As it happened: Lyon takes five-for but India take lead

1658 IST

At stumps on day two: India 266/8 after 68.1 overs, with Bhuvneshwar on 10.

WICKET! Lyon gets five. Another one keeps low and this time it is Ashwin trapped on the crease. Ball hits him in front of offstump. And that is the end of day's play.

R Ashwin lbw b Lyon 12 (41b, 1x4, 0x6).

Lyon has shown he should be been Australia's first choice spinner throughout the series. He has 5 for 94 from 22.1 overs. India got an excellent start from their openers, who added 108 together, but Australia struck regular blows thereafter. India lost 8 for 158 the rest of the way. The home side still managed to eke out a lead though - it is currently four runs and the match is evenly poised at this point.

The pitch is playing a fair, few tricks now. More and more balls keeping low while others are exploding off the surface. Will be interesting to see how the batsmen cope on days three and four.


Join us again tomorrow for more action from Delhi. That's all from us today. Thanks for reading.

1650 IST

India 266/7 after 68 overs, with Ashwin on 12 and Bhuvneshwar on 10.

Australia clearly mixed Maxwell. If only he could have been bowling in tandem with Lyon. Gets one to jump up at Bhuvneshwar who is lucky the ball doesn't find a field on the leg side.

Bhuvneshwar slices a Maxwell full toss to the vacant third man boundary for four to give India the lead.

1650 IST

India 262/7 after 67 overs, with Ashwin on 12 and Bhuvneshwar on 6.

Wade misses a stumping chance. Ashwin gets nowhere near a delivery from Maxwell as he charges the bowler but Wade botches it completely. Doesn't move his hands at all and the ball glances off the glove and Ashwin survives. That was a regulation stumping. Wade has been off colour today.

Bhuvneshwar takes a single off Siddle to draw India level with Australia on 262.

1635 IST

India 254/7 after 63.2 overs, with Ashwin on 10

WICKET! Maxwell strikes with his second ball. Jadeja can consider himself unlucky. He was given out lbw not playing a shot but that looks to be missing offstump. Hit him just in line but looked to be turning a touch too much.

Ravindra Jadeja lbw b Maxwell 43 (49b, 6x4, 0x6).



1632 IST

India 254/6 after 63 overs, with Jadeja 43 and Ashwin on 10

Jadeja late cuts Lyon for four. That brings up India's 250. Jadeja playing a blinder here. He has 43 from 47 balls. Against Lyon, he has 31 runs from 18 balls faced. Lyon has bowled 22 consecutive overs now.

Johnson struggling to get his line right. Down the legside to Ashwin. He has mostly been a disappointment today.

1618 IST

India 243/6 after 60 overs, with Jadeja 35 and Ashwin on 7

Jadeja decides Lyon has to go. Takes a step down the track and hits Lyon back over his head. Then repeats the feat the very next ball. This is Jadeja's highest Test score already. India now trail Australia by just 19 runs.

1608 IST

India 231/6 after 58 overs, with Jadeja 23 and Ashwin on 7

Jadeja pulls Lyon through midwicket. That was very short from Lyon and got what it deserved.

Johnson bowls a well-directed bouncer at Jadeja's body, but the batsman drops it coolly at his feet with a dead bat. Johnson bowls another bouncer and this time Jadeja hooks him for a single.

Lyon cuts Ashwin in half with one that turns and bounces. Goes past Wade as well for four byes. Ashwin responds by reverse-sweeping Lyon for four. That came out of nowhere.

1555 IST

India 210/6 after 55 overs, with Jadeja 16 and Ashwin on 0

Jadeja stands tall to cut Pattinson through point but the fielder on the point boundary makes a diving stop and keeps the batsmen to two runs. Jadeja then misses the hook shot and the ball catches the toe end of the bat and falls at his feet.

Pattinson appeals for caught behind even though Jadeja did not touch the ball.

1546 IST

India 210/6 after 52.5 overs, with Jadeja 13

WICKET! Dhoni hits a short ball straight to Shane Watson at midwicket. He went for the pull but seemed to hold back just a touch and found the only man in catching position on the legside. That was a strange shot and a soft dismissal.

MS Dhoni c Watson b Pattinson 24 (23b, 2x4, 0x6).

1535 IST

India 205/5 after 51 overs, with Dhoni on 24 and Jadeja on 12

Jadeja gets off the mark by slashing Lyon for four first ball. This pair are turning the strike over, which is very important on a pitch like this. Meanwhile the umpires are warning Dhoni about running on the pitch. He ran down the middle of the pitch in taking a second run off Pattinson.

