IPL 2016, KKR vs MI as it happened: Rohit, Buttler power Mumbai to six-wicket win

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IPL 2016, KKR vs MI as it happened: Rohit, Buttler power Mumbai to six-wicket win
  • 23:46 (IST)

    Rohit Sharma is named Man of the Match.

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    Rohit played some of the most outrageous and lovely shots in space of three deliveries. He steered one throuhg third man for four then lofted one over mid off for another off the next ball and then slog swept the next from 6th stump outside off through mid-wicket for three consecutive fours to bring the equation down to 1 needed off 6. Pollard then takes a single to point to hit the winning runs.  Rohit remains not out on 84 off 54 balls.

  • 23:30 (IST)

    OUT! Russell gets Buttler but is it too late?

    It's a slower full delivery outside off, Buttler looks to go downtown but is done in but change of pace, Suryakumar Yadav settles under it at mid off and takes a good catch.

    Kieron Pollard is the new batsman.

  • 23:28 (IST)

    After 18 overs, Mumbai 170/3 ( Rohit Sharma (C) 67 , Jos Buttler 41)

    KKR's fielding has been pathetic today. Pathan makes a mess of it at fine leg and concedes a four off Hogg's bowling which resulted in a good over turning bad. 9 runs were scored off it. Hastings then bowled a terrific over and could have had Buttler back in the hut but for a dropped catch off his own bowling. It was hit hard and Hastings couldn't pouch a straight forward one. 13 runs off the last 2 overs. 18 needed off 12. 

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    After 16 overs,Mumbai 157/3 ( Rohit Sharma 60 , Jos Buttler 35)

    Buttler may have turned the match in this over. 18 runs off it. Buttler at first laps it through short fine leg for a four off Russell and then clobbers a couple of flat sixes over extra cover. Takes a single to keep the strike. 31 needed off 24 now.

  • 23:12 (IST)

  • 23:12 (IST)

    After 15 overs,Mumbai 139/3 ( Rohit Sharma 59 , Jos Buttler 18)

    Mumbai have upped the ante. Especially Buttler. He lofts one over extra cover for a lovely four off Kuldeep and the Hammers one straight back past Hogg for a four before launching him over deep mid-wicket for a six. In between Rohit slog sweeps one through deep square leg for four. The Hogg over costs 17 runs. 30 runs off the last 3 overs. MI need 49 from 30 balls.

  • 23:03 (IST)

    FIFTY! Rohit's love affair with Eden Gardens continues. He's played a little sedate innings here. 50 off 38 balls. Four fours and 2 sixes in the over.

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  • 22:58 (IST)

    After 12 overs,Mumbai 109/3 ( Rohit Sharma 47 , Jos Buttler 0)

    McClenaghan came out all guns blazing and then perished. KKR have been sloppy on the field. Kuldeep at first gives away five wides and then there are overthrows which yield 6 runs off the final ball of the 10th over. Uthappa failing to stop a wayward throw. Chawla got Pandya in the next over but then McClenaghan hammered him for consecutive sixes. The second one going just over the long off fielder's head. He then hammered Kuldeep over deep mid-wicket for a massive six before getting out to a full toss. 37 runs and one wicket off the last 3 overs.

  • 22:57 (IST)

    OUT! McClenaghan departs after a handy cameo. M McClenaghan c Munro b Kuldeep Yadav 20 (8b 0x4 3x6)

    He hit 3 sixes before hitting a high full toss straight to extra cover. Kuldeep was lucky to get a wicket off that ball.

    Jos Buttler is the new batsman.

  • 22:49 (IST)

    OUT! Pandya departs. H Pandya c Pandey b Chawla 9 (10b 0x4 0x6)

    It's a full and flighted delivery outside off, Pandya looks to blast it over long off, doesn't connect it well mistimes it to long off where Pandey almost makes a meal of it before grabbing it after a juggle. 

    Surprise.....Mitchell McClenaghan is sent in as a pinch hitter.

