IPL 2016, KXIP vs RCB as it happened: Bangalore pull off thrilling one-run win!

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IPL 2016, KXIP vs RCB as it happened: Bangalore pull off thrilling one-run win!
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    That's it from us at Firstpost. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Do tune in tomorrow for our coverage of the 40th match of the ongoing Indian Premier League between Rising Pune Supergiants and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Till then, goodnight!

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    Shane Watson is the 'Man of the Match' for his figures of 2/22 from four overs, including an economical one in the penultimate over that helped maintain the pressure on KXIP heading into the 20th. 

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    Full toss in the last delivery, and Stoinis does not get enough power on the shot to clear the cow-corner boundary, getting only a double at the max. The RCB players break into delirious celebratrions, especially Kohli and bowler Jordan, while Stoinis, who remained unbeaten on 34 off 22 in a terrific knock, is left heart-broken at the end of it. Super game for the viewers however, and in the end, Bangalore managed to snatch victory by the closest of margins!

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    Full toss in the last delivery, and Stoinis does not get enough power on the shot to clear the cow-corner boundary, getting only a double at the max. The RCB players break into delirious celebratrions, especially Kohli and bowler Jordan, while Stoinis, who remained unbeaten on 34 off 22 in a terrific knock, is left heart-broken at the end of it. Super game for the viewers however, and in the end, Bangalore managed to snatch victory by the closest of margins! 

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    After 20 overs,Punjab 174/4 ( Marcus Stoinis 34 , Farhaan Behardien 9)

    Jordan bowls the final over. 17 needed off six. SINGLE! Excellent fielding by Chahal at deep square-leg after a good hit by Behardien. Stoinis on strike now. 16 off 5. FOUR! Full and along middle, and Stoinis squeezes it for a well-executed drive through the covers! Not a bad ball, just a really good shot! 12 off four now, and we have a cracker of a game at hand! SIX! Stoinis comes down the track, and launches the ball over long-on for a six, with the ball just managing to land outside the boundary rope, leaving Kohli with a glum face. Six needed off the last three. 

    Is there a twist in store? Or can Stoinis finish it off for the hosts? DOT! Stoinis goes for the ramp, but a terrific improvisation by Jordan as he fires it along good length outside off, impossible for the Aussie to smash. Six off two now! Two off the fifth ball, and KXIP need four off the last ball of the innings. Did someone say that this IPL was boring? Stoinis on strike on 32 off 21. TWO OFF THE LAST BALL! RCB WIN BY 1 RUN! 

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    After 19 overs,Punjab 159/4 ( Marcus Stoinis 20 , Farhaan Behardien 8)

    Watson in for the penultimate over, and this one could define the fate of the match. Dot off the first! Attempted pull off the second, with Behardien getting only a single. 23 needed off 10, with Stoinis on strike. FOUR! Full and wide, and a calm Stoinis pats it away towards backward point! Watson under pressure now! Short delivery — one off the over — and more importantly a dot, as Stoinis fails to get any bat on it. Just a single off the fifth, and the tilt is back in Bangalore's favour! Can Behardien get a boundary off the last ball? Single taken by Farhaan. Superb delivery by Watto, and a good final over by him at this stage, conceding just seven off the penultimate over under pressure. 

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    After 18 overs,Punjab 152/4 ( Marcus Stoinis 15 , Farhaan Behardien 6)

    FOUR! Behardien gets off the mark in his IPL debut with a boundary towards deep point, with the ball passing through Head's hands before touching the boundary rope. Meanwhile, Vijay's dismissal has brought the match back in balance, and both sides will feel the heat at the moment. Stoinis and Behardien need a couple of big hits at this stage. SIX! Stoinis brings up the 150 in style, ramping the final ball of the 18th over over the fine-leg boundary! Punjab need 24 off 12 balls. 

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    After 17 overs,Punjab 139/4 ( Marcus Stoinis 8 , )

    FOUR! Short and along leg, and Vijay helps it towards fine-leg, beating the fielder inside the circle, to move to 80. Four more later that over, and Vijay goes for the reverse-pull to fetch his 12th boundary of the innings. Watson, Kohli's best bet with the ball returns to the attack for the 17th over in a desperate bid to stop Vijay. OUT! HUGE WICKET FOR BANGALORE! And Watson delivers for his skipper by getting the prized wicket of Vijay, who doesn't get enough power on a pull as Yuzvendra Chahal takes the catch near the deep square-leg boundary. 