The umpires having a chat with Watson now. David Warner seems to be the problem. He seems to be mouthing off Dhoni. Watson has to come and drag him away.

Australia getting a bit ragged. India get four overthrows. Dhoni was well in his crease and the fielder just flung the ball at the stumps and it runs away to the boundary through Johnson's legs. That is India's 200.

Jadeja rubs it in by driving a Pattinson half-volley straight down the ground. Pattinson appeals loud and long for an lbw appeal next ball but that was going well down legside.


1518 IST

India 180/5 after 47.5 overs, with Dhoni on 14

Dhoni gets two to fine leg but that turned and bounce and came off the bat handle. Looped over legslip. He quickly asserts his authority by slapping Lyon through the offside for four. Actually legslip gets a hand on it. That was a chance.

WICKET! Lyon has his man. Tendulkar trapped on the crease. The ball kept a little low and strikes him plumb in front. That is four for Lyon now and Australia are odds on to take a first innings lead now.

Sachin Tendulkar lbw b Lyon 32 (53b, 5x4, 0x6).

He should not have been playing back to that delivery. Allowed the turn to take it past the inside edge of the bat. He might also have hit his pad with the bat.


1513 IST

India 171/4 after 47 overs, with Tendulkar on 32 and Dhoni on 5

lyon showing the folly of leaving him out of the side. Has 3 for 44 from 14 overs so far in this innings. Pattinson is back for Siddle

Tendulkar digs out a Pattinson yorker. That might have reversed in a bit. Then wafts at one outside off with no foot movement.

1505 IST

India 165/4 after 45.4 overs, with Tendulkar on 31

Tendulkar gets four for what looked like a gentle push. Opens the face of the bat and ball races to the square boundary on the offside. He has enjoyed the slightly slower pace of Siddle.,

Rahane gets in on the act. Lyon drops it short and Rahane quick to rock back and pull it to the square boundary on the legside.

WICKET! Rahane is gone. Plays one straight to legslip. Tried to glance the ball but it was a nothing shot to a ball drifting down leg. That was a gift. Rahane won't be happy when he sees the replay.

Ajinkya Rahane c Smith b Lyon 7 (19b, 1x4, 0x6).

Dhoni is out in the middle and starts by smashing Lyon through extra-cover. Australia could take a first-innings lead here.

1456 IST

India 156/3 after 44 overs, with Tendulkar on 27 and Rahane on 2

Tendulkar brings up India's 150 by flicking Siddle for a single. Rahane gets off the mark on debut with a single to the offside. Had to get on his toes to play that one. Tendulkar looking more comfortable against Siddle. Plays him through cover for a couple.

Can the Mumbai boys build a substantial partnership here? It is what India needs.

Tendulkar still using the sweep when Lyon line strays outside offstump but gets nothing from it. Lyon's last ball spits off the wicket at Tendulkar but he manages to keep it away from short leg.


1445 IST

India 149/3 after 41 overs, with Tendulkar on 22 and Rahane on 0

WICKET! This has come from nowhere. The ball explodes off the pitch at Vijay and he does well just to avoid injury. Unfortunately, for him the ball loops high into the air off the glove and into the gloves of Wade. Cruel, cruel way to get out.

Mural Vijay c †Wade b Siddle 57 (123b, 8x4, 0x6)

Rahane must be wondering what he has done to make his debut on this kind of track.

1435 IST

India are 146/2 after 40 overs, with Vijay on 56 and Tendulkar on 21.

Tendulkar starts off after tea by punching Siddle for two fours off his first two balls.

1410 IST

At tea, India are 135/2 after 38 overs, with Vijay on 54 and Tendulkar on 12.

Vijay does well to get his bat down just in time as a delivery from Johnson stays low. Wade appeals for a catch but the ball goes into the gloves on the bounce. The umpires are going upstairs to check whether the ball carried. Replays show the ball has bounced. That was a bit of pointless theatre.

Lyon gets a little too wide and too full and Tendulkar eases him through the offside for four. That was the first shot where he has looked in control. Made some room and went inside-out against the spin. Then plays with a straight bat through to long-on for a single. That should give him a little more confidence.

Australia missing Maxwell, who is down with a stomach bug. Two spinners would make life much more problematic. The next session will be very important for both sides.