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  • 22:42 (IST)

    After 9 overs,Mumbai 72/1 ( Rohit Sharma 38 , Hardik Pandya 6)

    Things seemed to have slowed down with two spinners bowling in tandem. Chawla and Kuldeep gave away just five runs each. Rohit finally released some pressure with a six over deep mid-wicket off a long hop from Chawala in his second over. Chawla however hit back to concede just 3 more runs in that over. The Required run rate is 10.54 now. Rohit and Pandya will need to accelerate. 116 needed off 11 overs.

  • 22:32 (IST)

    After 6 overs, Mumbai 53/1 ( Rohit Sharma 25 , Pandya 0)

    Just when it looked Rohit and Parthiv were upping the ante big time, Hogg provided some magic to peg Mumbai back. Rohit and Parthiv both took on Hogg in the fourth over. The Australian spinner was too short and Rohit and Parthiv pulled him for a four each. Rohit then played a classy drive through covers off Hastings and then flicked one wide of short fine leg four balls later to make it 13 runs from the over. The 50 stand also came up between Parthiv and Rohit. Hogg, however hits back in his next over and conceded just 3 runs and effected a run out too. 

  • 22:28 (IST)

    OUT! Brilliant work by Hogg! PA Patel run out 23 (20b 4x4 0x6) 

    Parthiv is run out. He pushes one wide of Hogg to the leg side and sets off for a single. Hogg rushes towards the ball and releases a flat throw to the keeper as Rohit sends Parthiv back, the left-hander dives but Uthappa has already whipped the bails off. Parthiv is found well short. 

    Hardik Pandya is the new batsman.

  • 22:12 (IST)

    After 3 overs,Mumbai 27/0 ( Rohit Sharma (C) 11 , Parthiv Patel (W) 15)

    Cricket's eternal chocolate boy Parthiv Patel gets into the action this time, he drives towards mid-of for four, no fielder in the region. Mumbai Indians have started the chase with much surety, they move to 27/0 from 3 overs. 

  • 22:08 (IST)

    After 2 overs,Mumbai 18/0 ( Rohit Sharma (C) 11 , Parthiv Patel (W) 6)

    10 off the over, Mumbai Indians 18/0. Rohit Sharma this time hits an exquisite punch straight down the ground for four. Very easy on the eye. Surya Kumar is leading, Gambhir is not on the field due to injury.

  • 22:05 (IST)

    Meanwhile, 80% of voters want to see a fitness DVD from Brad Hogg. Brad Hogg says he wouldn't mind being put in spandex. Enjoy.

  • 22:04 (IST)

    And Sharma is off, Russell drifts down the leg-side, Rohit flicks it for the first six of the innings behind square-leg. He sure does love the venue. Eight runs off that first over. Good start by Mumbai Indians. 

  • 22:00 (IST)

    Rohit Sharma and Parthiv Patel have come out to bat for Mumbai Indians. Remember Sharma has a longstanding romance with Eden Gardens. It was here he hit his ODI double century too. Andre Russell to bowl the first over.

  • 21:47 (IST)

  • 21:46 (IST)

    KKR post 187/5 

    Mumbai have fought back well in the last 3 overs. 17 off the last two alongwith 2 wickets. Bumrah conceded just 7 runs in the last over. Gambhir slowed down after his 50 and that sucked a bit of momentum from the innings. Russell however played a very good cameo which kept the momentum going.  

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  • 21:38 (IST)

    OUT! Finally someone holds on to Gambhir's catch! G Gambhir c Patel b Pandya 64 (52b 4x4 1x6) 

    Pandya gets the wicket. It's a slower bouncer which deceives Gambhir, he gets a top edge, Parthiv Patel runs miles, backwards and accepts a very good catch.

    Colin Munro is the new batsman.

