Follow the transcript: Sreesanth and the 20-20 arrangement

"Maine usko bol diya lekin (I told him but) he is little stubborn about this. He is playing after a long time and he is risking it." — Jiju

Transcripts In IPL fixing case speak for themselves!

S Sreesanth was coaxed into spot fixing with an assurance that he would get Rs20 lakh in advance and Rs20 lakh later. Ankit Chavan was initially hesitant, but he then got into the trap of his fellow player Ajit Chandila. And Ajit was already part of the bookies since IPL 5.

Knocked over. PTI

Knocked over. PTI

Armed with these transcripts, the Delhi Police have made an airtight case by corroborating transcripts with players’ action in the field. Even the police have begun to recover money – Rs20 lakh recovered from Ajit Chandila, hotel bills (amounting to over Rs3 lakh) for three parties thrown by Sreesanth between 9-16 May and recovery of expensive Blackberry smartphones (one of them was Z10 model) from two Jaipur-based girlfriends of Sreesanth along with the bills.

Transcripts available with Firstpost reveal a story of sleaze, sex and outright greed.

Jiju Janardhan struck the deal on behalf of S Sreesanth for giving 14 plus runs in his second over during Kings 11 Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals match at Mohali played on 9 May 2013.

A total of four phone calls were made on 9 May 2013. All talks were in Hindi.

1st Call, 1213 hours

Call between Jiju and Mumbai-based bookie Chandresh Patel alias Chand

Jiju: Jiju bol raha hoon. Main Abhi Mil kar aaya hoon. Sab confirm hain. Abhi do cheeje jo mujhe baat karni hain. Usne Yeh bola hain ki 20 abhi match ke pehle Mumbai pahuchana hoga. 20 lakh.

(This is Jiju. I have just met him. Everything is confirmed. I need to tell you two things. He says that he wants 20 to be delivered in Mumbai before the match. 20 Lakh.)

Chand: 20?

20 Haan jo half amount hain. Weh vaha pahuchana hoga manager ko. Uska manager collect kar lega Mumbai mein.

(Yes. 20 is half amount. You need to deliver it there to the manager. His manager will collect it in Mumbai.)

Chand: Abhi to match se pehle Angeria wale ko bolunga, to veh bhi 3-4 baje Mumbai mein dene jayega.

(If I tell Angeria guy before the match, even he will start for Mumbai by around 3-4 pm.)

Jiju: Aisa bola hain usne. Jab main gaya tha maine bola usko tension mat le.

(That’s what he told, though I told him that he should not take any tension).

Chand: Aap suddenly baat karte hain. Paise vali to koi baat nahi aapas mein! Phir bhi commit nahi kar raha hoon, phir bhi ho jayega! Angeria vale lekar late pahuchate hain Mumbai.

(You are talking about money all of a sudden. Money is not an issue. I don’t commit, but I still tell you that it will be done. Angeria guy reach (with money) late in Mumbai.)

Jiju: Aap try karo. Mera limit Jitna tha maine kiya. Maine usko bol diya lekin he is little stubborn about this. He is playing after a long time and he is risking it. Mere words maine usko samjha diya lekin he doesn’t want to risk. Itna to aap karva do. Itna to ho jayega aapse Mumbai mein

(Please try. I have done my job. I did try to convince him, but he is little stubborn about this. He is playing after a long time and he risking it. I have tried to make him understand, but he doesn’t want to risk. At least you get this done (deliver the money in Mumbai). You can surely do this in Mumbai.)

Chand: But mereko ye hain kea aage piche Angeria vale ko phone karke bata doonga. Uske Manager vaha se collect kar lega.

(I will call Angeria chap. You tell his manager to collect (Rs 20 lakh).)

Jiju: Jaise karna hain main aapko bata doonga.

(I will let you know how it is to be done)

Chand: Number vaghera mujhe de dena.

(Give me his (manager) number.)

