London Olympics: Vikas finishes eighth in discus throw finals

Here's a look at India's schedule for Wednesday.

- Renjith fouls out of triple jump
- Belgium beat Indian hockey team 3-0

Vikas finishes eighth in finals with best throw of 64.79

Vikas Gowda of India will be the first to throw in the discus throw finals. There are a total of 12 athletes and each one will have six attempts.

First attempt: Vikas has scored a 64.79 on his first attempt and is ranked 6th. Ehsan Hadadi (Iran) leads with 68.18, with Germany's Robert Harting 2nd after throwing 67.79 and Virgilijus Alekna third after throwing 67.38.  Five more attempts to go.

Second attempt: Vikas disappoints in the 2nd attempt. Throws just 60.95

Third attempt: Slightly better from Vikas this time. Gets to 63.03 but his best attempt still remains the first one. Ehsan Hadadi still leads with his 68.18

The first eight throwers will remain in the contest. Vikas, who is eight, will get three more attempts.

Fourth attempt: Vikas has scored 64.15 on his fourth attempt. He is eight in the table and needs to do extremely well to stand a chance of being on the podium.

Fifth attempt: The Indian has thrown a 64.48. Hadadi's 68.18 is still the best throw but Kanter has thrown his season best of 68.03. Robert Harding breaks Hadadi's stronghold on top position after throwing 68.27 to take the lead. Gowda may not be in the reckoning for a medal now, but this is supremely close on the top.

Sixth attempt: That's it. Vikas cannot better his first attempt. Manages a 63.89 on the final throw and takes eight position. Being the eight best thrower in the world is not that bad... well done lad!

Germany's Harding takes gold with 68.27, Iran's Hadadi silver with 68.18 and Estonian Kanter bronze with 68.03.

Vikas throws during the finals. Reuters

Ind 0-3 Bel

And another goal! In the 67th minutes, Belgium have another well deserved goal through Tom Boon. India also have what they deserve - a defeat.

Ind 0-2 Bel

Another shot beat the Indian keeper but the video referral worked for India. The ball was too high and went over Shivender's shoulder.

Ind 0-2 Bel

The defenders went off to sleep. The ball hit one of the defenders on the foot and VR Raghunath thought it was a PC. They did chase the ball, but Belgium's Boccard did. A superb reverse-hit sneaked into the goal. Really bad hockey by the Indians.

Ind 0-1 Bel

The commentators are not impressed by India's body language. Just not enough intensity from the Indians. Just what are they doing? Did India go there just to make up the numbers?

Ind 0-1 Bel

Anothere PC wasted by India. Sandeep hit it on target but the Belgium goalkeeper put out his stick and deflected the ball outside. Super stuff from him.

Ind 0-1 Bel HT

India mounted a lot of attacks in the first half but they simply have not been to finish well. They can go into half-time expecting Michael Nobbs to bite their heads off. So far in the tournament, they have played better in the second half.

Ind 0-1 Bel

India trying to fight back here -- they have hit the post once (It was Sunil SV's shot) and launched quite a few quick counter attacks but the Belgium goalkeeper has been superb. The score remains 0-1 in favour of Belgium.

Ind 0-1 Bel

Not a good start to the game for India, Belgium score through a field goal. They could have been 0-2 up but they will be happy to start with this for now.

The goalscorer was DEKEYSER J (14:50').

You should know

1. GABBY DOUGLAS: The American two-time gold medalist has a chance for one more title on the balance beam.

2. HURDLE FIASCO: Athletes crashed, fell or hopped away injured. Liu Xiang left the Olympics without clearing a barrier for the second time in a row.

3. BOLT'S BACK: Usain Bolt cruised to victory in his heat for the 200 meters.

4. 1,500M FINAL: Asbel Kiprop was just 19 when he won gold in Beijing. Now he's back for more.

5. IRAN'S GIANT: Behdad Salimikordasiabi is a huge favorite for the last gold in weightlifting: the super heavyweight class.

Another gold for China

Gold: Feng Zhe (CHN) wins the men's Parallel Bars - his 2nd gold of London 2012 and China’s third Gymnastics gold.

What do you think?


IOC: 900 million watched Olympics opening ceremony

The International Olympic Committee estimates that almost 900 million people watched at least part of the London Games opening ceremony on television. The IOC's television and marketing director Timo Lumme says it is the target figure for "global viewership ... that's all eyeballs across the world." The final, official rating will be lower than 900 million. It counts viewers at home who watched for longer periods, and will be announced within months. Lumme says around 80 of 200 national television markets have audited figures. Others are estimated. Lumme says Usain Bolt's win in the 100-meter final on Sunday could reach an official rating of 200 million. It will likely be the sports event with the highest TV viewership at the London Games. AP

A race Bolt wants no part of

Wallace Spearmon says he can beat Usain Bolt. In a car, that is.

