As it happened: India versus Australia at Sydney

1609 IST: India 165 all out after 39.3 overs
P Kumar b Doherty 1 (4b)
It's all over now baby blue. Australia have won by 87 runs. Praveen is the last man out. Extras (23) were the second highest scorers. Ashwin top-scored with 26 but really poor batting by India. They deserved to lose but it's hard to see the world champions being hammered in this format too. Hard and sad. Australia have 19 points after this match. Sri Lanka have 15 and India have 10. India need to win with a bonus point in Hobart or they will then end up on 14 points, and Sri Lanka already have 15. And then after that, India have to hope that Australia beat Sri Lanka in the last match. Warner was adjudged man of the match.

Dhoni: we had a decent start but after that it was very difficult for us. When we were batting, we left too many overs for 7,8 ,9 to score the runs. Position in the rankings doesn't matter but the fact is that we haven't performed to potential. We need to bat well, I can't think of any particular reason (why this tour hasn't gone well.)

Watson: A very nice start to captaincy. Was a bit nervous too but it was a very good team performance.

1604 IST: India 163-9 after 38 overs
I Pathan c M Hussey b Lee 22 (22b, 1x4, 2x6)
A rout if there ever was one. This is a crushing defeat and just one wicket seperates India from it. The ball was in Pathan's zone but he got a top-edge. And that was that. Australia are likely to get the bonus point too. They qualify for the final too.

1559 IST: India 156-8 after 38 overs
R Ashwin c Watson b Doherty 26 (37b, 2x4)
A top-edge does Ashwin in. Watson takes the easy catch and India sink deeper into the quicksand of defeat. There is no coming out of this one.

1537 IST: India 126-7 after 32.5 overs
M Dhoni lbw b Hilfenhaus 14 (49b)
That was plumb. Dhoni is back in the hut. Defeat is around the corner and there is no denying it. Pathan and Ashwin can hit a few but 100-plus is a big too much to expect. Is a miracle too much to expect as well?

1528 IST: India 118-6 after 31 overs
M Dhoni 13, R Ashwin 7
India: First 10 overs: 60-2, next 20 overs: 55-4. It shows just how India have managed to allow this game to slip away. Why do they want to finish everything in 20 overs? Why can't they look to play 50 overs for a change?

1513 IST: India 104-6 after 26.3 overs
R Jadeja c Watson b Christian 8 (17b, 1x4)
Jadeja is worth more than 2 million to Chennai Super Kings but what is his value to the Indian team? The batsman once again chased at a wide one and it went to Watson, in the slips, at a good height. This is bad batting. This is bad cricket.

1505 IST: India 102-5 after 25 overs
M Dhoni 6, R Jadeja 7
And India have few options now. They will only be trying to bat out the overs. If they can do that, they will get close to the Australian total and they then be able to make a push towards winnings. If they lose Dhoni, it's over.

1440 IST: India 89-5 after 19.2 overs
S Raina c †Wade b Watson 8 (7b, 1x4)
Well, it just got tougher now. India lose another wicket, once again, the batsman looking to drive away from the body, no control and the edge is taken by Wade. India are in deep, deep trouble.

1426 IST: India 83-4 after 17 overs
G Gambhir b McKay 23 (48b 3x4)
Wide ball, Gambhir playing away from the body and the inside edge does him in. Big wicket, India will now need to rebuild through Raina and Dhoni. This won't be easy now.

1420 IST: India 79-3 after 16 overs
V Kohli c Christian b Watson 21 (27b, 2x4)
Tell these guys to not do something and they'll go ahead and do it. Just what are they thinking? There was no need to play this in the air and now Kohli is heading back after he was caught at midwicket. He needs to run a few rounds around the ground after this as punishment.

Sachin Tendulker walks off after he was run out for 14 runs against Australia in their one day international cricketmatch on Sunday. AP

1415 IST: India 77-2 after 15 overs
G Gambhir 20, V Kohli 20
If they keep wickets in hand, this one is in the bag #cricket. Gambhir and Kohli need to carry on, no shots in the air please. No need for the big shots, no need to look good, just do the job.

