London Olympics recap: Saina's bronze and Poonia's heart

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- Badminton: Saina wins a coveted bronze
- Women's Trap: Shagun finishes third last
- Leander Paes and Sania Mirza crash out in mixed doubles
- Irfan finishes 10th in 20km Walk
- Devendro Singh beats Beijing silver medallist to reach last 8
- Manoj Kumar loses in 64kg weight division

Last gold of the day

Last gold of the day goes to....Jamaica!: Fraser-Pryce retains gold in the women’s 100m Sprint Final. Five women under 10.90. That's super quick. We reckon a record is coming when Bolt decides to break loose. What do you think?

Stalker wins bout, Manoj wins hearts

The difference was far too big. Manoj gave it his all. It was a brave fight. But Stalker was too good, he won 20-16. Manoj won the last round 7-4. Manoj had a lot of single punches while Stalker's combinations probably ended up impressing the judges more.

Stalker takes second round

Stalker took that round 9 points to 5! 16-9 overall... seems a little harsh... Manoj got in quite a few good shots.

Stalker takes first round

Good round for Manoj. Intelligent boxing. Certainly not overawed. Round went to Stalker though 7-4. #Olympics

Manoj Kumar is next

Next up for India: 2 AM: Manoj Kumar vs Thomas Stalker (64kg). Manoj Kumar's opponent Stalker is ranked Number 1 in the World at 64kg by the AIBA World Rankings.

Sun wins 1500m final in WR time

China's Sun Yang smashed his own world record to win the men's 1500 metres freestyle on Saturday and complete the long-distance double at the London Olympics.

Sun followed up his win in the 400 freestyle on the opening day of competition to win the gruelling 30-lap race in a time of 14 minutes 31.02 seconds, slashing more than three seconds off the previous world record of 14:34.14 he set at last year's world championship in Shanghai.

Canada's Ryan Cochrane took the silver medal in 14:39.63 while Tunisia's Oussama Mellouli, the Beijing Olympic champion, collected the bronze in 14:40.31. Reuters

Super Phelps

USA Men have won 13 golds in 13 finals of 4x100m medley relay. Michael Phelps finishes Olympic career with record 22 medals, EIGHTEEN golds.

Swimming the butterfly leg, the most decorated Olympian of all time went out as the ultimate winner when he joined forces with backstroker Matt Grevers, breaststroker Brendan Hansen and freestyler Nathan Adrian to crush their opponents and win the gold.

The four set a combined time of three minutes, 29.35 seconds, just outside the world record set by the Americans at the 2009 world championships in Rome, but it hardly mattered.

Japan finished second after leading at the halfway stage while Australia stormed home to collect the bronze but no country was ever going to stand in the way of an American team determined to give Phelps the send off he deserved. Reuters

Poonia finishes in 7th place

Remember she is the first Indian discus thrower to reach the Olympic final. That is creditable. And she also finished ahead of reigning Olympic champion BROWN TRAFTON Stephanie. The champion though is Perkovic with a throw of 69.11.

Poonia in 7th place

63.62. That was a brilliant throw. She is still seventh but an improvement on her first throw. ROBERT-MICHON Melina of France threw the same distance but on countback, she remains in 6th and Poonia in 7th. The leader is still Perkovic with a throw of 69.11.

Poonia in 7th place

Poonia through to the next phase. Her third throw was 61.1m. But it was her first throw that gave her 7th place and a chance to throw the discus three more times. The leader is Perkovic with a throw of 69.11 -- a Croatian national record.

Poonia in 7th place

Poonia fouled her second throw. But the competition is really heating up. PERKOVIC Sandra leads the field with a massive 68.11. The WR in the event in 76.80 and the Olympic record is 72.30. The top eight go into the next phase.

Poonia in 6th place

The Indian threw 62.42m in her first attempt. She is currently in 6th place behind Nadine Muller of Germany who threw 65.71m.

Go Poonia!

Poonia is 12th in the order to throw. Doesn't mean anything really. It's just about to start. This should be exciting. One good throw could change things around.

Poonia up next

Next up for India is Krishna Poonia in the women's discus throw final at midnight.

Irfan finishes 10th in 20km Walk

The start of the show for India was KOLOTHUM THODI Irfan, who finished 10th in a time of 1:20:21... a new national record. Gurmeet Singh finished 33 and Baljinder Singh finished 43. China's Ding Chen won the gold medal.

Azarenka-Mirnyi win!

They duo won 7-5, 7-6 (7-5). They took the last two points to close out the match and bring an end to India's troubled, controversial tennis campaign. Perhaps the AITA will do well to remember that the Indian tennis team shot itself in the foot. A lesson for the future...