The American sprinter and Bolt share a love of fast cars and both have tricked-out Nissan GT-R sports cars. Spearmon's ride is so fast, he says Bolt wants no part of a race. Bolt would prefer to keep it on the track, as Spearmon's car can top 220 mph (355 kph).

"If we raced in a car I think the odds would be in my favor," says Spearmon. "My car is a lot faster than his. You can ask him, he'll tell you."

Spearmon has maxed out his car at an airstrip in Dallas, Texas, and said just like on the track, he prefers straightaways to curves. "I'm not about the turns," he said. "I don't even like turns on the track, so I dang sure don't like them on the track. AP

Can India avoid the clean sweep?

India will have to reconcile to playing for positions ninth to 12th and their result against Belgium on Tuesday would be of no consequence in the Olympic men’s hockey competition. With four defeats in as many matches, the Indian can at best hope to avoid a “clean sweep” of losses when they face a confident Belgium who qualified as the fourth placed team in the European Championships.

The match begins at 2030 hrs IST.

Read the full preview here.

Who says I'm old?

Bulgarian gymnast Jordan Jovtchev has put his plan to retire on hold, saying he needs a rest before taking a final decision. Jovtchev, who will turn 40 next February, became the first male gymnast to compete in six Olympics in London and even managed to squeeze into the rings final on Monday.

"I may continue," Jovtchev told Bulgarian media on Tuesday. "I feel great at the moment, it was such an emotional competition. I'll take a break and then we'll see. Let's not speak with certainty.

"I'm really tired but at the same time I was in great shape in recent months despite the injuries," added Jovtchev. "Who knows, I could take part in the next championship."

Jovtchev - who stepped on the podium in a major tournament for the first time in 1995 - has won four Olympic medals and 13 at world championships. Jovtchev, however, failed to win an Olympic gold. Reuters

Seven Cameroon athletes go missing

Seven Cameroon athletes have disappeared while in Britain for the London Olympics, the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education said on Monday evening. The seven - five boxers, a swimmer and a soccer player - are suspected of having left to stay in Europe for economic reasons. "What began as rumour has finally turned out to be true. Seven Cameroonian athletes who participated at the 2012 London Olympic Games have disappeared from the Olympic Village," David Ojong, the mission head said in a message sent to the ministry. Reuters

Music. Music. Music

At the London Olympics, Adele is served with tennis, Beyonce bounces around the basketball court and Queen's "We Will Rock You" spikes up beach volleyball. A walk around Olympic Park is a non-stop musical mystery tour — all part of a boisterous music policy that aims to keep spectators pumped up. AP

The sound of silence

The competitors are in the arena for the final day of individual gymnastics competition, and it's striking how quiet it is. Douglas and Jordyn Wieber are going through some warmups on the floor, with Wieber doing her best Rocky impersonation by ripping off pushups and clapping her hands in the middle of each one. The competitors do not make eye contact, with their teammates or rivals, and hardly a word is being spoken. It's singular focus, razor sharp concentration. For one more day. AP

A drubbing

Christopher Ciriello scored two goals and Australia qualified for the Olympic field hockey medal round with a 7-0 thrashing of Pakistan on Tuesday. Australian captain Liam de Young opened the scoring with a fifth-minute penalty goal and Glenn Turner completed the rout with a goal in the final minute. Australia, the defending bronze medalists from Beijing, has scored 22 goals in five games. AP

Check this out


Fifth heat - 200m

Fastest time of the day was set Jamaica's Warren Weir, 20.29 who won the heat.

Fourth heat -- 200m

Yohan Blake cruises to 20.38 secs to win his 200m heat. He looked good but Bolt looked so much better.

Ye Shiwen: Can statistics explain her win

When 16-year-old swimmer Ye Shiwen set a new world record for the 400m medley, eyebrows were raised about the margin of her victory, despite her passing all the drugs tests. But does a closer look at the figures really reveal anything unusual?

Read the full article on the BBC website.

Third heat -- 200m

Maurice Mitchell of the USA wins the 3rd heat of the 200m in 20.54. If it needs to be said... Bolt has looked the best. Can Blake, who is up in the 4th heat, change that?


Second heat -- 200m

World 200m bronze medallist Christophe Lemaitre of France eases to victory in heat - 20.34 secs.


20.39. That is the time. Usain made it look easy in the end. Too easy. But that's what he always done. After around 100m, he just started jogging. This man is insane.

Renjith fouls out

Renjith Maheshwari fouled his third and final jump as well. That means he is out of the Olympics without registering a simgle valid jump. He seemed distraught after missing the final jump. Pretty sad. He was probably pretty desperate to try and qualify automatically and kept pushing himself.

Tough luck for Renjith. AFP

Tough luck for Renjith. AFP

Renjith in trouble

The Indian has fouled his first two attempts in the triple jump. This is troublesome. He has just one more attempt to try and make it to the final.