1359 IST: India 61-2 after 11 overs
G Gambhir 11, V Kohli 13
For India, run-rate isn't an issue at this point of time but they need to keep wickets in hand. Dhoni is a good finisher -- probably the best in the game -- but he needs someone to stay with him.

1343 IST: India 35-2 after 7 overs
S Tendulkar run out 14 (15b, 2x4)
The master is walking back after being run out. Brett Lee was in the way was the umpires ruled that there wasn't any deliberate obstruction. Just get the feeling this is going to become very nasty. Tendulkar walked away shaking his head. He was angry.

1332 IST: India 18-1 after 5 overs
S Tendulkar 2, Gambhir 1
India needs to start rebuilding all over again. Gambhir has been in good form but he needs someone to stay with him. Tendulkar has been getting good starts but has then being throwing it away. Today, these two need to stick around; today India has to win.

1315 IST: India 7-1 after 2 overs
V Sehwag c & b Hilfenhaus 5 (11b, 1x4)
India need a good start. They have had just one fifty-run partnership in the ODI series and that lack of starts has hit them hard. But no luck this time round either as Hilfie takes a brilliant caught and bowled chance to send the Indian opener back to the hut.

1225 IST: Australia 252-9 after 50 overs
D Christian c Jadeja b Sehwag 24 (32b, 2x4)
Christian was out off the last ball of the innings but India will be happy with the fact that they have managed to restrict Australia to just 252. The hosts were looking good for 280 at one point but for India, the star was Sehwag who claimed 3-43 in his 9 overs. He played a big role in the slog overs and now he'll have to come out an put up some runs too. This is a good chance for India to clinch it.
Off twitter, @rgcricket: The 47 runs conceded by India today are the fewest by any team in last 10 overs (41-50) in the tournament

1214 IST: Australia 232-8 after 47.3 overs
B Lee c Kohli b Sehwag 4 (15b)
Another wicket. This time it's Brett Lee, Sehwag tossed it up and Lee didn't get enough power to clear Virat Kohli in the deep. Australia were 205 for 5 after 40 overs, so good bowling in the slog overs.

1159 IST: Australia 217-7 after 43.1 overs
C McKay st Dhoni b Sehwag 1 (2b)
Straighter one from around the wicket does the trick. Dhoni is lightning quick behind the stumps. Dhoni-Sehwag complete a high-five. The rift is history and India are bowling well and taking wickets too.

India's Yadav and Kohli make comments to Australia's Hussey as he walks from the field after he was dismissed during their one-day international cricket match against India in Sydney. Reuters

India's Yadav and Kohli make comments to Australia's Hussey as he walks from the field after he was dismissed during their one-day international cricket match against India in Sydney. Reuters

1151 IST: Australia 212-6 after 42.1 overs
D Hussey c Dhoni b Yadav 54 (64b 2x4)
Another wicket. Yadav strikes to send back Hussey. Slower bouncer does the trick. Now just Christian remains. Get him and India will have a very good chance of winning this.

1141 IST: Australia 201-5 after 39.2 overs
M Wade c Dhoni b Yadav 56 (66b, 2x4, 1x6)
This is Umesh Yadav's third over of the innings, just his third. Dhoni just doesn't use him well enough. He's back and he's got a wicket. The edge resulted as Wade tried to play it to third man, easy.
Off twitter, @mohanstatsman: India has so far conceded 459 runs in last 10 overs in the CB Series. Ave runs conceded 76.50 per match! In lost mts: 97 runs; in won mts:56

1117 IST: Australia 177-4 after 35 overs
D Hussey 44, M Wade 39
Australia are making a move now and it's coming through Hussey predictably. He took his time getting set but is now looking good and set for the assault. The partnership is already worth 70 runs off 84 balls. This is not looking good for India, they are allowing the match to drift in Australia's direction.

1106 IST: Australia 153-4 after 32 overs
D Hussey 28, M Wade 31
Australia have hit just one boundary in the last 11 overs and that goes to show just India are pretty much in command there. But they need wickets. India's weakness is the last 10 overs and if Australia are in a good position then it could spell trouble.