  • 21:35 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Kolkata 170/3 ( Gautam Gambhir 64 , Yusuf Pathan 1)

    Gambhir is living a charmed life while Russell dazzled and left. Russell hammered Harbhajan over deep mid-wicket for a six and then got an outside edge for a streaky four to third man. He then hammered Bumrah over deep square leg for a six. In between Bumrah dropped a caught and bowled chance of Gambhir, a pretty easy one and then Gambhir got a another top edge which fell in no man's land. A good over from McClenaghan where he conceded just 7 runs and took the wicket of Russell. 32 runs and a wicket off the last 3 overs.

  • 21:33 (IST)

    OUT! Russell departs after a breezy knock. A Russell b McClenaghan 36 (17b 1x4 4x6) 

    McClenaghan provides some relief to MI. It's a back of a length delivery outside off, from around the wicket, Russell looks to pull but ends up chopping onto the stumps. He cramped him for room. A crucial wicket for MI as Russell was looking ominous. 

    Yusuf Pathan is the new batsman.

  • 21:24 (IST)

    After 16 overs, Kolkata 138/2 (Gambhir 54, Russell 16)

    Russel has got into that 'Danger' mode. Gambhir is dealing in singles and twos while Russell ahs started hitting sixes. He pulls a bouncer off Southee over deep mid-wicket for a flat six and then hammers a slower ball over long on for another one in the over. 30 runs and a wicket off the last 3 overs.

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  • 21:14 (IST)

    OUT! Harbhajan finally breaks the 100-run stand. M Pandey c & b Harbhajan Singh 52 (29b 3x4 3x6) 

    Pandey is caught and bowled. It's a straighter one from Harbhajan, Pandey is early into his flick and gets a leading edge back to Harbhajan who accepts a dolly.

    Andre Russell is the new batsman.

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  • 21:05 (IST)

    FIFTY for Pandey!

    He's been the main aggressor. 50 off just 26 balls. Three fours and three sixes in his innings so far.

  • 21:04 (IST)

    FIFTY for Gambhir!

    He gets there with a single to third man, his favourite shot. 39 balls for his 50 which includes three fours and a six.

  • 21:03 (IST)

    After 12 overs, Kolkata 108/1 ( Gautam Gambhir 50 , Manish Pandey 43)

    Gambhir and Pandey upping the ante big time now. Pandey clobbers one over deep mid-wicket off Harbhajan for a six and then hammers Suchith over long on for a flat six. Gambhir follows suit with another six over deep mid-wicket off Suchith in the same over. There was a huge LBW appeal turned down against Pandey as he looked to reverse sweep but it hit him just outside the line. 37 runs off the last 3 overs.

  • 20:52 (IST)

  • 20:47 (IST)

    After 9 overs, Kolkata 71/1 ( Gambhir 32, Pandey 26)

    Gambhir gets a lifeline but Manish Pandey looking a bit aggressive. He picks up a slower one from Pandya and clobbers it over long on. Harbhajan then bowls a disciplined over giving away six singles. Gambhir then gets lucky as he whips one straight to short mid-wicket where Rohit dropped a simple chance. Pandey then swept one behind square leg for four. The 50-run stand comes up. Gambhir gets a lifeline but Manish Pandey looking a bit aggressive. He picks up a slower one from Pandya and clobbers it over long on. Harbhajan then bowls a disciplined over giving away six singles. Gambhir then gets lucky as he whips one straight to short mid-wicket where Rohit dropped a simple chance. Pandey then swept one behind square leg for four. The 50-run stand comes up.  31 runs off the last 3 overs!

  • 20:33 (IST)

    Hardik Pandya into the attack now

  • 20:32 (IST)

  • 20:31 (IST)

    After 6 overs,Kolkata 40/1 ( Gautam Gambhir 23 , Manish Pandey 6)

    Gambhir and Pandey making sure that KKR aren't getting bogged down after Uthappa's wicket. Since the wicket of Uthappa, McClenaghan and Southee constantly banged it in short. Southee was punished on a couple of occasions as he missed his lines with Gambhir flicking one over mid-wicket off the pads and then cutting one through point off a wide one. Pandey looked to pull one of Southee but got a top edge which went on the bounce to the fine leg fielder. He then got on top of one from McClenaghan and pulled it through mid-wicket for four. 21 runs off the last 3 overs. 

