Jason Holder on West Indies' World Cup journey and switching focus to Test cricket

Jason Holder was speaking with the media after West Indies were knocked out by New Zealand from the World Cup. You can also listen to the full press conference in the audio widget above.

Q. Jason, you just said a few moments ago that things haven't gone well since you lost 4-1 to South Africa. What exactly are the key problems?
JASON HOLDER: We've just been obviously inconsistent from the tour of South Africa to this World Cup. We've had some good games and we've had some bad games but we've never been consistent going forward. So I think going forward, we've got to be a lot more consistent than we have been at the moment.

Q. You've been on the end of some miraculous One Day innings in times. Where does today rank over what you've been up against?
JASON HOLDER: Yeah, it was obviously a good innings. They really took the game away from us, and it was good because they batted straight through. Obviously we put them down early and we had a few half chances which we probably could have taken. But that's cricket. We need to respond really well when you're bowling. We didn't rely on our yorkers and we paid for it today.

 Jason Holder on West Indies World Cup journey and switching focus to Test cricket

Jason Holder. AFP

Q. Yesterday, you had said you would come out and fight fire with fire today. But in that first over of the game, the first bowl you seemed a bit slow chasing that boundary, and then Samuels dropped the catch, how hard was it to come back and pick the team up from that?
JASON HOLDER: You know, bowling is about cricket. We didn't think we were flat when we started. It was obviously a quick outfield and we chased the ball to the boundary and we didn't catch it, but that's cricket, you know. As I said before, we weren't consistent when we bowled with our lanes up front. We were obviously too full, and we didn't come back with our yorkers. That's it. I don't think we need to overanalyze things at this present time. I think we just need to know they won two one percenters as we say on our team and just get them right.

Q. Chris came out swinging there. How fit was he today? How has he pulled up, and how did he manage? Was there any sort of victory from him there? Will we see him again in West Indies clothes do you think?
JASON HOLDER: Chris has been the same he has been in the last few days. He's never been one of the most agile players around, and he's quite slow and that's Chris. Today just tweaked him a little bit. But that's just an unfortunate state of the game for us, you know. We needed him to come out and be fairly aggressive. We were chasing 394, so we just couldn't play that. Credit to him for the way he played. I can't speak on his future. At the end of the day that's up to Chris.

Q. Looking from outside it looked like you looked a bit lost as a skipper in the field settings. There were sometimes Sammy would say something, sometimes Ben would say something. What was happening in the field in terms of field settings and other things?
JASON HOLDER: You know, we play cricket, we always have input from our players. Sammy's a senior player, Ben is also a senior player and we always try to get input from everybody and try to get the best field suited for the game and batsmen at any particular stage of the game. The ball was going all over the place, and when people are set on good pitches, it's difficult to contain them. It's just one of those days where we didn't execute our yorkers and we paid for it.

Q. West Indies has don't have a lot of One Days anymore. You now focus West Indies versus England. How do you switch your attention to Test Cricket?
JASON HOLDER: We've been on the road for four months now, and it's been a long time away from home. The guys have put their bodies on the line for the last four months, and we've been away from our families for four months. So I think the first thing to do is refresh a bit at home. We have a few days before we head into the training camp before the England series. That break will be well deserved. It will do well for a lot of the guys. We need to refresh, come back strong against England, and it will be a good test series against them. We don't have One Day Cricket until the end of the year against Sri Lanka. So we have time to make some changes or fix problems that we have.

Q. How hard was it to find the right links today, and also to be able to sustain the momentum of New Zealand. It just seemed like it was quite powerful.
JASON HOLDER: Yeah, I did learn from the pitch. Obviously, if you were too short on the ball set-up, and you watched when we batted, we put New Zealand to the test as well. We were very aggressive and New Zealand basically crumbled. Having said that, what we didn't do is we batted. Obviously, 394 runs is a big axe as well, so we had to be aggressive and try to get the runs. But in terms of the great length on the pitch, you had to be that in-between length and also vary yourself a lot on the pitch because it was a good pitch in my opinion.

Q. Your new coach coming in. Will you meet with him and what will you say in terms of a debrief for the World Cup as you look ahead for the West Indies?
JASON HOLDER: Yeah, obviously, Phil Simmons is the new coach. We don't have One Day Cricket until the end of the year. I think our main focus at this present time is to get ready for the England series. We'll obviously sit down and come up with a plan going forward. But, yeah, on the bright side we don't have to worry about it. This is my first time working with Phil, so looking forward to that.

Q. What have you taken from this World Cup as a captain, and what has the team learned from experience?
JASON HOLDER: I think me personally I've taken a lot. I've been through a lot. There's been a lot of criticism left right and center and all over the place. I'm proud of myself the way I stood up. Not wanting to shy away from responsibility or get in my head when things get tough. I expected a tough job when I accepted the captaincy, and no doubt it's been a tough time, but we've had some very good times. I've learned a lot about how to manage our players and just trying to get the best out of our players. It's been a challenge, yes. But one I truly enjoyed.

Updated Date: Mar 21, 2015 17:55:57 IST