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    After 15 overs,Punjab 123/3 ( Murali Vijay (C) 76 , Marcus Stoinis 5)

    FOUR! Vijay brings up the 100 for his side with a flick towards backward square-leg off Jordan. Meanwhile, Marcus Stoinis, who had opened alongside Vijay in a couple of games earlier in the tournament, joins his skipper at the centre. Consecutive boundaries off Vijay's bat, and the captain is anchoring the chase for his side at the moment. Punjab need 53 off 30 balls. 

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    After 12 overs,Punjab 93/3 ( Murali Vijay (C) 50 , Marcus Stoinis 2)

    FOUR! Vijay comes down the track, and crunches the first ball of the over through extra-cover to welcome Abdulla into his 2nd over of the day. Nine runs off the 10th over, as Punjab seem to be in good flow at the moment. Superb turnaround in the next over, with Saha and Miller getting stumped off consecutive deliveries from Chahal for the match to return in Bangalore's grasp. Meanwhile Vijay gets to his fifty — his third in the ongoing tournament. Gets to the mark in the 36th ball that he faces, and his presence at the crease is of utmost importance for the hosts right now.

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    OUT! And that's two stumpings in consecutive deliveries off Chahal's bowling! And ex-skipper David Miller departs for a golden duck, as KXIP lose their third wicket with 88 on board. Chahal's on a hat-trick now!

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    OUT! Saha comes down the track, looking to smash Chahal down the ground. Misses the line, and gets stumped in the process. Bit of a fumble by keeper Rahul, with the third umpire taking his time in arriving at a decision. Saha departs for 16, as KXIP lose their 2nd wicket with 88 on board.

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    After 9 overs,Punjab 74/1 ( Murali Vijay (C) 39 , Wriddhiman Saha (W) 10)

    Saha gets into the act in the first ball after the timeout, hitting the short ball outside off from Aaron towards backward point. Superb running between the wickets by Vijay and Saha in the eighth over, with eight coming off it without a boundary. Frustration for Kohli. Six off Vijay's bat in the following over, with the KXIP skipper hammering the short ball towards backward square-leg! Good recovery by Punjab after losing the wicket of Amla, with Vijay set for a fifty now.

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    After 6 overs,Punjab 50/1 ( Murali Vijay (C) 24 , Wriddhiman Saha (W) 1)

    After the initial push from Amla, captain Vijay is starting to accumulate the runs in heaps for his side. Ends the fourth over with a swing of bat towards wide long-on! FOUR! Pitched outside off, and turning away from the batsman, Amla hammers this away over point. Amla is almost run-out at the non-striker's end after a good pick and throw by Chahal in the same over. Meanwhile, Watson gets the first breakthrough in the final over of powerplay as Amla pulls towards midwicket off a short delivery, with Binny taking a fine catch off a leap at the circle. Vijay brings up the fifty for Punjab with a boundary off the last ball of powerplay. 

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    OUT! Watson, Bangalore's best bowler in the tournament so far, gets the first breakthrough in the Punjab innings. Amla pulls a short ball towards midwicket, and Binny leaps up at the position, with his outstretched arm managing to grab hold of the ball! The South African batsman departs for 21; KXIP lose their first wicket with 45 on board. 

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    After 3 overs,Punjab 25/0 ( Hashim Amla 11 , Murali Vijay (C) 12)

    After a quiet first over, with five coming off it, Amla gets the first boundary of the innings with a glance down towards fine-leg off Chahal. Vijay gets his first boundary in the third over, this time off a short delivery outside off from Jordan, who bowls his first in the third over. Vijay hammers the fifth ball of the over towards forward midwicket off another short one, and Punjab are off to a quick start in their chase of the challenging target. 

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    The players walk out to the field again, and it is Hashim Amla who is opening the innings alongside skipper Murali Vijay today! 

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    After 20 overs,Bangalore 175/6 ( Stuart Binny 0 , )

    Mohit Sharma comes in to bowl the penultimate over, and barely gives anything away in his over, conceding eight off it. Baby's looking for the boundaries at the moment, as is the new batsman at the crease Head. However, they're unable to connect properly. RCB's missing ABD big time at the moment.

    OUT! Travis Head attempts to go for the big one straight down the ground, but ends up miscuing it towards mid-off, where Vijay holds on to a simple one at mid-off.

    OUT! Sachin Baby attempts a double off the last ball of the innings, and is run-out while coming back for a risky second! 12 runs and two wickets in the final over! RCB however, finish on a competitive 175, thanks to AB's fireworks in the middle overs! 

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    After 18 overs,Bangalore 155/4 ( Sachin Baby 27 , Travis Head 0)

    SIX! The second big hit of the innings, and AB sends the ball over deep fine-leg with a pre-meditated ramp! AB's finally getting into the roaring form that his team needs him to be in. Four more in that over, with AB making room for himself, and carving the short delivery over extra-cover for his 2nd four. 

