As it happened: Australia crush India, win by 110 runs

1645 IST: Ind 168-9 after 41.1 overs
Z Khan c Wade b Hilfenhaus 9 (11b 2x4)
Another short ball, another good diving catch by Wade and another wicket for Hilfenhaus. That's five wickets for the bowler. Crushing win for Australia and they also get the bonus point for the 100-run victory. Dhoni played a lone hand for India with another fifty but the rest of the batsmen were pretty lost on a pitch that had bounce and pace. It was the Test series all over again.

Dhoni: A difficult one. Once the opposition gets 280-290, you want a good start, even if it's slow. But they got the early breakthroughs. It's important to not think about the asking rate. With two new balls, you have to give respect in the first few overs. But then the middle overs are easier. So you have to plan.

Hilfenhaus (MoM): Good feeling to be back. Great performance from everyone. Been working on a few things and I just control things that I can control. Having two new balls means the ball swings a bit longer.

Ponting: Our batting did well. The bowlers were outstanding. We had to reverse the losses after two disappointing losses and we have to do it quickly.

1634 IST: Ind 168-9 after 41.1 overs
I Pathan c Wade b Hilfenhaus 19 (27b, 1x4, 1x6)
Pathan top-edges a shortish delivery, another wicket for Hilfie - he has 4 now. Good catch by Wade. Ind 168-9

1627 IST: Ind 162-8 after 40.2 overs
Vinay Kumar b Lee 6 (12b)
Searing yorker from Lee sends Vinay back. The batsmen didn't know anything about it. This is over now.

1613 IST: Ind 149-7 after 37.2 overs
M Dhoni c Christian b Hilfenhaus 56 (84b, 2x4, 1x6)
Hilfenhaus has three wickets now. Dhoni going for the pull shot, holed out to midwicket. His resistance comes to an end and with this it's absolutely certain -- India are going to be crushed.

1600 IST: Ind 139-6 after 35 overs
M Dhoni 51, I Pathan 7
Dhoni trying to make a move -- a six and a four to reach his 50 off 76 balls. Pathan has also smashed a six but India have a lot of work to do. First target would be 232 to avoid giving Australia a bonus point.

1541 IST: Ind 114-6 after 30.4 overs
R Jadeja c Forrest b Starc 18 (35b, 1x4)
Jadeja goes for the big shot, get no power behind it, caught by Forrest it in the deep. Why doesn't Dhoni give all the youngsters in the team a tongue lashing. They surely deserve it. No one wants to stick around. They all just want to hit the big shots. One again Dhoni stands alone.

1511 IST: Ind 82-5 after 22.2 overs
S Raina c Wade b Christian 28 (41b, 1x4, 1x6)
Casual shot from Raina. The ball was wide and the left-hander slashed at it. He was looking good but now he's walking back to the hut. Deservedly so. What does India do with it's youngsters? No one looks capable of winning a match on his own.

1500 IST: Ind 65-4 after 19 overs
S Raina 20, M Dhoni 17
India have been taking it slow and steady. Ponting have Doherty a few overs and that probably helped Dhoni settle quickly and you'd want to avoid doing that. But this match doesn't look like it will go all the way. Can Dhoni work another miracle? Raina, on the other hand, has looked comfortable.

1416 IST: Ind 36-4 after 10.3 overs
V Kohli c D Hussey b Hilfenhaus 12 (25b)
And that was a good catch in the slips by David Hussey. It was low and he had to come forward to take it. He took it very well. The decision went up to the third umpire and he said it was out. Kohli wasn't too happy and he let the whole world know. He was booed by the crowd as well. Dhoni walks in next. Don't think he will be taking this to the last over.

1353 IST: Ind 16-3 after 5.5 overs
R Sharma c Wade b Lee 0 (5b)
And Rohit's bad series continues. It was a horrible shot though -- away from the body, no feet movement and the attitude was bad. Really bad stuff from India. Some pace and bounce in the wicket and India's batsmen fall like nine pins.

