World T20, England vs Sri Lanka as it happened: England overcome Mathews' fightback to enter semis

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World T20, England vs Sri Lanka as it happened: England overcome Mathews' fightback to enter semis
  • 23:10 (IST)

    England will face New Zealand in the semi-finals. And the winner of India vs Australia will face West Indies. It was thriller tonight, when it shouldn't have been. Jos Buttler was the Man of the Match for his hard-hitting. 

    That's all from us on the night. Join us tomorrow for India vs Australia, the decider of 4th semi-finalist. 

  • 23:02 (IST)

    Someone looks confident

  • 23:01 (IST)

    Now the India vs Australia game tomorrow will decide who will join New Zealand, West Indies and England in the semi-finals.

  • 23:00 (IST)

    Mathews fought the good fight, he made 73 off 54, 3 fours and 5 sixes. But couldn't take them to the good end. 

  • 22:59 (IST)

    It's all over for Sri Lanka, excellent over from Stokes. England are through to the semi-finals of the World T20 , they join New Zealand and West Indies. Consequently it's also over for South Africa. 

  • 22:57 (IST)

    Brilliant bowling from Ben Stokes. Yorker, dot ball. 11 off 2. Two sixes needed.

  • 22:56 (IST)

    Another double! Mathews scoops it over Rashid at short fine leg, but the ball is collected before it reaches the rope. 11 off 3

  • 22:55 (IST)

    Mathews, limping, hurting completes a double with some luck too. 

  • 22:54 (IST)

    DOT BALL! Full toss, but nothing comes off it

  • 22:54 (IST)

    Mathews on strike, what an innings it has been from him. can he do it for Sri Lanka.

  • 22:53 (IST)

    After 19 overs,Sri Lanka 157/8 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 69 , )

    OUT! Herath is bowled! Jordan sends the stumps flying. Last over now. 15 runs needed of 6 balls

  • 22:50 (IST)

    You jinxed it.

  • 22:49 (IST)

    THE CHASE: 17 runs with 3 wickets and 9 balls remaining

  • 22:49 (IST)

    OUT! WHAT A CATCH FROM JOE ROOT! Shanaka is out! He goes after his cameo 15 off 9 balls, 2 fours and a six. What now from here?

  • 22:47 (IST)

    Four: Shanaka opens the face of his bat and eases a full and wide delivery to third man for four.

  • 22:46 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Sri Lanka 150/6 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 67 , Dasun Shanaka 11)

    SHANAKA, SIX! Mathews appears to asking the all-rounder from the non-strikers end to hit anything! And he has. He shifts in his crease and sends Willey for high six ober long-on. And then follows up with four on the last ball. another good over for Sri Lanka, 12 off it. This match takes the award for turning from boring to thrilling over time. Just 22 off 12 balls

  • 22:41 (IST)

    After 17 overs,Sri Lanka 138/6 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 66 , Dasun Shanaka 0)

    Shanaka comes in, can he partner Mathews to a famous and fighting Sri Lanka win? 34 off 18 now! Just 6 off that last over. Sri Lanka need one more big over.

  • 22:39 (IST)

    OUT! Perera goes! Perera in hunt for another boundary, drives Jordan but finds Willey on mid-off. The rejuvenating partnership comes to an end, Perera and Mathews put 42 runs in the space of just 3.4 overs!

  • 22:37 (IST)

    The spinners have got a hiding!

  • 22:36 (IST)

    This is getting bloody interesting, apologires for the early dismissal 

  • 22:35 (IST)

    After 16 overs,Sri Lanka 132/5 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 65 , Thisara Perera 16)

    Mathews goes on SIX spree! He picks up Moeen Ali on his first ball up and tonks a huge one over long on. Just the next ball, he slogs another one to mid-wicket for maximum! Cricket, bloody hell! Mathews is playing a peach of an innings here, and he's doing it with one leg! And Perera joins the six party as well, He lofts Ali for a straight six. THREE SIXES OFF THE OVER! 21 runs off it, what an over for Sri Lanka, they are right back in it.  40 off 24 more.

  • 22:30 (IST)

    After 15 overs,Sri Lanka 111/5 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 50 , Thisara Perera 10)

    Fifty comes up for Angelo Mathews, even as he struggles to run that single. Looks like he has pulled his right hamstring. A brave half-century in the face of adversity. 50 off 40 balls, 3 fours and 3 sixes. But the chase remains a steep one: 61 needed of 30 balls, just 5 off that over from Willey.

  • 22:25 (IST)

    After 14 overs,Sri Lanka 106/5 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 48 , Thisara Perera 8)

    Thisara Perera goes into attack mode right from the start. He picks up Moeen Ali and sends the ball sailing to wide mid-wicket boundary for SIX! 66 more runs needed of 36 balls.

