Highlights India vs Bangladesh 2017, Test Day 5, scores and updates: Virat Kohli and Co win by 208 runs

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Highlights India vs Bangladesh 2017, Test Day 5, scores and updates: Virat Kohli and Co win by 208 runs
  • 15:17 (IST)

    India extend their unbeaten run in Tests to 19 matches with a resounding 208-run victory over Bangladesh in Hyderabad. We review India's performance in the match and more.  

  • 14:44 (IST)

    That's it from us at Firstpost Sports on our coverage of the one-off Test between India and Bangladesh in Hyderabad. As India skipper Virat Kohli hoped his side was able to give the spectators their ticket's worth, we certainly hope we were able to keep you updated with the match as it happened, whether you were following it in sitting at your desk in office, or travelling for that matter. 

    On behalf of my team, I, Amit, sign off for now. We'll be back with our coverage on the four-Test series between India and Australia. Till then, goodbye! 

  • 14:40 (IST)

    Virat Kohli: Good wicket to bat on, and good toss to win. The plan was to get into good habits. We got a big series coming up, so the bowlers wanted to get into their rhythm. It did not offer much, but the bowlers found ways to get the batsmen out, which is a quality of our team. The guys stuck it out for the wickets. Ishant's second spell was good to see. If you have two world-class spinners in the side, you can tell your fast bowlers to come and attack. They fed off each other in this game, and everyone did their bit. It's been coming off nicely. Last year was something I didnt expect to happen, but it did. Im comfortable with where I am with my game stands at the moment, and I want to continue for as long as I can for the team. We're really keen to start the first Test at Pune (against Australia). The crowd was outstanding throughout the five days in this Test. That pushes the players as well. I hope the crowd got what they wanted. 

  • 14:36 (IST)

    Man of the Match is India skipper Virat Kohli for his double-century in the first innings! 

  • 14:35 (IST)

    Mushfiqur Rahim: I thought we created a lot of opportunities in the first innings, but we could not grab them. It's quite tough out there because the bowlers have a lot of varierty in them. It was a learning tour for our newcomers. Hopefully we'll learn a lot, and come up with good performance. Im really proud of our No 8 and 9 showing great character. Hopefully there a couple of matches coming up in Sri Lanka, and we'll take some positives from this. (On positives from this Test) We batted more than 100 overs in each innings, and Taijul bowled well in the first innings. But fielding was a disappointment. 

  • 14:29 (IST)

  • 14:28 (IST)

  • 14:25 (IST)

    Anil Kumble: This is a very good surface to bat on, and we had to bowl 200-plus overs to get 20 wickets. I expected it to break up a little more on the fourth day, but it held on. Especially when you have a long home season, you need to bowling to look after. I'm really pleased for Saha to get a hundred here. The most important thing was not worrying about the surface, and going out there and winning. Very satisfying in the last nine matches. Looking forwad to the Australia Test series. Very pleased with the top, middle and lower order, and every bowler who has played has done well. 

  • 14:25 (IST)

    Ishant: When the ball is reversing, I know how to make the most of it because I can move it both ways. We are No. 1 side, and we are playing against Bangladesh and we have to show that we are aggressive. I think the way Umesh and Bhuvi bowled, it was tremendous to see how they hit their lengths on a flat pitch. It was a pretty difficult wicket to bowl on, but if you are patient enough, you can get the rewards.

  • 14:23 (IST)

    Pujara: Yeah it's my fourth anniversary. The guys have finished the match early, so I'll go and meet my wife. I enjoy playing on this ground. My first hundred was against NZ, and I got a double-hundred against Australia. Recently, I've been missing out on 100s. It all started from the Duleep Trophy, as I wasn't getting the big scores before that. Once I scored the double-hundred (in Duleep), I got my confidence back. Im really happy how this season went. 