1358 IST

India are 130/2 after 36 overs, with Vijay on 54 and Tendulkar on 7.

Batting has suddenly become very difficult on the pitch. The ball is leaping at the batsmen when Johnson is bowling and Lyon is getting plenty of turn and bounce.

Tendulkar is determined to sweep Lyon off his line. This one comes off and he gets four but it is a dangerous game on this pitch. One keeps one low from Lyon and Tendulkar just manages to get an edge on that one, then quickly shows his bat to the umpire. Last ball of the over runs away for four legbyes after beating Tendulkar with the turn.

1348 IST

India are 121/2 after 34 overs, with Vijay on 54 and Tendulkar on 2.

Tendulkar looking all at sea against Lyon. Goes back to cut but the ball turned sharply and bounced and he was lucky that didn't pop up to one of the close-in fielders. Gets off strike with an on-drive for a single.


1338 IST

India are 120/2 after 32 overs, with Vijay on 54 and Tendulkar on 1.

Tendulkar hammers Johnson square on the offside but Smith swoops in at point to cut it off. That was the first positive stroke from Tendulkar so far. Finally gets off the mark with a clip to square leg. Took him 10 deliveries. That was in the air as it went past short leg.

Johnson then bowls a peach to Vijay that beats his outside edge.

Huge appeal from Lyon for lbw as Tendulkar tries to sweep from middle stump. That looked plumb. Some how the umpire did not give it. He needs to avoid the premeditated sweep.

Another huge appeal for leg-before off the last ball. That looked good too. That might have been a touch high.


1329 IST

India are 119/2 after 30 overs, with Vijay on 54 and Tendulkar on 0.

Pattinson bounces Tendulkar first up. Tendulkar comfortably ducks under it. Pattinson peppers Tendulkar with the short stuff for the rest of the over.

Meanwhile Vijay charges Lyon and lifts him over midwicket for four to bring up his half-century. He has been the big surprise in this series after a very poor domestic season. Full credit to him for realising his needed to tighten his game after the first Test.


1317 IST

India are 114/2 after 27.5 overs, with Vijay on 49.

Lyon getting significant turn. Has has gone round the wicket and it pays off.

WICKET! Kohli is given lbw. The ball pitched on offstump and Kohli missed it trying to turn it to leg. Looked out. India fluttering a bit.

Virat Kohli lbw b Lyon 1 (8b, 0x4, 0x6).

Kohli's dismissal highlights the need to play as straight as possible on this pitch. He was playing across the line and just missed it.

Sachin Tendulkar is out in the middle in what could be his last Test in India.

1314 IST

India are 113/1 after 27 overs, with Vijay on 48 and Kohli on 1.

Kohli is the man at no 3. Pujara doesn't appear to like batting against offspinners:


1306 IST

India are 108/1 after 25.1 overs, with Vijay on 44.

WICKET! Pujara is bowled by Lyon. This is a similar dismissal to Siddle's. Pujara played inside the line to a ball that did not turn and lost his offstump.

Cheteshwar Pujara b Lyon 52 (76b, 5x4, 0x6).

It was a good knock from the makeshift opener and India can't complain about another century partnership from their openers.


1258 IST

India are 96/0 after 26 overs, with Pujara on 52 and Vijay on 38.

India's 100 comes off when Johnson throws the ball over Wade and away for four overthrows. No idea what happened there. Johnson hides his head in his hands.

Pattinson then slips so far down legside that Vijay looks shocked as the ball goes for four more extras.

1258 IST

India are 96/0 after 24 overs, with Pujara on 52 and Vijay on 38.

Lyon has a huge appeal for lbw against Vijay who misses the sweep. That looked out but it may have hit him outside the line. No reason for Vijay to be playing that shot. This is the sort of pitch where you want to play as straight as possible.

Gets one to bounce to Pujara but it has come off pad to short leg. Lyon posing problems. Pujara works him square with a wristy stroke and gets two to bring up his fifty.

Vijay has also gone past 1000 Test runs in the course of this innings.


1250 IST

India are 91/0 after 22 overs, with Pujara on 46 and Vijay on 37.

Johnson gets it all wrong from around the wicket and Vijay is happy to clip him to the fine leg boundary.

Only a matter of time before Vijay decides to come down the wicket to Lyon. Gives himself room and sends Lyon over mid-off to the boundary.

India are 81/0 after 20 overs, with Pujara on 44 and Vijay on 29.

