. Was a man known to struggle defensively. Having seen his previous season being marred by injuries – he scored just 3.3 points and racked up 2.2 rebounds across 25 games – this season though, the Spaniard has already made people stand up and scream 'Juanchoooooo' in delirium after his game-changing last-second block on Damian Jones.

Who wants to watch the Cavs play? The post-LeBron James era for the Cavaliers could not have had a worse start. The franchise, which has been the Eastern Conference champions for the last four seasons, is currently firmly ensconced in the bottom position at the 15-team Eastern Conference, with six defeats in six games. But even more alarmingly, it transpires that ticket prices of the Nets game at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena had dropped to as low as $2! And if you thought that the fact that the Cavs had lost six games on the roll was the only reason behind the prices dropping, The Washington Post reported that the prices for the game against the LA Lakers, containing former flame LeBron, is a whopping $110! When the Suns shone, and Teddy went home happy Life can be cruel sometimes. But when you're a six-year-old and no one shows up to his birthday party, even cruel seems like an understatement. That's just what happened to Tuscon resident Teddy. His misery was even captured by local media outlets, who pictured him sitting forlornly at a long table with plenty of pizza to go around, but no one else. The report caught the eye of the local basketball team, and long, heartwarming story short, this happened:

Safe to say that Teddy had a great day.

Joel Embiid just needs a stage Joel Embiid is a big football fan. He has an opinion on everything: from Cristiano Ronaldo's move to Juventus to PSG's ascendency in European football to the fortunes of his favourite club: Real Madrid. What is now known is what he makes of Neymar's diving. But given the evidence we saw in the game against the Detroit Pistons, it appears that he must approve of the Neymar flop-and-roll style of football. What makes us say that? Well, this:

Blake Griffin did what!

Blake Griffin had a game to remember against the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this week, exploding for 50 points to spur his side to a one-point victory in overtime. Since everyone loves to see baskets being scores, here's the highlight reel of that performance:

Is this the best non-shot this season? Steph Curry is a wizard. Surely, we can all agree on that. But each game, he continues to push the envelope in a way envelopes have no business being pushed. Just days after Griffin shot 50 points in a game, Curry shot 51. And he did it despite sitting the while fourth quarter out. But this is not about that. This is about the absurd shot he hit. Unfortunately, it didn't count since the referee had already called foul, but still look at this.

Kawhi metre

So, a 50-point game from Griffin, a 51-point blitz from Curry in just three quarters, a Cousins ejection, Juanchoooo heroics and a kid who went home happy. What sort of a week has it been, you ask? Allow Kawhi Leonard to tell you.


Updated Date: Nov 04, 2018 20:01:23 IST