India vs NZ Live: Kiwis are in big trouble

- At lunch: India were 371-5 after 108 overs | Report
- India bowled out for 438 | Report
- At close on day three: NZ 106-5 after 42 overs

NZ 106-5 after 42 overs
Franklin 31, CFK van Wyk 0

Last over of the day was bowled by Sachin Tendulkar -- he hasn't bowled for a long time and it showed. A long hop was smashed for six by Franklin -- but really good stuff from India's spinners. They were accurate and they got five Kiwi wickets. Ten wickets fell for 237 runs today -- expect more of the same on day three.

NZ 99-5 after 39.3 overs
KS Williamson c Sehwag b Ojha 32 (92b, 3x4)

Ojha gets India another wicket! Silly shot. Williamson gone for 32, caught in the slips -- the ball was short and wide and Willianson smashed. End of a good innings.

NZ 94-4 after 37 overs
Williamson 32, Franklin 19

NZ continue in a slow, solid manner. The ball isn't bouncing as much -- it's older now and that's helping the Kiwis. The Indians will look to keep things tight and how that pressure does the rest.

NZ 77-4 after 31 overs
Williamson 24, Franklin 10

Slow and steady but it's not like New Zealand have another option. They can't afford to lose any more wickets.

NZ 55-4 after 26 overs
Williamson 14, Franklin 9

The spinners are getting a lot of bounce and turn on the pitch. Couple that with the flight both Ashwin and Ojha can generate and NZ's position looks pretty precarious. But Franklin and Williamson have held on. Let's see how long though...

NZ 55-4 after 22 overs
Williamson 12, Franklin 2

If NZ were slow after Taylor's wicket, then they are scoring at snail's pace. Not that it is their primary worry. Their primary worry is to keep some wickets in hand before end of play today. The Indian spinners are having fun though.

NZ 55-4 after 18.1 overs
Daniel Flynn lbw b Ashwin 16 (13b, 2x4, 0x6)

Third wicket for Ashwin and it's all happening for the spinners! Flynn tries to sweep, misses and the umpire raises his finger as Ashwin appeals for LBW. NZ are sliding.

NZ 46-3 after 17 overs
Williamson 12, Flynn 7

NZ have done nothing but defend since Taylor's wicket. 11 have been scored since then at a typical Test rate. The spinners have certainly make the batsmen a bit nervy as they approach every shot with caution.

NZ 35-3 after 12.5 overs
Ross Taylor c Kohli b Ashwin 2 (14b, 0x4, 0x6)

Same ball, same shot and same fielder. But there was a long debate whether Taylor's thick edge carried to Kohli. The 3rd umpire tried every possible angle and has signaled that it's out. Ashwin gets his 2nd wicket and NZ desperately need a partnership.

NZ 29-2 after 10.1 overs
M Guptill c Kohli b Ashwin 2 (25b)

Another wicket for a spinner. Typical dismissal in Indian condition, inside egde on to the pads, caught at leg-slip. India's spinners are running riot! Ross Taylor joins Williamson in the middle.

This is Ojha's home ground and he knows a thing or two that the others don't. Reuters

NZ 25-1 after 7.3 overs
B McCullum c Kohli b Ojha 22 (27b, 3x4)

This is Ojha's home ground and he knows a thing or two that the others don't. This was slow in the air and well flighted, McCullum took the bait and Kohli took an easy catch. Big wicket for India -- a quick knock from this man could have changed things around.

NZ 15-0 after 5 overs
McCullum 13, Guptill 2

Decent start by New Zealand but the Indian bowlers aren't exactly hitting the mark. This is a wicket where Yadav and Zaheer would need to make best use of the new ball, make the batsmen play.

NZ 8-0 after 2 overs
McCullum 8, Guptill 0

First ball of the innings, overpitched by Zaheer and McCullum wasted no time in hitting it through the covers for four. Expect more of this. Zaheer's response was to immediately come around the wicket. And then Zaheer even managed to get the last ball of his over kiss the stumps while Guptill was batting but the bails weren't dislodged.

NZ 0-0

NZ openers are in the middle. This should be fun, expect McCullum to go for his shots and Umesh Yadav's pace will give him the opportunity to do that for sure.

India 438 after 134.3 overs
UT Yadav run out 4 (5b, 1x4)

The last man is down, India have managed to 438 and that's not really a bad total. New Zealand have a few good batsmen but will they be able to deny India's bowlers long enough? India's total was built around Cheteshwar Pujara's 159, Dhoni and Kohli chipped in with fifties as well. For NZ, Patel got 4-100 off 41 overs.

India 430-9 after 133.1 overs
R Ashwin st †van Wyk b Patel 37 (54b, 5x4)

That's the end of Ashwin. He has not managed to Bhajji -- in his last two Tests against New Zealand, Harbhajan had scored centuries. But still this was a vital 37. He gave Patel the charge but ended up getting stumped.

India 424-8 after 127 overs
Ashwin 31, Ojha 0

Pretty nice innings from Ashwin. Hope he's not thinking about saving the game. Remember West Indies! Anyway... at this stage, India needs all the runs it can get.

India 414-8 after 124.4 overs
Zaheer Khan c van Wyk b Boult 0 (8b)

Boult bowls a beauty of a delivery to force an edge from Zaheer. He tries to defend the ball but it kisses the bat and ends up in Van Wyk's gloves. There was a time when Zaheer could bat. Now he just walks in and walks back. Too predictable.

India 411-7 after 121.1 overs
MS Dhoni c Bracewell b Patel 73 (147b, 6x4, 1x6)

Dhoni was looking for the quick runs and Patel's bait was enough to lure him into a big shot. He tries to go over the offside but the ball ends up nestled in the hands of Bracewell at mid-off. Zaheer Khan is out to bat.

