IPL 6 as it happened: Mumbai Indians survive Kings XI charge

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1155 IST

Ball 1: Above waist high no-ball from Kulkarni and Praveen slices it past point for two.

Ball 1: Dot ball. Doesn't take the single to cover. 14 needed from 5.

Ball 2: Slower bouncer. Praveen swings far too early and wiffs.

Ball 3: Another bouncer. Called wide. 13 from 4 now.

Ball 3: Praveen slaps a low full toss straight down the ground but doesn't time it. They hare back for two and the throw is wayward. Otherwise Awana would have been comfortably run out.

Ball 4: Dot ball. Praveen wants a no-ball for height. The umpire does not oblige. He goes over to chat. Gets nowhere, of course.

Ball 5: SIX! Praveen somehow swings a low full toss over deep midwicket one-handed. Need five from the last ball.

Ball 6: OUT! Another full toss and this time Praveen can only slice it to Tendulkar in the covers.

KXIP end up four runs short. How crucial was Rohit's Sharma's demolition of David Hussey in MI's 20th over.

1146 IST

SIX! Praveen Kumar keeps KXIP in the game by lofting Malinga for a straight six. After 19 overs, KXIP are 158/9. Need 17 from the final over.

1140 IST

OUT! After smashing Johnson for a huge six over long-on - it sailed into the upper tier - Miller tries to repeat the dose on the offside but lobs a simple catch to Tendulkar in the covers. Tendulkar clenches his first and looks to the heavens in celebration.

Miller c Tendulkar b Johnson 56 (34b 1x4 5x6).

Kings XI Punjab now 149/9 after 18 overs.

1134 IST

SIX! Miller ends the over by bashing Kulkarni over deep midwicket to bring up his fifty. KXIP need 37 from 18 balls.

OUT! Rayudu comes running in from deep midwicket and catches Chawla at shin height. KXIP now 132/8 after 16.5 overs.

Chawla c Rayudu b Kulkarni 12 (10b 0x4 1x6) SR: 120.00

2324 IST

SIX! Chawla smashes Malinga back over his head but they have a lot to do to stay in with a chance of winning the game. After 16 overs, KXIP are 129/7, with Chawla on 11 and Miller on 42. They need 46 from the last four overs.

2315 IST

OUT! Gony tries to slog-sweep Harbhajan but gets a thin edge to Karthik. KXIP slide to 111/7.

Gony c †Karthik b Harbhajan Singh 0 (3b 0x4 0x6).

Harbjahan finishes with 3 for 14 from his four overs.

2313 IST

OUT! Mahmood plays a loose stroke. Decides to slog sweep Harbhajan, then tries to adjust the shot and flick him. Ends up getting a top edge that Karthik runs to square leg to catch. KXIP now 110/6 after 13.2 overs.

Azhar Mahmood c †Karthik b Harbhajan Singh 9 (13b 1x4 0x6).

2308 IST

Miller effectively flicks Pollard over square leg for six. Then smashes him flat and hard down the ground for six more. 15 from the over. KXIP are 110/5 after 13 overs. They need 65 from 7 overs now.

2303 IST

Harbhajan concedes just four runs from his over. After 12, KXIP are 95/5, with Mahmood on 7 and Miller on 24.

2257 IST

Ohja beats Mahmood with one that doesn't turn but it bounces over middle stump and goes for four byes too. The bowler is not happy and is even less happy when Mahmood thwacks him for four down the ground to end the over. That shot almost decapitated the umpire too. After 11, KXIP are 91/5.

2252 IST

OUT! Gurkeerat Singh skies Harbhajan to Smith in the covers. KXIP now 79/5 after 9.3 overs and starting at a big defeat.

Gurkeerat Singh c Smith b Harbhajan Singh 2 (4b 0x4 0x6).

2245 IST

OUT! Hussey tries to go over long-on but doesn't get hold of it and Johnson takes an easy catch. That was hit straight to him. KXIP are 76/4 after 8.4 overs.

Hussey c Johnson b Ojha 34 (18b 5x4 1x6).

SIX! David Miller advances and smacks Ojha over long-off, just clearing Mitchell Johnson. Pollard is at long-on.

2238 IST

OUT! Shaun Marsh heaves Ojha over long-on. Except Pollard is on the boundary and he leaps and sticks out his right hand and snags the ball, landing inches from the rope. Then sets off on a celebratory run. That was spectacular.