  • 22:22 (IST)

    Thisara Perera the new man in. Mathews playing on 46. 75 needed off 40

  • 22:20 (IST)

    OUT! Kapugedera departs! Plunkett ends the vital partnership. The batsman hooks a short one mile high into the air, didn't get much bat on it, Stokes holds on to it not far from the square leg boundary. The 80-run partnership comes to an end. Kapugedera departs on 30 off 27

  • 22:16 (IST)

    After 12 overs,Sri Lanka 89/4 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 44 , Chamara Kapugedera 25)

    Three huge sixes in the over! One from Kapugedera and two from Mathews! Big over for the Lankans. Can they see this through. At least their partnership is making one ask that question. Mathews hit the first one over long-on. Then Rashid lofts the soncd one over covers. And Mathews finally goes again over long-on. 21 rusn off the over. What a breather for Sri Lanka. 84 runs needed off 48 balls.

  • 22:12 (IST)

    After 11 overs,Sri Lanka 67/4 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 31 , Chamara Kapugedera 17)

    Mathews and Kapugedera bring up the 50 partnership at a ticking pace. And that partnership was under threat, but Morgan dropped Mathews at extra cover. It was high and fying fast, tough one to hold on to. 

  • 22:06 (IST)

    After 10 overs,Sri Lanka 59/4 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 25 , Chamara Kapugedera 15)

    Fifty up for Sri Lanka. And Mathews sends a huge six straight off Rashid into the high tiers! MASSIVE! However, it hardly dents the RRR. The captain continues his fight. A bit of a partnership going on here, 44 runs added in 7 overs. But a long way to go.

  • 21:59 (IST)

    After 8 overs,Sri Lanka 46/4 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 16 , Chamara Kapugedera 12)

    A much needed boundary for Sri Lanka. Kapugedera slashes it to deep-extra cover for four, first boundary in the last 3 overs. The RRR is climbing, beyond 10 now, and Sri Lanka seem like they have given up. They need a miracle to turn things around. And they've been short on miracles since Sangakkara and Jayawardene retired.

  • 21:48 (IST)

    After 5 overs,Sri Lanka 28/4 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 10 , Chamara Kapugedera 2)

    11 runs off the over, Sri Lanka captain Mathews is fighting. Hits two fours off Jordan on first two balls. But this hardly makes things better for Sri Lanak, and even South Africa. 

  • 21:37 (IST)

    After 3 overs,Sri Lanka 15/4 ( Angelo Mathews (C) 0 , )

    OUT! Thirimanne is run-out by Stokes Sri Lanka have lost it, it's safe to say Sri Lanka and South Africa are on their way to be knocked out of World T20. The Proteas must be shaking their heads looking at the TV. 

  • 21:34 (IST)

    SIX and OUT! Siriwardana departs. First he oulls Willey for a maximum over deep mid-wicket, and then hits straight into the hands of Morgan at extra cover looking for another boundary. Third wicket down. Disaster for Sri Lanka.

  • 21:26 (IST)

    OUT! Chandimal walks too! That is a horrible attempt at a shot from Chandimal, ball was way outside off, almost asking him to leave it alone. But Chandimal walks out and takes a  swipe at it, edges it to the keeper. Very stupid batting. Sri Lanka in a swamp

  • 21:24 (IST)

    After 1 overs,Sri Lanka 3/1 ( Dinesh Chandimal (W) 1 , Milinda Siriwardana 0)

    Just the start Sri Lanka didn't want. Just 3 runs off that over and a wicket of Dilshan.

  • 21:21 (IST)

    OUT! Dilshan departs. He slogs Willey to square leg, but it's a poor shot and it sails straight into Hales' hands. Poor start for Sri Lanka. 

  • 21:19 (IST)

    David Willey is first up

  • 21:19 (IST)

    Chandimal and Dilshan are out to open for Sri Lanka. Can they chase down 172?

  • 21:12 (IST)

    New Zealand on a roll.

  • 21:04 (IST)


  • 21:01 (IST)

    After 20 overs,England 171/4 ( Jos Buttler (W) 66 , Ben Stokes 6)

    After 62 off the last 4 overs, England get 10 off the last over, courtesy that last-ball six by Stokes on his first time on strike. Smashes a full one to mid-wicket for maximum. England reach 171, a good batting effort and a testing total. Sri Lankan batsmen have a job on their hands now. But good news, the entire South African team is behind them. 

  • 20:56 (IST)

    OUT! And Morgan goes. Good sidekick-innings to Buttler. He's run-out 22 off 16. Back to the seas for Captain Morgan.

  • 20:55 (IST)

    Captain Morgan on strike for the last over, who takes a deep puff of his pipe, looks at the gentle fire and reflects on the days when his both legs were intact.

  • 20:54 (IST)

    After 19 overs,England 161/3 ( Jos Buttler (W) 63 , Eoin Morgan (C) 22)

    Buttler is serving boundaries. First he cuts Chameera to four and then belts a short one over long for a 97-metre six. 15 off that penultimate over.

  • 20:49 (IST)

    England need to choke today for South Africa to be able to do the same in semi-finals.