  • Bangladesh might have delayed the inevitable by stretching the Test beyond scheduled tea. But the defeat was never in doubt. India were simply too good for this Bangladesh team. The home team was very intense in the morning. But slackened off somewhat after lunch. Mahamudullah was their best bat showing remarkable composure. May be being a right hand batsman helped him somewhat as he did not have to contend with Jadeja bowling in the left hander's rough. Ashwin and Jadeja once again combined well and bowled superbly in tandem. They complemented each other with their varying fare and cleaned up Bangladesh with the same efficiency they showed against New Zealand and England earlier in the season. Bangladesh made 388 in the first innings and 250 in the second. So they've actually batted competently. Their fielding and bowling looked lethargic and inadequate for this level of the game. But the batting was extremely competitive. Ashwin and Jadeja are well on the way to becoming the more potent spin combination in recent times. A win by 208 runs emphasised their superiority.

  • 14:18 (IST)

    Bangladesh 250 in 100.3 overs (Kamrul Islam Rabbi 3)

    Ashwin appeals for an lbw in the second ball of the over, with height appearing to be the primary reason behind the umpire turning it down. Umpire Erasmus however, goes upstairs in the following delivery, While the umpire checks for the catch, which proves inconclusive. Kohli however, decides to review for an lbw immediately, which yields the last wicket as Taskin is adjudged lbw for 1 off 7 balls, with Bangladesh getting bowled out for 250!

    Taskin Ahmed lbw Ravichandran Ashwin 1(7)

  • 14:12 (IST)

    After 100 overs,Bangladesh 250/9 ( Kamrul Islam Rabbi 3 , Taskin Ahmed 1)

    Ashwin mixes his deliveries up in the following over, with Kamrul opting to block all the deliveries up as the offie collects his 10th maiden. Jadeja, who has taken four wickets so far in the innings, concedes a single in the third ball of the over as Taskin gets off the mark. Also brings up the 250 for Bangladesh, with the visitors surviving 100 overs in this innings. 

  • 14:09 (IST)

  • 14:09 (IST)

    Bangladesh 249/9 in 98 overs (Kamrul Islam Rabbi 2, Taskin Ahmed 0); need 210 to win

    Appeal for lbw in the following over by Ashwin, although it was pitched way outside leg for the umpire to consider. Jadeja however, pulls the hosts as close as one can get to victory by dismissing Taijul for 6. Session to get extended now. Taskin is the new batsman in. 

  • 14:08 (IST)

    OUT! Wicket number nine to fall for Bangladesh, and now the second session has to extend. Taijul looked to go big towards the leg side once again, only to top-edge it over short-leg. Bit of confusion between Rahul and Vijay, who runs in from silly mid-on, and the two nearly collide, while Rahul completes the catch. Jadeja enjoys a laugh. 

    Taijul Islam c KL Rahul b Ravindra Jadeja 6(24)

  • 14:01 (IST)

    Bangladesh 248/8 in 96 overs (Kamrul Islam Rabbi 2, Taijul Islam 6); need 217 to win

    FOUR! Finally some runs for the visitors, and Taijul gets it by hitting the first boundary in 63 deliveries. Loos to go big in the fifth ball of the over, but only manages to miscue it just outside the circle near cover, with the ball landing safely beyond the running fielder. Jadeja nearly gets an edge in the second delivery of the following over. 

  • 13:58 (IST)

    Bangladesh 242/8 in 94 overs (Kamrul Islam Rabbi 2, Taijul Islam 0); need 217 to win

    Close in field for Ishant in the 93rd over, with the lanky pacer looking to shorten his length in order to produce catching opportunities. Meanwhile, its been 10.1 overs since the last boundary was scored, with the last five overs going as maidens. 

  • Jadeja is a match-winning bowler on Indian pitches. Bowls the right trajectory and at the speed to make a difference. A bit of pitch doctoring -- it's been done by earlier sides -- to suit his length and line will make him awesome in the 3rd or 4th innings.

  • 13:51 (IST)

    Ishant Sharma returns to the attack at the start of the 93rd over. Bowled a fantastic spell earlier in the day, in which he deserved four wickets, and ended up getting two. 