The King of Cool is going bananas


Time for Renjith

At around 3.15 PM, Renjith Maheshwari will take part in the Men’s Triple Jump qualifiers. Renjith has a personal best of 17.07. And his season best is 16.85. The numbers aren't good enough when you look at rest of the field. The automatic qualifying mark is 17.10 -- it's either that or the top 12 athletes.

Liu Xiang crashes out at the first hurdle

The Chinese star won the gold in 2004. His hopes were dashed by injury in 2008. And now, he hit the first hurdle with his lead foot and crashed out. This is a stunner. He was the favourite for the title at the 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships, but was beaten into second place by Aries Merritt and left with the silver medal. Chinese hopes have been dashed.

Quick times

Aries Merritt runs 13.07! That's the fastest ever in the 110m hurdles heats or quarter finals at the Olympics!

The men's 200m heats start at 4:30 pm

That's when Bolt will begin his quest to become the only man to defend the 100m and 200m titles. This will be epic. He is running in the first heat.

Saina speaks on her return

Saina Nehwal, who bagged the bronze in the women's singles competition, is speaking to the media on her return.

"Thanks to everyone, first person is Gopi Sir and his academy, my father and my mom also. I never thought I would stand on the podium someday. I just remembered all those who helped me and I remembered all that on the podium and just started crying. I hope I can go on and win many more medals for the country," said Saina Nehwal. "Everyone is dying for a medal and I have it here. From inside, I am jumping with joy. I can't explain how I am feeling."

"So many happy faces here, but thank you Saina, without this medal, my life would have been incomplete. We built this academy with the dream that one day we will bring an Olympic medal. I am clueless what I am doing at the moment, because all the goals of my life are done," said Gopichand. "Honestly, Saina's medal was a big challenge. Last year was pretty up and down and Saina came to me crying one day and said,'Sir, it's not happening for me.' And then I promised her that you will win the Olympic medal. Last year, she lost to 11 different players and it was important for me and the academy to help her fulfill this goal."

"Saina has also sacrificed so much. She did not do any media appearances, or endorsements. If a player can't win a medal they can't win it ever. I am a fortunate one who didn't win while playing but won in my lifetime," Gopichand added.

How confident were you?
I was pretty confident after winning two tournament in a row before the Olympics but I didn't say I was because that would only add to the pressure. I had promised my father that I would not come back without a medal. I've never won a match like this (bronze medal match) and winning like this at Olympics is a surprise. I guess I was lucky as well. But in the end, standing on the Olympics podium... that is what life is all about.

Saina Nehwal on Wang Yihan defeat
I think my strategy was a little off that day. Next time I'll figure it out better. She is world number one but we'll work hard to overcome her.

Educating Indians

A superb write-up by Venky Vembu about Mary Kom, Manipur and India.

In India, it appears, it takes an occasional Olympic hero – like the pint-sized pugilist Mary Kom – to impart a similar lesson in the geography of places that exist outside of our normal range of vision.

On Twitter on Monday, @tonytongbram used the upsurge in national interest in the sporting fortunes of Mary to conduct a pop quiz – and elevate the cartographic awareness of many Indians. On a map of India’s northeastern region, he asked Mary Kom’s many fans to try and identify Manipur, the State from which she hails.

Many of those who responded said they didn’t earlier know where Manipur was, but now they did. That, he said, was his “humble goal”.

Read the full story here.

Here's how Usain usually gets ready for the big day


First up for India

At around 3.15 PM: Renjith Maheshwari takes part in the Men’s Triple Jump qualifiers. Later in the day, India has some hockey too -- against Belgium. It will be interesting to see whether India can get their first win of the competition. Without doubt, they have been the worst team on display. Their coach Michael Nobbs has said that in as many words.

Bolt on our mind

Usain Bolt begins quest to win 200m gold today. AFP

Usain Bolt begins quest to win 200m gold today. AFP

Bolt, who wowed the crowd on Sunday night by becoming the only man to cross the line first in two 100m finals, returns to the Olympic stadium bidding to become the first man to win two 200m golds and cement himself as unquestionably the greatest sprinter in history. Reuters

Quote of the day

You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims - Harriet Woods

No gold? I've got Rio! Maybe... Maybe not

Double Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva is considering putting her retirement plans on hold after winning only bronze behind American Jennifer Suhr at the London Games on Monday. The world record-holder had previously maintained that she would quit the sport after the 2013 world championships in her native Russia but talked animatedly about competing at the Olympics in Rio during the medal winners' news conference.

"My plan was to get a gold medal here in London and then retire but I don't want to retire with a bronze medal so maybe I will think about Rio so at least I can get my gold medal there in Rio and then decide," Isinbayeva said. "This is what I'm thinking about."

The 30-year-old laughingly went on to add: "Actually my decision is changing every day.

"I am twins - today I say 'I will stop', I will wake up tomorrow and say 'I will continue'."

Updated Date: Aug 08, 2012 01:32 AM

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