Paes-Mirza get the mini-break back

It's 5-5 now. They must have heaved a huge sigh of relief but this set is far from over.

It's 5-3 now

The Indians must be desperate now.

Azarenka-Miryni get the mini-break

They lead 4-2. India are on the brink here. It's not over yet though.

Paes-Sania in second set tie-breaker

The Indian duo has taken the second set into a tie-breaker. They absolutely have to win this. If only DD was showing the match. Why this apathy!

In Saina’s mind, the celebrations will still be muted

In 2006, not too many of us were live-tweeting Saina Nehwal’s matches, nor were we following her every move. But that was the year a 16-year-old Saina created history by becoming the first Indian woman shuttler to win a four-star tournament – the Philippines Open. She was understandably thrilled, but the reaction I most remember was that of her mother Usha Rani when I asked whether there would now be celebrations at home.

“Kaisa celebrations beta? Abhi ek tournament hi to jeeta hai. Olympic medal to nahi jita na (What celebrations beta? She has won just one tournament. She hasn’t won an Olympic medal yet)” Usha Rani retorted to the query.

Read the full article here.

It's 5-5 in the second set

This has always been a tough battle. Right from the first set. Azarenka has played matched before the mixed doubles on both days but she is hanging in. She's a tough gal. Paes-Mirza held their serve to level the set 5-5.

Paes-Mirza resume mixed doubles match

The Indian duo held their serve to take the score to 3-3. They lost the first set 5-5 against Azarenka and Mirnyi.

Serena wins the gold

What a performance!!! This is amazing. She has beaten Sharapova 6-0, 6-1 in a match that lasted just over an hour. This is crazy.

Serena leads 4-1

Sharapova's shot-making has improved but Serena has too big a lead at the moment. This gold belongs to USA at the moment.


It's a miracle. Sharapova needed 45 minutes to win her first game. 1-3 in the second set now. The crowd greeted the hold with warm applause. Who would have thought something like this is possible? It just confirms the fact that once Serena is on her game, there is simply no stopping her.

Serena in command

Sharapova still can't win a game. She lost the first set 6-0 and is already 2-0 down in the second set. Just what is happening here? Just how badly does Serena want this gold?

Serena takes first set 6-0 against Sharapova

Serena has utterly dominated Sharapova in the first set of the women's final. She won 6-0. Sharapoba was 0-40 up in the last game but she still couldn't hold. This could end early. Sharapova is not one to give up but Serena might not give her a chance to do that.

Devendro Singh takes third round

This is a win for Devendro. He doesn't know when to stop... this guy. Super stuff. He just kept hitting the Mongolian with clean rights and lefts, and won the third round 8-6. Overall score 16-11. He is into the quarterfinals. Wow. This was tiring to watch. Great 30 mins for India... Saina's bronze and now Devendro's super win. There can be no doubting this result -- this fellow is a warrior.

Devendro was superb. Take a bow. Getty Images

Devendro was superb. Take a bow. Getty Images

Devendro Singh takes second round

Devendro still leads. He took the second round 4-2. Overall lead 8-5. He should win this.

Devendro Singh takes first round

This guy is like the Energiser bunny. Devendro just keeps throwing punches, he has had his Mongolian opponent on the backfoot throughout. The Indian leads 4-3.

Devendro Singh is up next

This won't be easy. The Indians is up against Serdamba Purevdorj.

Tennis women's final: Sharapova vs Serena

Serena has won 33 of her last 34 matches, while Sharapova has won 32 of 35. This should be quite the match.

Saina gets bronze, Wang Xin retires

Saina has won the bronze. PTI

Saina has won the bronze. PTI

Saina gets the bronze. Saina was struggling a bit but Xin retired due to a knee injury. Not the way you'd want to win a medal, but we'll take it. India can use all the medals they can win. The score was 18-21, 0-1 when the Chinese player simply collapsed on the court. She couldn't take the pain anymore. A concerned Saina stood by and watched, before gently walking over to her opponent and consoling her.

Saina loses first game

It's 18-21. Saina was down 14-20 and then fought back to take 4 straight points before the injury to Xin. But upon resumption, Xin hit a superb cross court smash to clinch the game.

Xin injury break

Saina has been giving up easy points. Far too many errors, Waing Xin has just had to keep the shuttle in play and Saina has done the rest. It must be difficult. But think about this... it's another four years before the next Olympics. Meanwhile, Xin seems to have injured an ankle. It seemed to hurt a lot.

Saina trying to fight back

It's 10-15 but at least Saina is trying to make the rallies as long as possible. The Chinese players well-disguised drop shots have been very effective so far. Saina needs to counter that.