1050 IST: Australia 120-4 after 24 overs
D Hussey 18, M Wade 13
Controversial moment there. Appeal against Hussey. He took off for a quick single, Raina was onto the ball and threw it towards the stumps. The ball hit Hussey's hand and Dhoni immediately appealed for obstruction. Was he in line with the stumps. Obstruction? Third umpire rules in favour of batsman. Big Drama. Dhoni was still not convinced.

1032 IST: Australia 107-4 after 21 overs
D Warner c Raina b Jadeja 68 (66b, 7x4)
WICKET! Raina takes a superb catch, running back. Warner gone after getting a top-edge. Big wicket. And then he clashes into Irfan, who was also closing in for the catch. Brutal clash that left both player on the ground, down for the count. Irfan had to go off after being hit in the rib cage.

1018 IST: Australia 90-3 after 18 overs
D Warner 56, D Hussey 9
Warner has got to his first fifty of the ODI series and looked pretty settled. He needed just 48 balls to get there but the true challenge begins now. He needs to find a way to stay there till the 35th over. India, on the other hand, need Warner back in the hut. The longer he stays, the more dangerous he becomes.

0956 IST: Australia 57-3 after 13.2 overs
M Hussey run out 10 (21b, 1x4)
Hussey is walking back after a mix-up in the middle. Pathan was the fielder.There was a misfielding from Raina and the batsmen crossed over for a single and then there was hesitation for the second. Hussey was stranded in the middle of the pitch and the umprie didn't even ask for a TV replay. That was gone all the way.

0943 IST: Australia 41-2 after 10 overs
D Warner 25, M Hussey 3
India have made a good start but now they need to keep it going. And Warner's wicket will be just the thing they need to make that happen. Praveen has been superb today. His bowling figures 5-1-9-2 but Irfan Pathan, at the other end, has taken some stick. The left-armer has conceded 28 in his 5 overs.

India's Raina congratulates team mate Kumar after he took the wicket of Australia's Forrest during their one-day international cricket match in Sydney. Reuters

India's Raina congratulates team mate Kumar after he took the wicket of Australia's Forrest during their one-day international cricket match in Sydney. Reuters

0921 IST: Australia 26-2 after 6.2 overs
P Forrest b Kumar 7 (18b, 1x4)
Gone! Praveen strikes for the second time. Inside edge from Forrest's bat goes back onto his stumps. Ball was just a little too slow to down to third-man, which is what the batsman was doing. This is a good start to India and now they have to make it count.

0902 IST: Australia 5-1 after 2.2 overs
SR Watson c Yadav b Kumar 1 (7b)
Watson did mention that they would need to get through the new ball, however, he won't be around for that. a mis-timed pull shot went straight to Umesh Yadav, who took an easy catch. Good start for India, now let's hope they can keep this going. Peter Forrest is in next and he is in good form.

It's a must-win match for India, the big three are all playing but no Zaheer Khan or Rohit Sharma. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is back in the mix after serving a ban due to a slow over-rate.

But for the moment, India will have to think about bowling. Australia, being captained by Shane Watson for the first time, have won the toss and elected to bat first.

Sehwag, Gambhir and Sachin are all playing today. Reuters

Sehwag, Gambhir and Sachin are all playing today. Reuters

If India lose today, they will have to beat SL with a bonus point & then hope that SL also lose to Aus on March 2. So rather than leave it to chance, India will want to win and pretty much end the debate if possible. It will also give them some breathing space to sort out the stuff in the dressing room.

It's also the 800th ODI for India... and Tendulkar has appeared in 459 of them!

Australia (Playing XI):
S Watson(C), D Warner, P Forrest, M Hussey, D Hussey, M Wade, D Christian, B Lee, C McKay, X Doherty, B Hilfenhaus.

India (Playing XI): MS Dhoni(C), V Sehwag, S Tendulkar, G Gambhir, V Kohli, S Raina, R Jadeja, I Pathan, R Ashwin, P Kumar, U Yadav.

Updated Date: Feb 26, 2012 16:26 PM

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