  • 13:49 (IST)

    Bangladesh 242/8 in 92 overs (Kamrul Islam Rabbi 2, Taijul Islam 0); need 217 to win

    Wicket-maiden for Jadeja in the 91st, over, in which the hosts inch closer to victory with a delivery that kicked up from full length, with his vigil coming to an end after scoring 23 runs. India just two wickets away from recording a big win here, and getting rid of the tail-enders isn't something that should stretch beyond tea. Meanwhile, Taijul Islam is the new batsman in, with only Taskin Ahmed to follow. 

  • If is a matter of staying patient for India now. Two good balls are needed and there are a minimum of 34 overs left to bowl. A plumb lbw not given and a catch put down in the slips haven’t helped, but with Mehedi Hasan now gone it shouldn’t take anywhere near that long to get those last two men out. The way Bangladesh have fought in this Test has been so admirable. No one, not even themselves you would suspect, thought they could win this match. But to still be in with a chance of a draw close to tea on day five is a great effort. It is better than England managed in the four defeats they suffered late last year!  

  • 13:45 (IST)

    OUT! That's wicket number eight to fall for Bangladesh, and Jadeja's patient approach yields a wicket for him, a rather important one as Mehedi Hasan is one who is capable of playing a useful innings. The Bangladeshi rookie departs after a patient vigil that included four boundaries, with Bangladesh collapsing to 242/8 now. 

    The delivery kicked up after pitching along full length, surprising the batsman while getting a faint nick off his glove. Saha did a good job of quickly collecting the ball.

    Mehedi Hasan c Wriddhiman Saha b Ravindra Jadeja  23(61)

  • 13:42 (IST)

    Bangladesh 242/7 in 90 overs (Mehedi Hasan 23, Kamrul Islam Rabbi 2); need 217 to win

    Jadeja back after a one-over break. Looks like it will be spin from both ends for a bit now. Mehedi drives towards square twice in the 89th over, getting a double off the last ball. Maiden for Ashwin in the subsequent over, as the leading offie mixes his deliveries up including a leg-spinner in the second ball. 

  • 13:38 (IST)

    Bangladesh 240/7 in 88 overs (Mehedi Hasan 21, Kamrul Islam Rabbi 2); need 219 to win

    Change from the other end as well, with Umesh returning to the attack in place of Bhuvneshwar. Just a couple of singles over the next two overs, with the visitors' blocking away most deliveries for now. 

  • New ball has not brought intensity to India's efforts. Look slack at the moment. Almost as if waiting for Bangladesh to make the mistake. Need to up intensity.

  • 13:30 (IST)

    Bangladesh 238/7 in 88 overs (Mehedi Hasan 19, Kamrul Islam Rabbi 2); need 221 to win

    Nothing noteworthy in the 85th over, barring an appeal by Bhuvneshwar that seemed too high to be adjudged leg-before-wicket. Change of bowling at the other end, with Ashwin replacing Jadeja in the attack. Kamrul finally gets off the mark in his 29th delivery, cutting it towards backward point for a couple of runs. 

  • 13:25 (IST)

    Bangladesh 235/7 in 84 overs (Mehedi Hasan 18, Kamrul Islam Rabbi 0); need 224 to win

    Mehedi manages to steal a single in Bhuvneshwar's second over of the day, before lofting Jadeja over mid-off to get the fourth boundary of his innings. The rookie all-rounder has scored nearly all his runs in boundaries so far. 

  • 13:17 (IST)

    Bangladesh 230/7 in 82 overs (Mehedi Hasan 13, Kamrul Islam Rabbi 0); need 229 to win

    Jadeja with the new ball from the other end, keeping Kamrul guessing in each of the deliveries that he hurls down in quick fashion. Yet another maiden for Jadeja, who now has collected 12 from the 30 overs that he has bowled so far. 