    Turning out to be a nightmarish over for Sandeep, and he ends up conceding 16 off the over. Mohit Sharma returns to the attack for his second spell, and gets hammered overhead for a straight boundary by AB. Fifty for AB de Villiers in 30 balls, and he brings up the milestone with a boundary towards square-leg. Looks like he will make this game his! 14 from the 17th over, and 41 off the last three!

    SIX! Full toss outside leg, and AB slogs it over backward square-leg in a manner that has become somewhat his trademark by now! Continues the run haemorrhage by hammering a four in the very next ball towards wide long-off. 

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    OUT! Sandeep gets the big wicket! One does not know if KXIP are fully back in the game as yet or not. Full delivery outside off, and AB looks to scoop it towards third man. Except he serves it straight to Cariappa inside the circle to depart for 64 off 35 balls, as RCB lose their fourth wicket with 155 on board. End of a powerful 88-run partnership. 

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    After 15 overs,Bangalore 113/3 ( AB de Villiers 25 , Sachin Baby 24)

    Finally a boundary after what seemed like ages, with AB hammering the fourth ball of the 13th over off Stoinis towards cover point to get the first boundary in 45 balls! Meanwhile, the 100 comes up for RCB in the 14th over, pretty slow by RCB standards. Baby gets his first boundary of the innings after a couple of failed attempts earlier, smashing the third ball of the 15th over towards cow-corner, before getting a single off the next. 

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    After 12 overs,Bangalore 85/3 ( AB de Villiers 15 , Sachin Baby 6)

    It's the AB-Baby combination that is at work again, and RCB currently have pinned their hopes on the pair to guide them out of their current mess towards a competitive score for the surface. Meanwhile, Bangalore's scoring rate is going down, with the last boundary in the innings coming nearly seven overs ago. Meanwhile, KXIP skipper Vijay is utilising his options quite well at the moment. 

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    After 9 overs,Bangalore 67/3 ( AB de Villiers 3 , Sachin Baby 0)

    Stoinis bowls a much better 2nd over after conceding 20 in his first, giving away just five this time. Meanwhile, there's a massive difference in terms of runs accumulated between Kohli and Rahul — the skipper is on the wrong side of the equation this time. However, it turns out to be Cairappa's, as well as Punjab's big over, as the wily left-arm spinner removes both Rahul and Kohli in a couple of deliveries to put KXIP firmly in the driver's seat! 

    Two new batsmen — de Villiers and Watson — at the crease right now, and Punjab will aim to keep the momentum going! Another wicket in the following over, with yet another spinner in Axar removing Watson with a ball that straightens and keeps low after pitching along the middle stump. Just six runs and three wickets in the last two overs. 

  • 20:43 (IST)

    OUT! The Punjab spinners are making merry right now! And it's Axar who gets rid of Watson this time! Pitched along middle, the ball straightens and keeps low, enough for Watson to completely miss while looking for the slog across the line towards midwicket! Departs for just 1 off 3 balls, as RCB lose their third wicket with 67 on board! A mini-collapse here, and Bangalore need a partnership at this stage. 

  • 20:39 (IST)

    OUT! And its two big wickets for Cariappa in his first over of the day, removing both openers in a space of a couple of deliveries! Kohli looks to drive it through extra-cover, but only sends it straight into the palms of his KXIP counterpart Vijay to depart for 20. No luck for him this time, as RCB lose their second with 64 for two at the end of the eighth over. 

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    OUT! Arm ball from KC Cariappa, who is introduced in the eighth over, and Rahul is deceived by the pace of the delivery as he gets his stumps shattered while looking to play across the line. No fifty for Rahul, as he departs for 42, as RCB lose their first wicket with 63 on board!

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    After 6 overs,Bangalore 56/0 ( Virat Kohli (C) 16 , Lokesh Rahul (W) 39)

    More bowling changes made, with Stoinis coming into the attack for the first time in the fourth over. And Rahul takes him to the cleaners in the over, hammering boundaries towards fine-leg and midwicket, before coming down the track and smashing the first six of the innings over extra-cover. More boundaries, as Rahul guides the fifth ball towards fine third-man with a late cut. 20 runs come off the fourthm as Bangalore are off to a super start in this game. 

    Spin introduced in the final over of the powerplay, with Axar being handed the ball. Rahul brings up the 50 for RCB, and inches closer to the milestone himself with a boundary towards wide long-on! 

