Indian GM and Kolkata-based realtor unveil 20-20 format for chess

Chess will have a '20-20' version, if GM Dibyendu Barua and a Kolkata-based realtor have their way in popularising a new version of the traditional game of 64 squares.

The country's second Grandmaster Barua along with Pradeep Sadani today unveiled a new form of chess introducing a new piece called 'dynamo' which will have the combined power of knight and a bishop.

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Chess will have a '20-20' version, if GM Dibyendu Barua and a Kolkata-based realtor have their way in popularising a new version. Getty Images

With two dynamos in each colour there will be additional two sets of pawns, making it 20-20 black-white pieces with 100 squares instead of the traditional format of 64.

"It's a novel idea something we've been planning for more than two years now. With the additional pieces, this is set to be more intense.

"We will introduce at the amateur level first and depending on the popularity we will seek an official recognition," Barua said making the first move among a host of GMs including Surya Sekar Ganguly, Deep Sengupta, Tejas Bakre, Bangladesh's Ziaur Rahman and WGM Soumya Swaminathan.

"This chess reminded me of 'super chess' from a Satyajit Ray movie. Hopefully it will become popular in due course," Surya said while demonstrating a move.


Updated Date: Mar 23, 2015 22:49 PM

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