  • 13:11 (IST)

    Bangladesh 230/7 in 81 overs (Mehedi Hasan 13, Kamrul Islam Rabbi 0); need 229 to win

    New ball taken in the last ball of the 81st over, with Bhuvneshwar returning to the attack. It was Bhuvneshwar who got rid of Mehedi in the previous innings with a sharp inswinger that uprooted his leg-stump. Can he do it in this innings as well? Well certainly not in his first over, which just goes for a maiden. 

    Drinks taken at the end of this over. 

  • 13:08 (IST)

  • 13:06 (IST)

    Bangladesh 230/7 in 80 overs (Mehedi Hasan 13, Kamrul Islam Rabbi 0); need 229 to win

    Mehedi slashes the third ball of the next over hard to send the ball flying towards the backward point boundary. The short and wide delivery was perfect for him to execute the cut. Having impressed in the previous innings, Mehedi will look to get another big score in this innings, even if he is losing out on support from the other end. DROPPED! Mehedi's innings could have been cut short at 13, just that Murali Vijay drops a sitter at first slip to grant him a second shot at bringing up his second consecutive fifty. Maiden by Jadeja in the 80th over, with the reviews getting reset at the end of it, and the second new ball now being available for Kohli. 

  • 13:01 (IST)

    Bangladesh 226/7 in 78 overs (Mehedi Hasan 9, Kamrul Islam Rabbi 0); need 223 to win

    Mahmudullah's dismissal for 64 perhaps is the last major blow for the visitors. Wiping out the remainder of the tail looks like a formality for the Indian attack now, with Ashwin likely to return to the attack now. Kamrul Islam Rabbi is sent out ahead of the likes of Taijul and Taskin, with Mehedi looking to take charge of whatever remains of the Bangladeshi innings. Massive apeal for lbw in the last ball of the 77th over, which the umpire turns down, although replays show it to be plumb. Unlucky for Ishant. 

  • 12:55 (IST)

  • 12:52 (IST)

    OUT! Mahmudullah's long vigil comes to an end, and surely Bangladesh are now starting to tumble towards the imminent! Mahmudullah tries to pull the short ball from Ishant, which is bowled along the middle and leg stump, but ends up top-edging it to Bhuvneshwar at long-leg. Bangladesh lose their seventh wicket with 225 on board, and this wicket will bolster the Indian confidence now. 

    Mahmudullah c Bhuvneshwar b Ishant Sharma 64(149)

  • 12:51 (IST)

    Bangladesh 225/6 in 76 overs (Mahmudullah 64, Mehedi Hasan 8); need 234 to win

    Just one run scored in each of the next two overs. Mahmudullah and Mehedi try their hand at a few aggressive strokes in this over, but fail to pierce through the gaps for the most part. 

  • 12:42 (IST)

    Bangladesh 223/6 in 74 overs (Mahmudullah 62, Mehedi Hasan 8); need 236 to win

    Front-foot no-ball in the following over by Ishant. Outside edge off Mehedi's bat carries all the way to the third man boundary, ghetting him off the mark. Ishant swings the last delivery into the batsman's off-stump to end on a dot. Mehedi gets his second boundary in the next over by Jadeja, timing his drive well to send it scurrying towards the cover boundary. Starting to show signs of the fearlessness that defined his previous innings. 

  • 12:35 (IST)

  • 12:33 (IST)

    Bangladesh 213/6 in 72 overs (Mahmudullah 61, Mehedi Hasan 0); need 246 to win

    Fine piece of fielding by Rahane at second slip to save four certain runs for the hosts. After exchanging glares with Sabbir in the previous over, Ishant has the last laugh as he traps the all-rounder plumb leg-before-wicket. Mehedi Hasan, who scored a heroic fifty in the previous innings, walks out to bat.

    Stumping chance in the next over, with the ball beating Mahmudullah failing to connect to a full-pitchewd delivery. Saha, on the other hand, fails to collect the ball in order to effect the stumping on time.

  • Beginning of the end for Bangladesh. Shabbir falls leg before to Ishant. Hit on the backfoot. Plumb in front.Takes a chance with review. Loses. India 4 wickets away from victory.