Jiju: Aik baje lunch karne jar aha hoon. Bata doonga lekin yeh situation hain ki Mohali ground se Jahan main baithoonga, Aandar se dekhna mushkil hain. Toh second inning ka toh confirm hain ke doosra over dalna hain.

(I am going out for lunch at 1 pm. I will tell him, but there is a situation. I will be sitting in a position at Mohali Stadium where it will be difficult for me to watch/see. So it is confirmed that second over of the second inning is to be bolwed.)

Chand: Woh bhi 6 over ke aandar aaye toh

(That too only if his turn comes within six over of the inning.)

6 overs ke aandar nahi aata toh nahi dalna. Power play ke baad kuch bhi nahi karna. Confirm hain na? First inning mein?

(Do not bowl if it doesn’t come in six overs. Don’t do it after the power play. Is it confirmed? First Inning?)

Chand: First inning mein second, third.

(Bowl second or third over in first inning)

Jiju: Wahi!

(That’s what I mean)

Chand: Aapka Abhi tak baat nahi huan.

(Haven’t you talked about it)

Jiju: Aapko Kaun se mein karana hain – Second mein ya third mein karana hain?

(Which over do you want to be bowled – second or third?

Chand: Woh aapko bata denge. Tab aap signal doge. Nahi bola aapne use?

(We will tell you. Then he will give signal. Didn’t you tell him this?)

Jiju: Chand Bhai wohi toh bol raha hoon. Yahan main baithunga, player ko dekhunga nahi.

(Chand bro, this is what I am saying. I won’t be able to watch the player from the place where I would be sitting.)

Chand: Aap aisi ticket lo yahan se aap dekh pao.

(You buy a seat from where you can see)

Jiju: Main Family ticket le raha hoon jo closest ticket hain. But waha se sight nahi kar paunga. Aap mujhe situation batayen ki kaun si situatin mein second dalna aur third dalna. Toh uss hissab se signal de dena ki main es over mein daal raha hoon. Ya es over mein dalna hain.

( I am buying the family ticket, which is the closest to the playground. But still I won’t be able to watch him. You tell me the situation - whether second or third is to be bowled. And you will get signal whether he will bowl second or third.)

Chand: Woh Dalna nahi? Apne ko toh kitne over ke session hain. Iss hissab se uski pehli over dalvai.

(It depends on how many overs he gets in a session. It depends when he will bowl the first over.)

Jiju: Pehli nahi dalega!

(He won’t bowl the first!)

Chand: Ok. Second dalega. Matlab chauthi ya chatti aayegi. Kul Milakar ok. Phir kaya karenge main 2 minute main aapko cell karta hoon. Lekin Yaar tisri kab aayegi, hume nahi pata. Main Aapko 2 minute main call karta hoon.

(Let him bowl second (Over). I mean his second over will be fourth or sixth over of the inning. It is tentative Ok. Let me call you in two minutes. We don’t know when will he bowl third (Over). Let me call you in two minutes.

Jiju: Main doosari cheeze aapko bata du ki kaun si situation mein dalwana chahoge va kaunsi mein doosri dalwana chahoge.

(Let me ask you another thing – how do you want him to bowl second over.)

Chand: Situation ye hain ki 10 over ke aandar aani hain session. 10 over ke aandar third aati hain to third dale. Lekin ye confirm nahi hain ki 10 mein third bhee aa jaye.

(The situation is that he has to bolw it in the first 10 overs. It should ideally be third of the first 10 overs. But it is not confirmed that he will bowl the third over.)

Jiju: Wohi toh! Agar 10 ke aandar tisri aati hain toh!

(That’s what! It will happen only if he bowls the third over!)

Chand: Toh tisri mein he kare!

(Let him do in the third over.)

Jiju: But woh depend karta hain doosre over mein. Kyonki pehli over ke baad doosri dega he.

(It depends on second over. Because he is bound to bowl second after the first.)