India's Sachin Tendulkar walks off after being dismissed for three runs against Australia during their one-day international cricket match in Brisbane. Reuters

India's Sachin Tendulkar walks off after being dismissed for three runs against Australia during their one-day international cricket match in Brisbane. Reuters

1347 IST: Ind 15-2 after 4.4 overs
S Tendulkar c Doherty b Hilfenhaus 3 (12b)
And the big man is walking back. Kohli was dropped by Doherty just one ball back and then Tendulkar tries his upper cut and it goes straight to Doherty at third man again. This time, he makes no mistake. Tendulkar was clearly struggling with his movement and was even hit on the helmet by a bouncer from Brett Lee.

Indian innings
1336 IST: Ind 8-1 after 1.3 overs
G Gambhir c Wade b Lee 5 (5b, 1x4)
And India have lost the man in form. Gambhir has played a vital part for India in the ODIs and this will hurt India. Tendulkar is on the field but he will still be in pain. Brett Lee pitched it just right and it went through to the keeper at a nice height.

1257 IST: Aus 278-5 after 50 overs
D Hussey 26 (20), D Christian 30 (18)
Australia 288 for 5 after 50 over. After 40 overs, Australia were 187. After 35 overs, they were 150. So Australia added 138 runs in the last 15 overs. Great stuff from them, not so great from India towards the end. Dhoni's team were completely in command at one stage but lost it badly towards the end. Christian hit the big runs towards the end -- including four consecutive fours off Vinay Kumar's 49th over. And then pretty much repeated the dose in the last over. India had a tough time with their over-rate -- almost 32 minutes over-time. Tendulkar, who was off the field for a majority of the innings due to a shin injury can still open the innings but will he be fit enough to do that?

1241 IST: Aus 255-5 after 48 overs
D Hussey 21, D Christian 8
Irfan has been pretty good in the last few overs. The length has been good and he's mixed the pace well but Australia are now piling it on. 270 will be competitive. The wicket has some pace and India are not quite sure about whether Tendulkar will be able to bat or not.

1235 IST: Aus 235-5 after 46 overs
D Hussey 6, D Christian 5
And with this, the batsmen should be ready to launch into the attack now. 4 overs to go, this is T20 territory and time to go absolutely nuts.

1225 IST: Aus 223-5 after 44 overs
P Forrest c Kohli b Pathan 52 (71b, 3x4)
Forrest falls next. Pathan gets another wicket, Kohli takes a good catch and immediately gestures to the crowd. He loves making a point doesn't he? Anyway, Australia have lost both their set batsmen and this means they might not get the 270 they were hoping for. Good going.

1219 IST: Aus 217-4 after 43.1 overs
M Hussey c Raina b Pathan 59 (52b, 6x4)
And that's the wicket India wanted. Pathan's slower ball did the trick and Suresh Raina caught Hussey easily in the deep. It's a big wicket, Hussey was looking dangerous and this might help India restrict the Aussies for a while. David Hussey is in next and he can hit the ball long and hard too. India are struggling the over-rate big-time. Looks like Dhoni wants some more rest.

1159 IST: Aus 187-3 after 40 overs
P Forrest 30, M Hussey 48
Great batting PowerPlay for Australia -- 37 runs in 5 overs and not a single wicket. India, though, are starting to look a little ragged. Zaheer Khan has finished his quota of overs. Hussey is looking very dangerous now. And Australia look set for 250-250 at least.

1132 IST: Aus 150-3 after 35 overs
P Forrest 23, M Hussey 21
Wow. India have somehow managed to keep things in check but with wickets in hand, expect Australia to go for the big shots now. The batting power play is next and that usually means wickets but it can also mean runs. This should be a quick, fun session.

Mate, you are not out. AP

Mate, you are not out. AP

1107 IST: Aus 121-3 after 28.3 overs
P Forrest 12, M Hussey 3
And what drama. The third umpire gave Hussey out -- pressed the wrong button apparently and then Billy Bowden sprinted to Hussey to tell him that he needn't go. Dhoni wasn't too pleased -- how does one press the wrong button. ICC doesn't deserve good tech, it just doesn't know how to use it. The five-ball over in the last game and now this. Strange... so strange.