Xin opens up a big lead

It's 11-6 in favour of the Chinese. Some delectable touches along the way, the Chinese has dominated Saina with her variations.

Xin catches up and overtakes

Saina took an early 3-0 lead but then unforced errors, her problem against Yihan in the semies, surfaced again. Now, the Chinese leads 6-5.

100m round 1 heats observations

Gay visibly slowed down, Gatlin was quick, Bailey was impressive, Bolt walked to a win, Asafa had too much in store, Blake was in third gear.... maybe second, Chambers gave it his all.

Saina gets the first point

The first point has gone to Saina, she will hope to make the most of a good beginning. China chose all it's players because they had a good record against Saina. This will be a tough battle for her. It's 2-0 in Saina's favour.

Saina up next

It's time for Saina's bronze medal. She is up against Wang Xin and her record against the Chinese star is 2-4. Let's see if she can pick herself up after her semi-final loss against Wang Yihan. The match will begin in a few minutes.

James Cochran Aka Jimmy C's Artwork Of Runner Usain Bolt. Getty Images

James Cochran Aka Jimmy C's Artwork Of Runner Usain Bolt. Getty Images

100m heat No.7

Dwain Chamber wins in 10.02. His season best before today was 10.25. Great pace. Is it the track?

Injured Merritt drops out of 400m heat

LaShawn Merritt's defence of his Olympic 400m crown lasted only a few seconds on Saturday as the American pulled up injured in his qualifying heat. Merritt, the fastest in the world this year with 44.12, appeared on track with a heavily strapped left thigh in a bid to protect a hamstring injury suffered when he pulled up with cramp running in Monaco on July 30.

It was obvious from his first few steps that he was not going at full pace and after rounding the opening bend adrift of the field he stopped running and trudged the remainder of the race looking a dejected figure.

"I think I need some more rest," Merritt told reporters. "I've been feeling a lot better, I feel like the strength was there, but when I went for it, I could feel it. I thought I could get through the round not 100 percent. I got out and got to the curve and I could feel it." Reuters

100m heat No.6

The Beast is into the semis. Yohan Blake won it in just 10.00 and he was cruising. This could have easily been a 9.8 but these guys are saving their best for last. The 'Beast' nickname was given to him by Bolt himself in appreciation of his tremendous appetite for training.

100m heat No.5

Asafa Powell wins it in 10.04. The Jamaicans are cruising maan! But Powell almost moved out of his lane. That was so close.

Shagun out of women's trap

Not a good day for Shagun. She begun well with a 23 out of 25, but then hit just 17 and 21 for a total of 61 -- third from last.

100m heat No.4

Bolt wins. He was jogging. The time was 10.09 and he had enough time to give a sideways looks. Genius. India's all-time 100m record is 10.30 and Bolt does it in a jog. Wow. Just wow.

100m heat No.4

Bolt is rapping his way to the track. Man, is he confident or what! He is is just too good -- he holds the world record of 9.58 seconds. It's still incredible. He begins in lane 7. 'I'm number 1 baby," says Bolt before the race as his name is announced by the MC.

100m heat No.3

Ryan Bailey wins. In 9.88 -- a personal best -- and he did look like he can go faster.

100m heat No.2

Gatlin wins the second heat in 9.97. Strange running technique though. But it was pretty quick. He is through to 100m semis too. Bolt is up in heat no.4. Blake is in heat no.6.

100m heats round 1 begin

Gay wins first heat in 10.08. He did put on the brakes towards the end. That was super. He is through to 100m semis.

100m heats round 1 begin

Here come the big guns. This is where Bolt, Blake, Powell and Gay will make their presence felt.

Sudha Singh's finishes third last

In the Women's 3000m Steeplechase, Sudha Singh finishes third last with a time of 9:48.86. KRAUSE Gesa Felicitas of Germany finished first with a time of 9.24.91.

Sudha Singh's 3000m steeplechase event starts

Sudha holds the current Indian National record for 3000 m Steeplechase with a mark of 9:55.67. She established the record while winning the Gold in the XVI Asian Games at Guangzhou on 21 November 2010. In June 2012, Sudha qualified for Olympic Games 2012 after she broke her own 3,000m steeple chase national record with a timing of 9:47.70 secs.

Shagun's has missed 8 shots

She has a total of 40 from a possible 50. She is virtually out of the reckoning for a spot in the final and is currently placed 22nd out of 22 competitors.

Shagun's second round begins

Shagun has begun the second round by missing three shots. Not the best start. She will struggle now -- only six shooters qualify for the final.

Pistorius creates history

It was only a morning 400-meter heat but Oscar Pistorius took a big step in Olympic history Saturday, becoming the first double amputee runner to compete in the Olympics.