Chand: Chalo doosari mein kara liya toh? Uske baad vali over mein wicket gayi toh?

(Lets suppose we make him bowl second. What if the wicket is lost in the next over?)

Jiju: Aagar usko teesari 10 ke aandar nahi di toh?

(What if he doesn’t get third over to bowl in the first 10 over?)

Chand: Main aapko 2 minute ke aandar call karke batata hoon.
(I will call you back in 2 minutes).

2nd Call

Chand calls again at 1240 hours

Chand: Haan Manan

(Is this Manan?)

Jiju: Jiju Bol raha hoon

(Jiju speaking)

Chand: Aap payment ki kar do. Main Angeria ko bol doonga. De Dega. Doosri baat kar do usko 13 bhi aaya toh deal cancel. Baat clear karni hain. Isliye doosri baat uske spell kee koi bhi first inning ho ya second inning, first over inki nahi aayegee.

(You tell him about the payment. Will tell Angeria. He will deliver. And second thing is that you tell him very clearly that the deal stands cancel, if he gives 13 (runs). And another thing to confirm is whether he will not bowl the first over of first session or the second session?)

Jiju: Nahi Aayegi. Usne bola to hain. Meeting khatam ho jayegi goh main usko aik baar pooch lunga.

(He won’t bowl first. That’s what he told. Let the meeting be over, I will again ask him)

Chand: Pooch lo first over nahi aati unki doosri aathi hain toh first or second inning mein uske doosre over mein 14 plus dega. Aur usse signal le lena. Va aage aise nahi dalega va singal de. Aage napkin lagayega. Agar nahi karega to napkin nahi lagayega. Usse confirm kar lo ki piche nahi lagayega.

(Ask him whether he will bowl the first or second over. But whenever his turn comes in the first or second session, he will give 14 plus runs in his second over. And do take the signal from him. He will tuck in napkin in the front, if he is giving 14 plus. He will not tuck in napkin, if he is not giving 14 plus runs. Do tell him that he should not tuck in napkin in the back.)

Jiju: Main usse pooch lunga ki usse kaya comfortable hoga.

(Will ask him (Sreesanth) what is comfortable for him.(

Chand: Signal aisa ho jo TV mein humme dikhayi de. Taaki signal saaf mile to market mein paisa laga lenge. Aur yeh bolna ki first or second session ke second over mein.

(Signal should be such, which is clearly visible on TV. Will invest money in the market, once the signal is clear. And also tell him that he will bowl second over of either first or second session.)

3rd Call

1459 hours

Manan and Jiju on one phone and Chand on the other

Manan: Hello

Chand: Koi hai tumahre saath?

(Is there someone with you?)

Manan: Koi Nahi hai

(No body is there)

Chand: Usse kaho ki jis over mein kaha tha usi mein kaam hoga na?

(Tell him that he will do in the same over that I told.)

Manan: Haan Haan Usi mein karega

(Yes! Yes! He will bowl in the same over.)

Jiju comes on the phone.

Jiju: Haan jee Bhaiya. Bahut tension marte hain aap.

(Yes brother. You really take lots of tension)

Chand: Woh jab bhi apna aayega tabhi karega na?

(He will bowl when we want?)

Jiju: Haan Haan tabhi karega. Pahle over mein nahi karega. Doosre over mein karega.

Chand: Woh singal bhi tabhi lagaye

(He should put in signal only if he bowling our way)

Jiju: Wohi Wohi

(Yes. Yes.)

Chand: Woh number naam de do mujhe.

(Give me that number and name?)

Jiju: Nahi woh main match ke baad de doonga.

(No. I will give it to you after the match)

Chand: Koi baat nahi mera farz hain. Aap bata dena.

(No problem. It’s my duty to ask. Please tell him.)

Jiju: Jaroor Jaroor!

(Sure! Sure!)

Chand: Kyonki aapka confusion door ho jaye. Jo 1 per cent confusion aapke mun me hain woh bhi door ho jaaye.