Marsh c Pollard b Ojha 10 (12b 1x4 0x6).

After 7 overs, KXIP are 60/3.

2233 IST

Hussey takes a shine to Kulkarni's medium pace. Hits him for 2, 4, 4 and 6. The last blow brings up KXIP's 50. 17 off the over. After 6, KXIP are 55/3.

2223 IST

Hussey slams Malinga for three fours in the over. Also brings up 5000 runs in T20 cricket for him. 15 runs from the over. After 5, KXIP are 38/2.

2223 IST

Dhawal Kulkarni gets his first bowl of the match and Hussey strokes him past mid-off for four first ball. But he pulls the over back, conceding just six runs. After 4, KXIP are 23/2.

2218 IST

OUT! Manan Vohra slices a full, wide delivery from Johnson straight to Pollard at point. Gone for 1. KXIP 17/2 after 3 overs, with Hussey on 1 and Shaun Marsh on 3.

2210 IST

OUT! Malinga slips in the slower yorker and Mandeep is completely deceived. Through the shot before the ball arrives and loses his offstump. Brilliant piece of bowling.

Mandeep Singh b Malinga 9 (8b 2x4 0x6)

KXIP are 12 for 1 after 2 overs.

2205 IST

Mandeep Singh starts positively, cracking Johnson for four second ball. Seven from the first over.

2144 IST

Rohit takes David Hussey apart in the final over. Three huge sixes from the first four balls - the second of which went into the upper tier over midwicket - then two fours to round it off. 27 from it. MI end up with 174/3, Rohit with 79* from 39 balls. Mumbai Indians racked up 115 from the last 10 overs, 72 from the last 5.

2132 IST

Rohit brings up his 50 by lofting Gony over long-off. Took him just 28 balls. Gony then bowls Pollard off an inside edge, but the umpire decides to check the no-ball and after many replays, the decision is not out. All the luck going Mumbai Indians' way tonight. After 18 overs, MI are 139/3.

2127 IST

Rohit Sharma has luck on his side. Inside edge runs away for four, then gets a top edge off a bouncer from Azhar Mahmood that goes for six. 14 from the over. After 17, MI are 128/3, with Rohit on 44 and Pollard on 12.

2119 IST

Rohit goes after Gony and thumps him for huge six over midwicket. That went into the upper tier. Also brings up Rohit's 100th six in the IPL. 12 runs from the over. After 16, MI are 114/3.

2114 IST

Awana complete four impressive overs for just 16 runs. Kept it mostly short of a length and neither batsmen was able to get him away. After 15, MI are 102/3, with R0hit on 21 and Pollard on 10.

2107 IST

Hussey restores some sanity for KXIP after two big overs. Just five from it. Kept the ball full and straight. After 14, MI are 98/3.

2101 IST

Smith slog-sweeps Chawla for six then falls trying to repeat the shot. This one was wider and came off the toe of the bat and he was caught at long-on.

Smith c Miller b Chawla 33 (32b 3x4 1x6).

Pollard gets off the mark with a straight six first ball. 13 from the over. After 13, MI are 93/3.

2058 IST

Smith and Rohit take on Gony. Smith pulls him square then chips him over cover for consecutive fours. 15 from the over. After 12, MI are 80/2 with Smith on 27 and Rohit on 16.

2054 IST

Awana continues to keep it tight. Five singles and a wide from his over. Beats Rohit with one that seams away as well. After 11, MI are 65/2.

2049 IST

Smith almost takes out the umpire with a fierce straight drive off Chawla for four. Brings up MI's 50.

Dropped! Vohara grasses a sitter at deep midwicket. Pulled straight to him and arrives at shin height, but he can't hang on. Rohit cuts Chawla for four to end the over. 12 from it. After 10, MI are 59/2, with Rohit on 8 and Smith on 14.

2045 IST

Awana produces an excellent second over. Just four from it. Mumbai Indians struggling to get going at home. After 9, they are 48/2.

2038 IST

OUT! Karthik has been bowled by Gony. Short and cramps him for room and the bat's angle allows the ball to bounce behind him and into the stumps.

Karthik b Gony 25 (19b 2x4 1x6)

MI are 44/2 after 8 overs.