  • 12:28 (IST)

    OUT! Ishant traps Sabbir leg-before, and it looks like the former will have the last laugh after the stare-exchange that took place between the two in the previous over. The umpire barely took a second to raise his finger, and Bangladesh lose the review after hawk-eye shows the decision to be a plumb one. 

    Sabbir Rahman lbw Ishant Sharma 22(61)

  • 12:23 (IST)

    Bangladesh 212/5 in 70 overs (Mahmudullah 60, Sabbir Rahman 22); need 247 to win

    Plenty of stares and gestures being exchanged between Ishant and Sabbir in the 69th over, with the heat starting to build up between the two sides now. Just one run off the over. Wonder if Ishant will up his aggression with a slew of bouncers in the coming overs as well. 

    Rahman cuts the second ball of the next over to beat backward point for his second four of the innings. Appeal for lbw in the next delivery, with Kohli opting for the review after the umpire turns it down. Hawk-eye shows the ball clipping leg, which results in the decision staying with that of umpire Wilson. No harm for India in losing their reviews at this stage, as it is to get reset in about 10 overs time. 

  • 12:23 (IST)

    Bangladesh 206/5 in 68 overs (Mahmudullah 58, Sabbir Rahman 18); need 253 to win

    Four byes at the end of the first over after lunch, with the full-pitched delivery down leg not being blocked by anyone. Crucial session this for the Bangladeshis if they are to last till the end of the day's play. 

  • 12:10 (IST)

    The players are back after lunch,with Mahmudullah looking set on 58 and Sabbir Rahman increasing his aggression with each passing over. Jadeja to bowl the first over after the break. 

  • A very creditable first session for Bangladesh, with Mahmadullah leading the way. Pushing India deep into the fifth day is much to their credit. They deserve more than one Test on this showing, and it is a shame that this is the only game that we get to see. India should still win this, but there is work for them to do to claim victory. 

  • 11:43 (IST)

  • India are on course to win this Test. At the start of play Shakib and Mushfiqur were seen as the main thorns for the Indian team. Shakib was at the crease on resumption of play this morning. But one ball from Jadeja hit the rough, jumped and turned to account for the left hander's wicket. His replacement at the crease, Mushfiqur batted as well as he had in the first innings before succumbing to a sudden rush of blood on seeing Ashwin bowl. He lobbed an easy catch to Jadeja. India thus got the main two batsmen out in the first session itself. But Bangladesh had another hero today, in Mahmudullah. He came in to bat at a difficult time yesterday and quickly showed his mettle. He got to an excellent half century this morning while handling the bowlers with comfort. The new ball should be  due within an hour after lunch. The spinners Jadeja and Ashwin have bagged a wicket each today. Another wicket should see India's bowlers wafting through the tail and wrapping up the Test.  

  • 11:32 (IST)

    Bangladesh 202/5 in 67 overs (Mahmudullah 58, Sabbir Rahman 18); need 257 to win

    FOUR MORE! Mahmudullah stamps authority in this cut towards backward point to bring up the team 200. Nobody in the deep to prevent the boundary. And its lunch on the final day of the one-off Test, with Bangladesh appearing to have found their footing towards the end of it. 99 runs came for the visitors in this session for the loss of two wickets from 32 overs, a decent one for them considering they lost two of their main batsmen during the passage of play. 

  • 11:27 (IST)

    Bangladesh 198/5 in 66 overs (Mahmudullah 54, Sabbir Rahman 18); need 261 to win

    Inside edge off Rahman's bat deflects off his pad to fly away between the slip fielders for a four. After taking is time to settle at the crease, Rahman seems to have found his footing by now. Sabbir comes down the track in the following over, and smashing it down the ground for his second four. 

  • India need another wicket before lunch. That would help wrap up the Test before tea. Mahmudullah has batted well for his half-century. Could do for Bangladesh in this innings what his skipper did in the first. 