  • 20:20 (IST)

    OUT! McClenaghan strikes in first over. R Uthappa c Pollard b McClenaghan 8 (10b 1x4 0x6)

    It's a short delivery outside off, Uthappa looks to pull off the front foot but it gets big on him and he gets a top edge high in the air, Pollard at point settles under it and pouches an easy catch. 

    Manish Pandey is the new batsman.

  • 20:18 (IST)

  • 20:16 (IST)

    After 3 overs,Kolkata 19/0 ( Robin Uthappa 7 , Gautam Gambhir 9)

    KKR off to a decent start. Southee got a hint of swing and a bit of bounce too but he was a tad wayward. He beat Gambhir with some extra bounce in the first over and conceded just 3 runs. Bumrah bowled tight lines, however, he didn't get much movement but he too gave away just 3 runs. Southee, however, missed his lengths in his second over as he over pitched a couple and was whipped away for fours by Uthappa and Gambhir respectively.

  • 20:00 (IST)

    Right! KKR openers Gautam Gambhir and Robit Uthappa have made their way out to the middle. Tim Southee will start off proceedings for MI.

PREVIEW: Star spinner Sunil Narine's presence and a sizzling win against the Delhi Daredevils in their first game of the ninth season should give enough confidence to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) ahead of a tough battle against defending champions Mumbai Indians in an Indian Premier League (IPL) encounter in Kolkata on Wednesday.

Narine, who had flown to the West Indies after his father's death, came back to the city to join KKR on Monday.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has cleared his action, but whether he will be drafted into the playing XI at the Eden Gardens against Mumbai remains to be seen.

KKR have had a great start to the tournament. In the last game they overwhelmed Delhi by nine wickets after bowling them out for a paltry 98.

 IPL 2016, KKR vs MI as it happened: Rohit, Buttler power Mumbai to six-wicket win

Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma will look to make it big at favourite ground Eden Gardens. Sportzpics/IPL.

For the men in purple and gold, all-rounder Andre Russell and chinaman bowler Brad Hogg stole the show with the ball, picking up three wickets each. They were ably supported by John Hastings (2 for 6) and Piyush Chawla (2 for 21).

The chase was comfortable too with skipper Gautam Gambhir scoring an unbeaten 38.

Mumbai, on the other hand, had a poor outing in the opener against Rising Pune Supergiants. Pune, led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, crushed them with nine wickets to spare chasing a low total of 121 for eight.

Mumbai's only notable contribution with the bat came from an unlikely source — Harbhajan Singh, who top scored with 45 — while the famed top order could only manage single digits.

But at the Eden, Mumbai would want to turn the tables. This has been a happy hunting ground for Mumbai skipper Rohit Sharma, and if the likes of Lendl Simmons and Jos Buttler fire, KKR would have big problems to deal with.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Kuldeep Yadav, Manish Pandey, Piyush Chawla, Robin Uthappa, Sheldon Jackson, Suryakumar Yadav, Umesh Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Sunil Narine, Andre Russell, Brad Hogg, Chris Lynn, Morne Morkel, Shakib Al Hasan, Jaydev Unadkat, Ankit Singh Rajpoot, John Hastings, Jason Holder, Colin Munro, Rajgopal Sathish, Manan Ajay Sharma.

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Harbhajan Singh, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, Jos Buttler, Kieron Pollard, Corey Anderson, Lasith Malinga, Lendl Simmons, Mitchell McClenaghan, Marchant de Lange, Tim Southee, Unmukt Chand, Vinay Kumar, Parthiv Patel, Shreyas Gopal, Nathu Singh, Jagadeesha Suchith, Ambati Rayudu, Akshay Wakhare, Deepak Punia, Jitesh Sharma, Kishore Kamath, Krunal Pandya, Nitish Rana, Siddhesh Lad.

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