Johnson comes back. No sign of spin from the Aussies yet. Ashwin came on in the 9th over for India. He manages his first maiden of the innings.

Right on cue, Nathan Lyon comes on to bowl the 20th over. Bounce and turn immediately and Pujara does well to keep it away from short leg. Watson now has a leg-slip in place for Vijay after Pujara gets a single to the long-on. Last ball keeps low and sneaks under Vijay's bat. It just about got up to ankle hat. That could be a sign of things to come.

1230 IST

India are 78/0 after 18 overs, with Pujara on 42 and Vijay on 28.

Australia's fast bowler not looking very threatening at the moment. A few deliveries from Siddle have taken the edge but nothing has carried to any of the fielders behind the stumps. Pujara having trouble with the nail on the index finger of his right hand. Trainer comes out again.

Vijay flicks Pattinson through midwicket and Lyon makes a diving stop on the boundary to save a run.


1220 IST

India are 72/0 after 16 overs, with Pujara on 40 and Vijay on 24.

Siddle causing some trouble for Vijay. Induces an under edge before Vijay plays a loose drive and the inside edge dashes past the legstump. The batsman get a single. Pujara then crashes Siddle through the covers. Lovely flow of the bat through the ball.

Pattinson hits Pujara on the right hand and the batsman is in some pain, taking of the glove and shaking his hand. Watson claps the effort from his bowler. Pujara is getting treatment. He shows Pattinson he is fine by guiding him for four to the third man boundary. That ball wasn't outside off - it was very played by Pujara. He takes his bottom hand off the bat the next ball though. He appears to be hurting a bit.

Stepping away from the batting for a moment, Ashwin now has 90 wickets from just 16 Tests.


1130 IST

At lunch, India are 59/0 after 14 overs, with Pujara on 28 and Vijay on 23.

India will be happy with this start. Kohli has the pads on so it looks like Rahane will bat at no 5. Can't see Dhoni moving up another spot.

Pujara started very fast - 22 came from his first 19 balls - but has slowed down since. Only six have come from the next 13. He picks up three on an overthrow and Siddle is furious with the fielders.

Pattinson comes back in place of Johnson. Bowls a maiden to start his second spell.


1119 IST

India are 56/0 after 12 overs, with Pujara on 25 and Vijay on 23.

Siddle has slowed down the run-rate. Another maiden from him. Two runs have come from his first three overs. Johnson has given away 28 from six.

Vijay guides Johnson past first slip to the vacant third man region. Played that one with an open face but it went finer than he might have wanted.


1109 IST

India are 51/0 after ten overs, with Pujara on 24 and Vijay on 19.

Vijay brings up India's 50 in just the 10th over with a dab to cover and a quick single. India going at just over five an over.

Johnson comes round the wicket now. First ball is very wide, second one has Vijay driving at it but the edge doesn't carry to Watson. The ball runs away for four. Pujara looking the more solid of the two openers right now. As soon as I say that, Pujara is fooled by an offcutter. He reaches for it away from his body and the ball beats him comprehensively.

Going back to Johnson's dismissal by Ashwin:


1059 IST

India are 44/0 after eight overs, with Pujara on 23 and Vijay on 13.

Siddle replaces Pattinson and hits is length and line right on offstump from the first ball. Starts with a maiden.

Vijay beaten by a slower delivery from Johnson. The ball bounces short of Wade and over his gloves and goes for four byes. Then he strays down the legside and Vijay takes two off his pads.

1049 IST

India are 37/0 after six overs, with Pujara on 22 and Vijay on 11.

India take three from Johnson's and Pattinson's overs. Australia haven't figured out the right length to bowl on this pitch yet and the extra-pace means the ball is coming on to the bat nicely.


1030 IST

India are 31/0 after four overs, with Pujara on 18 and Vijay on 9.

India racing along and treating Australia's pacemen like net bowlers at the moment. Vijay casually flicks Pattinson through midwicket for another four. Six come off the over.

In the previous over, A vicious Johnson bouncer surprises Pujara, who can't get out the way. The ball seems to have hit Pujara on the glove before looping over the keeper but the umpire singles four leg-byes. Pujara clearly shaking his hand but Aleem Dar was not impressed. The glove was not on the bat, so Dar has made the correct decision.

Johnson overpitches and Pujara plays a glorious straight drive between bowled and mid-off. No wonder they pushed him up the order, if he can play shots like that against the new ball. Ten runs come off that over.

1030 IST

India are 13/0 after two overs, with Pujara on 9 and Vijay on 4.