Catch the full cricket scorecard of the one-off Test between India and Bangladesh here

Day 3 Report: Bangladesh face a big test of saving the one-off cricket Test as they reached 103 for three in their second innings after India set them a target of 459 on the penultimate day here on Sunday.

Middle-order batsmen Mahmudullah (9) and Shakib Al Hasan (21) were at the crease when umpires disloged the bails for the day which saw the visitors concede a 299-run lead after being bowled out for 288 in their first innings. India then scored rapidly and declared their second innings at 159 for four.

Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim are key to Bangladesh's hopes for a draw. AFP

Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim are key to Bangladesh's hopes for a draw. AFP

Chasing a mammoth 459, the visitors started the proceeding on a bad note as they lost their premier opening batsman Tamin Iqbal in the sixth over of the innings.

Iqbal, who only managed to score three runs in 11 balls, was dismissed by spinner Ravichandran Ashwin with 11 runs on the board.

The fall of wicket brought in Mominul Haque (27), who along with opener Soumya Sarkar (42) built a crucial 60-run second wicket partnership to stablise the innings.

Just when things seemed good for the visitors, left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja provided the much needed breakthrough as the left-arm spinner dismissed Sarkar in the 22nd over with scoreboard reading 71/2.

After three overs, Haque was also sent packing by Ashwin. Haque faced 63 balls and slammed three boundaries.

New batsmen Mahmudullah and Hasan then denied the Indian spin twins --Ashwin and Jadeja -- from making any further inroads.

Earlier in the day, Bangladesh could add only 66 runs to their overnight first innings score of 322 for six. The hosts declared their second innings for 159/4 at tea, setting a 459-run target.

Skipper Mushfiqur Rahim, who was not out on 81 on Saturday, went on to post his fifth century in Test cricket. He scored 127.

Off the 66 scored in the morning by Bangladesh, Mushfiqur Rahim alone scored 46.

Another overnight batsman, Mehedi Hasan Miraz was not able to add a run to his overnight score of 51 as he was bowled by seamer Bhuvneshawar Kumar in the first over of the day.

The fall of Miraz's wicket brought in lower-order batsman Taijul Islam (10), who was dismissed by pacer Umesh Yadav with scoreboard reading 339/8.

Taskin Ahmed and Rahim then stitched a crucial 39-run ninth-wicket partnership to get past 370-run mark.

In the 125th over, Ahmed was caught by Ajinkya Rahane at first slip off Ravindra Jadeja.

The last wicket could only add 10 runs to the total score as Mushfiqur, who played an excellent knock, was taken by Ashwin, who became the fastest bowler to claim 250 Test wickets.

Ashwin bowled a flat carrom ball down the leg and Rahim looked to sweep but got the glove which resulted in a simple catch to wicket-keeper Wriddhiman Saha, as Bangaldesh were bowled out for 388

For India, Yadav scalped three wickets while Ashwin and Jadeja took two wickets each.

Then, Indian openers Murali Vijay and K.L. Rahul failed to give the hosts the start they wanted. Both openers were dismissed in six overs with scoreboard reading 23.

Vijay (7), who slammed a brilliant 108-run knock in their first innings total of 687 for six declared, was the first to go as he was caught by wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim off pacer Taskin Ahmed.

Rahul (10), who was struggling to find his rhythm was next to go. He too was taken by Ahmed.

Incoming batsmen Pujara (54 not out) and skipper Virat Kohli (38) then built a 67-run partnership before Kohli was caught at short mid-wicket by Mahmudullah off Shakib Al Hasan. Kohli's 40-ball knock was laced with two boundaries and one six.

The fall of Kohli's wicket brought in Ajinkya Rahane (28), who along with Pujara added 38 runs to get past 120-run mark.

Rahane was bowled by spinner Hasan in the 27th over to reduce the visitors 128 for 4. Jadeja then blasted a six and a four in his first three deliveries faced as India rushed to declare the innings.

Pujara and Jadeja (16 not out) were the batsmen who were at the crease when India declared their innings.

With inputs from IANS

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