India 400-6 after 118 overs
Dhoni 70, Ashwin 10

With a couple of runs, Ashwin brings up India's 400 in 118 overs. Now how much more can India get? Ashwin knows that the only way to keep Piyush Chawla out of the team is to bat well. Heh.

India 387-6 after 115.4 overs
CA Pujara c Franklin b Patel 159 (306b, 19x4, 1x6)

Long on was up, Pujara tried to clear the infield, ended up skying it. New Zealand finally managed to hold on to a catch. The end of a long, brilliant innings but hopefully the start of a long, brilliant career. What will Dhoni do next?

India 378-5 after 112 overs
Pujara 151, Dhoni 63

Slow start for session but then you seen Dhoni walk down the pitch and slam Patel for a four straight down the wicket. Let's hope this sets the tone for the rest of the session.

India 371-5 after 109 overs
Pujara 151, Dhoni 61

Play has resumed after lunch. India will look to power on and let's hope Pujara can get that double ton!

MS Dhoni has survived a strange morning. PTI

MS Dhoni has survived a strange morning. PTI

India 371-5 after 108 overs
Pujara 151, Dhoni 61

It's lunch. The perfect session for India. 64 runs were scored in 21-over session. There was also a slight delay at the start of the day due to rain. But India haven't lost any wickets and that's what matters.

150 for Pujara

Short ball, helped to fine-leg for four. That's how Pujara got to his 150. Classy innings. He might have survived due to an umpiring error yesterday but he certainly hasn't let that affect him. It took him 279 balls. A 200 for the taking here?

That boundary also brought up the 100-run partnership between Pujara (150) and Dhoni (56).

Fifty for Dhoni

Bit of a scratchy innings but the Indian skipper has made the most of his chances. It's his 25th half-century in Test cricket and fourth against NZ. He's needed 100 balls to reach the landmark. Ball was on the pads and he just worked it away off his legs.

Innings break-up for Dhoni so far: 1s x 19, 2s x 4, 3s x 1, 4s x 4, 6s x 1.

India 348-5 after 104 overs
Pujara 144, Dhoni 45

There have been a few edges and misses but almost all of them have come while Dhoni was batting. Pujara has hit just one boundary since the start of play today but he has looked so steady. He has already been in the middle for more than 400 minutes

India 335-5 after 100 overs
Pujara 133, Dhoni 43

New Zealand have once again not taken their chances and they are paying the price. Once the ball becomes older, expect both the batsmen to become more aggressive.

NZ fumble away the Test

Another bad mistake in the field. Dhoni called for a quick single after just tapping the ball to McCullum and set off. Pujara was caught on his heels and was not even in the picture. But McCullum fumbled the ball and Pujara survived. The Kiwis were once one of the best fielding sides in the world but we can't say that anymore. A horror performance in the field from them so far.


Picture of Sourav Ganguly comes up on screen, what does Manjrekar do? He says: The most famous of all tigers!

India 325-5 after 96 overs
Pujara 127, Dhoni 39

New Zealand have a pretty serious problem with their field placement in the slip cordon. The wicket-keeper is standing pretty deep as well. Another edge went abegging. Dhoni was well beaten by Bracewell, a genuine edge but it just didn't reach the keeper. The Indians cannot be complaining about this. The partnership between Pujara and Dhoni is already worth 66 runs.

What's Manjrekar saying!

On TV commentary: 'Fortunately there is just one sport in India. I am not a sport lover' Let's hope he was joking!!! Has he forgotten the Olympics already?

Joke time

Nice wagon wheel for Pujara

He's batting on 122 runs in 231 balls -- 1s x 33, 2s x 7, 3s x 3, 4s x 15, 6s x 1. But the really interesting bit is how he's managed to score runs on both sides of the wicket -- Off side: 66 runs, On side: 56 runs.

India 309-5 after 90 overs
Pujara 121, Dhoni 29

Some nice stats on TV. Of all the wickets taken in India by New Zealand bowlers over the years, 67 per cent were taken with the new ball. So that illustrates the importance of this short session. If India can play out the new ball, they should cruise.

106 runs have come in the region between point and gully. Ross Taylor needs to get his field right.

Swing and seam?

The rain would have livened up the pitch a little -- some moisture trapped under the covers and if the Kiwis can take advantage of that to get a few quick wickets, we might be in for a good match.


Rain delayed the start of the first Test between India and New Zealand. But the covers are now off and play is about to start.


It's Day 2 of the Hyderabad Test and the pitch is still pretty good for batting. India would want to get at least 400 on this wicket to put pressure on New Zealand. Cheteshwar Pujara revealed last evening that MS Dhoni feels he should go for a double hundred and the Saurashtra man isn't one to disappoint his skipper.

But it could become really fun if Dhoni gets stuck in -- we could see some pretty big hitting. But before we get to that, India will need to bat out the second new ball, which is just 7 overs old.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Cheteshwar Pujara will need to play well today. AP

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Cheteshwar Pujara will need to play well today. AP

Day 1 at stumps

India 307-5 after 87 overs
Pujara 119, Dhoni 29

It’s stumps. Pretty even day for India and it could have been much worse, if New Zealand had held on to their chances and the umpires had given them the benefit of doubt. India aren’t out of the woods yet — they will need at least 400 on this wicket. Don’t expect Ojha and Ashwin to run through the NZ side. Pujara was good but the rest of the batsmen — except Tendulkar, who was well beaten, were guilty of giving their wickets away. India will need to do better tomorrow.

Day 1 in brief

- India won the toss and elected to bat
- Raina was picked ahead of Rahane
- At lunch: India 97-2 after 25 overs
- Tea: India 182-3 after 54 overs
- Stumps: India 307-5 after 87 overs

Updated Date: Aug 24, 2012 17:14 PM

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