(Because your confusion should go away. You should not even have one per cent confusion over this matter.)

Jiju: Koi tension nahi hain. Mere mun mein kuch nahi tha. Uske Mun mein tha.

(I have no tensions. It was he who was tensed)

Chand: Woh bhi apni jagah jayaz hain. First time hai apna toh.

(He is also right in a way. This is his first time!)

Jiju: Koi problem nahi

(No problem)

Chand: OK. Best of Luck

4th Call

1505 hours

Between Chand and his associate

Chand: Baat ho gayi Ajju se.

(Have you spoken to Ajju)

Opposite: Haan jee!


Chand: Number le liya?

(Have you taken number?)

Opp: Le liya


Chand: Le lena, Praful ke naam se. Koyi confusion ho toh abhi pooch lena!

(Take number in Praful’s name. Ask me now if there is any confusion)

Opp: confusion kuch nahi hain. Third over hote hi, fourth over mein Sri aate hi mujhe lagane hain.

(No confusion. I have to up the bet the moment the third over the inning ends and Sri comes to bowl fourth over of the inning.)

Chand: Kisi ko mat bolna. Sri Jaise hi aayega na. Uske aage aur piche napkin dala hoga uske doosre over mein. Srishaant ke doosre over mein usme lagna hain. Jaise he veh dikh jayega. Tumhare yaha Sony Six HD nahi aata hain.

(Don’t tell anyone. You will start betting the moment you sight napkin tucked in the front and back. Do you get Sony Six HD?)

Opp: Nahi


Chand: Varna usme Ad nahi aati hain. Woh Karega hi. Sreesaanth apne spell ke doosre over mein Jaise hi aaye na usme.

(There are no ads in Sony Six HD. Anyway, Sreesaanth will do in his second over of the spell)

Opp: Theek hain. Jaise hi who aayega apne second over mein apne aage piche napkin lagayega. Woh dekh lu.

(Fine! I will notice napkin tucked in his front and back as soon as he bowls his second over.)

Chand: Woh khud hi dalega!

(He will tuck in himself)

Opp: Second over par hi

(In his second over only?)

Chand: Uske spell ke second. Ho sakta hain teesri ho ya chauthi ho.

(Second over of his speill. It could possibly be third aur fourth over of the inning.)

Opp: Jo bhi kare, bowling start karte hi lagana start kar doon.

(Whatever he does, I should start (betting) the moment he starts bowling.



Opp: Second over se

(From second over)

Uske spell ke second!

(From second over of his spell!)

Opp: Uske spell ke second over se. Wohi toh keh raha hoon! Jaise hi usne bolwing start kari uske spell ke second over se lagana start kar doon.

(That’s what I am saying – second over of his spell. I will start betting the moment he bowls second over of his spell.)

Woh dikh jaye turant hi.

(Start the moment you spot (napkin)).

14 se uppar run hain to koyi dikkat nahi. 14 se kam aate hain. 10.11,12 hain to job hi aa raha hoga vapas kaat loonga.

(There will be no problem, if he concedes 14 plus runs. Otherwise I will play accordingly, if the runs are 10,11 or 12.)

Chand: 10 ke paas aate hain to kaat lena. 10 ke uppar 11 ya 12 aate hain phone karke pooch lena ki bhaiya kaat loo ya nahi kaatu. Agar bolunga Haan toh kaat le.

(You should cut the deal around 10 runs. Do ask me if there are more than 10,11 or 12 runs. You cut the deal only when I say yes.)

Suno Ajay Bhaiya se baat kar lena. Who 15 per cent ki kaya karna. Woh phone karke pooch rahe the.

(Please call Ajay Bhaiya. He was asking about 15 per cent.)

Chand: Woh Bharat ke yahan hain.

(He is with Bharat.)

Call ends!

Updated Date: May 24, 2013 21:51 PM

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