1100 IST: Aus 117-3 after 27.4 overs
M Wade c & b Sharma 45 (67b, 2x4, 1x6)
The all or nothing approach fails. Wade gets nothing. Rohit Sharma takes a good caught and bowled to send the Aussie back. He was beaten by the flight, failed to get to the pitch of the ball. Easy.

1048 IST: Aus 101-2 after 25 overs
M Wade 33, P Forrest 9
The 100 finally comes up. It's been pretty slow going and India are bowling very well. Suresh Raina has managed to bowl 5 overs for just 12 runs. He's running through his overs at a very quick rate too. Wade is starting to get furstrated and is lashing out pretty wildly.

Ricky Ponting had a short stay in the middle. AP

Ricky Ponting had a short stay in the middle. AP

1025 IST: Aus 83-2 after 19.2 overs
R Ponting c Pathan b Khan 7 (26b)
You could have seen this coming. The veteran was struggling badly and for the first time in his career, Ponting has made single-digit scores in five consecutive matches. He never really got going and there really is a case of him being dropped. Once Clarke is back, we just might see that happening.

1017 IST: Aus 80-1 after 18 overs
M Wade 24, R Ponting 5
The last five overs have yielded just 10 runs -- Australia have slowed down to almost a standstill. Wade is struggling and Ponting has needed 21 deliveries to score five runs. It's shows just how important it was to get Warner's wicket. These are good batting conditions but the batsmen are really struggling and not too sure it has anything to do with the bowling.

0951 IST: Aus 70-1 after 13 overs
D Warner c Tendulkar b Pathan 43 (46b, 5x4, 1x6)
Probably done in by the lack of the pace. Popped the ball up to mid-wicket and it wasn't even catching practice for Tendulkar. It was easy. Very. Anyway, big break for India -- he was starting to look very dangerous. Ricky Ponting is in next.

0939 IST: Aus 51-0 after 10 overs
M Wade 15, D Warner 29
Australia have made the big push forward and it's mostly come through Warner. After plodding his way through the first five overs, the diminutive opener has now decided to go for his shots. The turning point was the 9th over of the innings from Zaheer Khan in which Warner hit two fours and a six.

0915 IST: Aus 17-0 after 5 overs
M Wade 6, D Warner 9
Batting in the middle is anything but easy. The ball is swinging and seaming around but the Indian bowlers haven't exactly got their line right... Australia won't mind though. With two new balls, one from each end, the challenge isn't going to end anytime soon though.

0854 IST: Aus 2-0 after 0.3 overs
M Wade 2 (3), D Warner 0 (0)
ROPPED! Really tough catch but Rohit made a mess of it. Dived across from second slip, catch was going straight to Sachin. Wade survives! The look on Zaheer's face said it all. There is a lot of seam movement for the moment and India will want early wickets.

And once again India will be chasing and they will want to make sure that it doesn't come down to their skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni once again. His luck in the chase may not hold out for much longer.

Australia won the toss and on a Brisbane wicket that Ravi Shastri says will be good for batting, elected to do exactly that. The wicket has a whitish look and the boundaries are pretty short as well.

Ben Hilfenhaus gets a game for Australia -- India's batsmen won't be happy to see him back in the team after the havoc he wrecked during the Tests but this is a different format and it very well might be a different result too.

File picture of India's Zaheer Khan, who gets a game today. Reuters

File picture of India's Zaheer Khan, who gets a game today. Reuters

India, on the other hand, have no real specialist spinner. R Ashwin was dropped for Zaheer Khan. Virender Sehwag's name is not even on the reserve list and according to Dhoni, the opener has not recovered completely from the back spasms. So for now, India's rotation policy has been halted in it's tracks.

But it's an all pace attack -- with Jadeja, Rohit Sharma and Raina providing some variety.

Australia(Playing XI):R Ponting(C), D Warner, M Wade, P Forrest, D Hussey, M Hussey, D Christian, B Lee, M Starc, X Doherty, B Hilfenhaus

India (Playing XI): MS Dhoni(C), G Gambhir, S Tendulkar, V Kohli, R Sharma, S Raina, R Jadeja, I Pathan, V Kumar, Z Khan, U Yadav.

Updated Date: Feb 19, 2012 16:53 PM

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