Ignore Piers Morgan: Treat him with the contempt he deserves, and keep on celebrating

Why are we giving this guy Piers Morgan so much importance?

If he wants to tweet about how embarrassing it is that a nation of 1.2 billion celebrated two medals let him carry on tweeting. Keep on celebrating. His opinion is like a stone flung in a pond, it sinks without a trace.

He is no authority on the subject. The guy just wants to be outrageous so his name stays in the neon of publicity. As his career careens into the dark tunnel of obscurity, the man is getting desperate.

Ignore Piers Morgan: Treat him with the contempt he deserves, and keep on celebrating

File photo of Piers Morgan. Reuters

Imagine what a sad and sorry life he must have sitting there in England, worrying about Indians celebrating our wins. What’s his problem?

He got up in the morning, had kippers and tea, and began to ponder the Indian Dilemma.

A career littered with debris of childlike controversies, it is not surprise that Mr Morgan was sacked from CNN with this citation – 'after years of terrible ratings and lacklustre reviews, punctuated by flashes of controversy as the spiky former newspaper editor sparred with celebrities and clashed with US culture', he was axed.

Mr Morgan is the archetypal liberal racist, a sort of Rush Limbaugh whose misplaced sense of entitlement is ludicrous. He plans these assaults for maximum effect, not for the greater good but for himself.

He fought with Susan Sarandon over cleavage.

He took on African Americans over the use of the n-word.

He got into a pointless war of words with radio host Alex Jones over gun control.

Actually, Piers is the perfect anchor dummy who deliberately provokes people to ensure some ratings, but even these have failed. Seen by his ‘peers’ as a total failure and an embarrassment in himself, we are giving him credibility by recognising his inanity.

At least Arnab Goswami takes serious subjects and then belittles his guests and doesn’t let them speak or insults them openly and tells them to have shame and resign. In contrast, the Piers Morgans of the world, failures in so many ways, try to ignite a fire with a wet matchstick and hope that they can get under your skin with trivia, and then tell you to have shame and resign.

That they sometimes succeed is unfortunate because it gives them fuel to keep going. Perhaps (even though Virender Sehwag more than put him in place) we should have considered just letting him pass like wind after a big lunch. There is a bit of a pong, right.

The man is tedious. He is tiresome. He is a knucklehead and his opinion counts for diddley. Being anti-Indian, for the 'perfect Brit' that he is, one can understand his ire. Indians have taken over Britain. No fish and chips old boy, just balti and tandoori.

This reality must be so galling that Mr Morgan is compelled by his own sense of inadequacies to go into attack mode.

The only reason why I am writing this is not to give him more publicity but to suggest that we treat him with the contempt he deserves and not rise to his bait.

That would drive the Morgans of the world crazy with frustration.

Piers who?

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Updated Date: Aug 25, 2016 11:48:25 IST

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