2032 IST

Rare to see both opening bowlers getting three overs each. Parvinder Awana comes on after the PowerPlay and produces an excellent first over. Just three from it. After 7, MI are 39/1 with Karthik on 15 and Smith on 7.

2027 IST

Karthik almost runs himself out. Hares off from the non-striker's end only to be sent back by Smith. He was half-way down the track. Would have been run-out by yards if David Miller at point had hit. Miller misses again two balls later and Mumbai pick up four overthrows. After 6, MI are 36/1.

2022 IST

Karthik tucks Praveen Kumar for four, then swats him for six over midwicket. Twelve from the over. After 5, Mumbai Indians are 28/1. Karthik on 13 and Smith on four.

2013 IST

OUT! Tendulkar gets his patented inside edge onto the stumps. The edge actually bounced off the pads and then onto the stumps. He was stuck on the crease trying to punch off the back foot.

Tendulkar b Kumar 9 (10b 2x4 0x6).

The crowd goes deathly silent. MI are 11/1.

2008 IST

Tendulkar plays the push with an open face past point for four. Then after much to-doing about the sightscreen, cracks Mahmood through the covers. That was short and wide and he punched it off the back foot through the gap. After 2, MI are 10/0.

2003 IST

Praveen Kumar to open the bowling for KXIP. Sachin Tendulkar and Dwayne Smith are the men in the middle. Chants of Sachin! Sachin! audible in the crowd. No surprise there though.

Tendulkar gets off the mark with a sharp single, taking on the man at mid-on. Hard work this for a 40-year old. After 1 overs, MI are 2/0.

1946 IST

Here are the XIs:

KXIP XI: S Marsh, M Singh, M Vohra, D Hussey, D Miller, GM Singh, A Mahmood, P Chawla, M Gony, P Kumar, P Awana.

Mumbai Indians XI: D Smith, S Tendulkar, D Karthik, RG Sharma, K Pollard, A Rayudu, H Singh, M Johnson, L Malinga, D Kulkarni, P Ojha.

1930 IST

Rohit Sharma has won the toss and MI will bat first. David Hussey says he would have batted first too. Mumbai are playing the same team. Adam Gilchrist has dropped himself in favour of Shaun Marsh.

According to Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians good form at home is down to their having a month-long camp before the season, so they are used to the conditions.

1920 IST

Rajasthan Royals have beaten Royal Challengers by 4 wickets. Mumbai Indians now need the win all the more to keep pace with the top three.

Meanwhile Aakash Chopra has something to say about building cricket stadiums in India.


Mumbai Indians, one of the pre-tournament title favourites, have struggled over the first half of the season, and currently sit in sixth place, a spot below Kings XI Punjab, their opponents today. Ricky Ponting, their first-choice captain, has dropped himself because of his poor form and with Sachin Tendulkar not firing at the top either, have struggled to find a consistent opening pair. Dwayne Smith has compensated somewhat for the lack of consistency with two fifties in the four games he has played, but Mumbai need more at the top to be serious contenders.

Still, despite their troubles, the side is within touching distance of a spot in the top four. A win over Kings XI today will lift them above Sunrisers Hyderabad on net run-rate and into fourth place. Now being led by Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians stopped Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Wankhede Stadium, giving them their second successive win. Three in a row would get their title campaign back up and running.

Dwayne Smith has somewhat eased Mumbai Indians' troubles at the top. BCCI

Dwayne Smith has somewhat eased Mumbai Indians' troubles at the top. BCCI

They also enjoy batting at home, having rattled up huge scores of 209 for 5 against the Delhi Daredevils, 194 for 7 against Royal Challengers and 183 for 3 against Pune Warriors.

Meanwhile Kings XI lost game to Kolkata Knight Riders and will be hard pressed to overcome the home side, given that their own batting form has been a issue this season. Adam Gilchrist has not yet made it past 30 this season, and David Hussey (165 runs in 8 matches), has not been amongst the runs either.

The team has failed to put scores over 150 in the five games they have played away from Mohali. Praveen Kumar (nine wickets) and Azhar Mahmood (11 wickets from 7) have been the main wicket-takers with their ability to move the ball in the air, and they would relish bowling in seaming conditions at the Wankhede.

If Kings XI manage to upset the home team, they will move into fourth about Hyderabad.

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Updated Date: Apr 30, 2013 00:21 AM

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