In front of another full 80,000-seat stadium for a qualifying session, the South African cut through a mild morning sunshine on his carbon blades to reach the semifinals with a second-place finish after a strong second half to his race.

His time of 45.44 seconds was important enough, but didn't quite match the announcement at the start — "This is Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius" — that marked his entry into the Olympics. AP

Psychic Russian raccoon tips China to win Olympics

Fresh from her success predicting the winner of Euro 2012, Jemma, a she-raccoon from the Russian town of Tula, plumped for China to finish top of the London 2012 medal table.

See the video here.

Vikas bout: India lodge counter-appeal

India has lodged a counter-appeal against the overturning of the original decision which has seen Vikas Krishan crash out of the Welter weight (69 kg) class last night. Originally, Vikas won the bout but then the refs gave the win to Errol Spence of USA.

Read the full story here.

Shagun shoots 23 out of 25

Not great but not bad either. Four shooter have hit 25 out of 25. Shagun will hope to make up the difference in the next two rounds.

Another miss!

Misses another one. 15/17 now for Shagun. Can't afford to miss too many now. She wouldn't want to get stuck in a rut.

Shagun has hit 12 out of 13

Decent start for the Indian. The highest shot by other shooters is 25 out of 25 -- four shooters achieved the mark so far.

Quote of the day

Usain Bolt on 400m: Everybody wants to see what I can do, but no... I don't want to see

Shagun begins women's trap qualifying

Women's Trap event has started. India's Shagun Chowdhary is taking part but is yet to shoot.

Is it the track?

Seven female sprinters, led by world champion Carmelita Jeter's time of 10.83 seconds, ran the first round of the 100 in 11 seconds or better Friday. That was two more than did it over the entire meet in Beijing four years ago, and this time, there are still the semifinals and the gold-medal race to go.

Of course, Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake will also be looking to rev things up Saturday afternoon in the men's 100 heats. Called Mondotrack, the surface has shock-absorbing material built into the bottom instead of the top, meaning the upper layer provides better traction. That, in turn, lets runners wear flatter spikes that don't dig into the track as much, allowing for quicker turnover.

"Is this track better than Beijing? Unfortunately, I don't have a concrete answer," said Amy Millslagle, vice president for Olympic operations at Dow, which provides materials for the track. "You simply can't answer that because there's such a human element involved, and you can't prove one track is faster than another." AP

Blade Runner's moment

Double-amputee Oscar Pistorius of South Africa fought long and hard to be able to compete alongside the other sprinters at Olympic Stadium. Now he'll get his chance. Pistorius takes to the track Saturday in the 400-meter preliminaries, facing a stacked field for a chance to advance to the semifinals. His legs were amputated below the knee before he was a year old because he was born without fibulas. He will become the first amputee to compete on the track at the Olympics.

Some argue that the blades he runs on give him an unfair advantage. But Pistorius says that all he wants is a chance to run with everyone else. His best chance to medal could come as a part of the 4x400 relay team. AP

First up for India

2 PM: Shagun Chowdhary in women’s trap qualifying. She had a pretty good score in qualifying and it will be interesting to see if she can make it to the final.

Spent cartridges are ejected from the shotgun of Sweden's Hakan Dahlby during the men's double trap shooting qualification round at the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Royal Artillery Barracks. Reuters

Spent cartridges are ejected from the shotgun of Sweden's Hakan Dahlby during the men's double trap shooting qualification round at the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Royal Artillery Barracks. Reuters

Bad news

Quite the night for India. You wake up and you suddenly find out that Vikas Krishan isn't through to the quarter-finals. AIBA’s competition jury reviewed the bout and ruled Vikas had committed nine holding fouls in the third round alone. He also intentionally spit out his mouthpiece in the second round, which should have resulted in at least four points of deductions. Heartbreak.

But it was a very close fight and could have, honestly, gone either way. Vikas was pretty defensive especially in the latter rounds and was guilt of some transgressions.

Read the full report here.

Hello Bolt, Goodbye Phelps

Usain Bolt begins the defence of his 100 metres title at London 2012 on Saturday and Michael Phelps will have one last chance to add to the biggest Olympic medal haul of all time.

Bolt, the charismatic Jamaican who lit up the 2008 Beijing Games with three golds and his trademark lightning bolt celebration, will run in the heats of the shorter sprint, the most anticipated event of the Games.

Also limbering up for Sunday's final will be the three other fastest men in history, all intent on toppling him: fellow-Jamaicans Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell, and Tyson Gay of the United States.

The last night of swimming action will see Phelps join his American team mates in the 4x100 metres medley final and looking for his 22nd Olympic medal. Reuters

Updated Date: Aug 05, 2012 08:27 AM

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