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    After 3 overs,Bangalore 24/0 ( Virat Kohli (C) 12 , Lokesh Rahul (W) 11)

    Sandeep Sharma is handed the ball for the first over of the day and goes for two boundaries, with both Kohli and Rahul getting off the mark in style. Debutant Anureet Singh, who replaces Gurkeerat Singh in today's match, concedes just four off his first over of the day in a much better display. Rahul gets his second boundary in the third over, which is Mohit's first, as Bangalore are off to a decent start. Stoinis drops a chance in the final ball of the third over, and he drops VIRAT KOHLI of all the batsmen! How expensive will that turn out to be for KXIP later?

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    KXIP XI: Murali Vijay (c), Marcus Stoinis, Hashim Amla, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Farhaan Behardien, David Miller, Axar Patel, Anureet Singh, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, KC Cariappa.

    RCB XI: Virat Kohli (c), KL Rahul (wk), AB de Villiers, Shane Watson, Travis Head, Sachin Baby, Stuart Binny, Iqbal Abdulla, Chris Jordan, Varun Aaron, Yuzvendra Chahal.

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    No Chris Gayle and Glenn Maxwell in today's match! 

    Two changes for KXIP — Farhaan Behardien and Anureet Singh coming in place of Glenn Maxwell and Gurkeerat Singh Mann. 

    One change for RCB — Iqbal Abdulla comes in place of Pervez Rasool.

  • 19:38 (IST)

    Kings XI Punjab win the toss, and they elect to field! 

  • 18:55 (IST)

    KXIP will be wary of Gayle, should the latter get picked in RCB's team today?

  • 18:54 (IST)

    Sums up the expectations of RCB fans from Kohli. 

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    Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (c), Varun Aaron, Abu Nechim, S Arvind, Samuel Badree, Stuart Binny, Yuzvendra Chahal, AB de Villiers, Praveen Dubey, Chris Gayle, Travis head, Iqbal Abdulla, Kedar Jadhav, Akshay Karnewar, Sarfraz Khan, Vikramjeet Malik, Mandeep Singh, Harshal Patel, Lokesh Rahul (wicketkeeper), Parveez Rasool, Kane Richardson, Sachin Baby, Vikas Tokas, Shane Watson, David Wiese, Chris Jordan, Tabraiz Shamsi. 

    Kings XI Punjab: Murali Vijay (c), Hashim Amla, Marcus Stoinis, Glenn Maxwell, Gurkeerat Singh, David Miller, Axar Patel, Wriddhiman Saha (wicketkeeper), Mohit Sharma, KC Cariappa, Sandeep Sharma, Anureet Singh, Armaan Jaffer, Kyle Abbott, Farhaan Behardien, Rishi Dhawan, Mitchell Johnson, Nikhil Naik, Manan Vohra, Pradeep Sahu, Swapnil Singh, Shradul Thakur.

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    Hello and welcome to Firstpost's live coverage of the 39th match of the ongoing IPL between Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the IS Bindra PCA Stadium in Mohali on Monday. This is Amit Banerjee, and I will be keeping you updated with the live updates of the match. 

PREVIEW: Desperate to get their campaigns back on track, two bottom placed teams in Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore lock horns in Mohali, aiming to keep their winning momentum going to stay afloat in the ninth edition of the Indian Premier League.

Both Kings XI and RCB have struggled in the ongoing IPL and their hard-fought victories yesterday came at a time when they badly needed wins to remain in the hunt. While RCB managed to snap their three losing streak with a seven-wicket win over Rising Pune Supergiants, Kings XI defeated Delhi Daredevils by nine runs to register only their third win in the tournament out of nine games.

Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers put on a brilliant partnership against SRH. Photo: BCCI

Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers put on a brilliant partnership against SRH. Photo: BCCI

Kings XI is languishing at the bottom of the table with six points from nine games, while RCB are just ahead with same points from eight matches. And from here on, both the teams cannot afford to slip a bit and would look for consistency to keep their campaigns alive.

For Kings XI it won't be easy as RCB's batting line up includes some of the destructive names of world cricket in skipper Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers and Shane Watson.

Come tomorrow, all eyes will be on RCB skipper Virat Kohli whose performance in the ongoing IPL has left oppositions dumbstruck. Kohli has emerged as man of the moment for RCB, whose third victory against Pune yesterday, came largely due to the skipper's 58-ball unbeaten 108.

Chasing a formidable 192 for victory, a determined Kohli batted right till the end to amass his second century of the tournament and guide RCB to the much-needed win.

Kohli is leading the top scorers list with 541 runs, which includes two tons and four half-centuries. And come tomorrow, it will an acid test for Kings XI bowling unit to contain Kohli and his Co.

Come tomorrow it will be a battle between Kings XI bowlers and RCB batsmen and whichever side manages to keep their composure will come out victorious. RCB, with perhaps the most intimidating batting line-ups, has had to taste defeats because of a pedestrian bowling attack that has failed to defend 180 plus scores in most of the matches.

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