Pattinson gets one to seam back at Pujara and the ball just misses the inside edge on the way to the keeper. Pujara responds by standing tall and punching Pattinson between point and cover for four. He was in the air when he played that shot.

Pattinson strays down the legside with an attempted yorker and Pujara is happy to help it on its way to the fine leg boundary. Nine runs came off that Pattinson over.


1019 IST

India have sprung a surprise. Pujara has walked out to open the innings, which means Rahane might bat at no 3 or possibly at no 6. We will have to wait and see. Sandeep Patil, the chairman of selectors, has said they see Rahane as a middle-order batsman, so the move makes sense in that context. But Pujara has two Test double-hundreds batting at no 3. Why would you force him to go up the order?

Mitchell Johnson opened the bowling for Australia.

The Indian openers are walking to the wicket but before the innings gets underway, here are some more tweets about Ojha's feat of getting to 100 Test wickets, courtesy Rajneesh Gupta.



1013 IST

Australia all out for 262.

James Pattinson c Kohli b Ojha 30 (91b, 3x4, 0x6)

Ojha finally gets his 100th Test wicket in his 22nd Test, the third fastest Indian to reach that milestone. The ball goes on with the arm and edge files to Kohli at first slip. Pattinson played for turn that wasn't there. India finally bowl out Australia, but it has been a struggle. The visitors will take 262 on this pitch.


Now all attention will turn to Ajinkya Rahane, finally making his Test debut.

1005 IST

Australia are 261/9 after 111 overs, with Pattinson on 29 and Lyon on 8.

The spinners are racing through their overs. Dhoni appeals for a stumping against Lyon but the batsman is safe. His back foot never came off the ground. Ojha still searching for his 100th Test wicket.

0955 IST

Half-chance in Ojha's second over. Lyon doesn’t get his bat out of the way of a turning delivery fast enough. The ball catches the glove, hits Dhoni on the knee and then flies over slip as Kohli vainly throws up an arm before falling backward.

0950 IST

Australia are 250/9 after 106 overs, with Pattinson on 23 and Lyon on 3.

Lyon takes a single off Ashwin to bring up Australia's 250.

The last three wickets have now added 116 runs together. Siddle and Pattinson added 54 runs from 20.5 overs, of which Siddle's contribution was 31 and Pattinson's 19.

Couple of lbw appeals in the last over bowled by Jadeja but one was going down leg and the Lyon got an inside edge on the other.

0940 IST

Australia are 243/9 after 102.1 overs, with Pattinson on 19.

Peter Siddle b Ashwin 51 (136b, 4x4, 0x6)

Ashwin has undone Siddle and has another five-for. The offbreak doesn't turn as much as Siddle expects. He plays inside the line to lose his offstump. Excellent bowling and the early wicket is just what India needed.

Nathan Lyon is the last man in.

0935 IST

Australia are 242/8 after 101 overs, with Siddle on 50 and Pattinson on 19.

Pattinson takes a big stride forward and sends Ashwin to the point boundary before tucking him to fine leg for another four to bring up the fifty-partnership.

0930 IST

Australia are 234/8 after 99 overs, with Siddle on 50 and Pattinson on 11.

Siddle wastes no time in reaching his first Test fifty. A push into the covers is misfielded by Ojha and the batsman scamped a single to bring up the milestone. Siddle has done his job with the bat but will have qa important role to play with the ball later today.

Ashwin bowled the first over of the day for India.

0920 IST

Welcome to our coverage of day two of the fourth and final Test between India and Australia at the Feroz Shah Kotla. India had the better of day one, but Australia's tailenders fought hard once again to push their total to 231/8 from 136/7. So far, the eighth and ninth wicket pairs have added 95 runs, which could turn out to be handy on a pitch that Ravi Shastri and VVS Laxman think looks like a three-day wicket.

India struggled to finish off the innings yesterday evening and will want to wrap things up as quickly as possible this morning and then have a long bat themselves. The idea will be to bat only once and bat Australia out the game.

R Ashwin took four wickets on the first day in Delhi. PTI

R Ashwin took four wickets on the first day in Delhi. PTI

India's spinners did the bulk of the work yesterday, as expected, with R Ashwin picking up four wickets and Ravindra Jadeja two. Ishant Sharma was the surprise package, taking the two wickets to fall in the morning session, a day after saying he was a defensive bowler and didn't expect to get wickets with the new ball.

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