  • 20:48 (IST)

    After 18 overs,England 146/3 ( Jos Buttler (W) 51 , Eoin Morgan (C) 20)

    The Morgan-Buttler partnership reaches 51 in just 31 balls. And Buttler continues making short-change of Lankan bowlers. He reaches his 50 himself, an explosive half-century off just 28 balls, 7 fours and a six, after a four and a six off Shanaka in the over. First he sends a full toss (why are Lankans still bowling that?) through extra cover for four, and then bangs a full one over long-on for six. Sensational T20 batting. 

  • 20:43 (IST)

    After 17 overs,England 131/3 ( Jos Buttler (W) 36 , Eoin Morgan (C) 20)

    Disaster for Sri Lanka, three fours from the over as Buttler shows his brutish side. He whiplash'd a full toss from Chameera to extra cover, a Bolt to the boundary. And he doesn't rest there. He sends one over mid on for four, and then one to point on a no ball. Sri Lanka take a sigh of relief when nothing interesting comes off the free-hit. 14 off the over. England now in fifth gear.

  • 20:37 (IST)

    After 16 overs,England 117/3 ( Jos Buttler (W) 23 , Eoin Morgan (C) 20)

    Morgan, you pirate! He gets it going again for England. A four and six, back-to-back, off Perera. First, a flick down leg for four, then a beautiful inside-out loft to wide long-off for six. He quickly moves to 20 off 12. Big over for England, 18 off it.

  • 20:33 (IST)

    After 15 overs,England 99/3 ( Jos Buttler (W) 22 , Eoin Morgan (C) 5)

    England has slowed down a bit with the arrival of Morgan, or should we say, with the departure of Roy. Just 18 runs off the last 3 overs. No boundaries either in that space

  • 20:30 (IST)

  • 20:27 (IST)

    Captain Morgan is here. That sounds like he has just anchored his vessel, and is now resting his left wooden-leg and smoking his pipe at a fireplace of a port-side grimy bar. Arrrr.

Match preview:

New Delhi: England will look to reach the World Twenty20 semi-finals with a hat-trick of wins as they face Sri Lanka in a crucial clash at the Ferozeshah Kotla here on Saturday.

England have four points from three matches in Group 1, with wins over South Africa and Afghanistan, albeit with hardships. On the other end, Sri Lanka have two points from two matches and with a win on Saturday they will look to keep their campaign alive.

World T20, England vs Sri Lanka as it happened: England overcome Mathews fightback to enter semis

Can England seal their semi-final berth? AP

So far in this group, no team has reached the semi-finals. However, it could change later on Friday when the West Indies, with four points, take on South Africa, who have two points.

And the result of Friday's match will change the permutations in the race to the semi-finals and England and Sri Lanka, both will be feeling added pressure. However, both the teams need to focus on their performances as nothing short of victory will help either team’s bid to go through to the next round.

England might be feeling relieved after surviving a scare against Afghanistan. They relied on their lower order to bail the team out of trouble while batting before the bowlers put up a good show to defend the 142/7 total.

In their opener, even though their batting clicked, the bowlers had a tormenting day in trying to contain West Indian Chris Gayle. The batsmen repeated their act again in a successful chase against South Africa. However when the batsmen faltered against Afghanistan here, their bowlers were brilliant.

"We haven't had a match so far where all the three departments did well. It means our best is yet to come and when it (when all the departments do well in a match) happens, we will be a hard team to beat," England batsman Joe Root said at the pre-match press conference.

England clearly did not read the conditions anywhere near as accurately as needed in the match against Afghanistan, expecting a turner when the pitch at the Kotla was merely slow and low, with the ball skidding through.

"Being from England, you've got to work it out pretty quick and be quite smart," said Root. "You can make assumptions the day before the game, but it's about what you do when you're out there. We have to be clear how the pitch is going to play.

"Ultimately, it’s about playing the situation in front of you, reading the wicket, reading the score if you’re chasing, and making sure you’re working with your partner to whittle it down and take the game away from the opposition.”

England's opposition, Sri Lanka have flown a bit under the radar in this tournament despite being the defending champions, and the loss of pace spearhead Lasith Malinga to injury has largely lowered expectations.

But, if anything, their bowling attack had done a job. It will certainly be looking to use the slow bowlers -- turn or no turn -- to put some doubts in English minds. They will like to exploit England's batsmen's weaknesses against spinners, mainly through veteran left-armer Rangana Herath.

Apart from Herath, leg-spinner Jeffrey Vandersay has shown that he is capable up putting together a disciplined spell of bowling. And, as always, Tillakaratne Dilshan lurks in the shadows, his off-spin a serious option to throw England off their game, perhaps even early on.

“We had six days rest," said batsman Dinesh Chandimal. "Two of those days were total rest -- without training. It was for the players to concentrate on their own games. To watch videos of them batting well, and to analyse where they went wrong.

“In those days, we also made a lot of plans about how to challenge England. There will be a few small changes. Those changes will also be made to surprise them. We are hopeful we can give them a good game.”

However, Sri Lanka will have to solve their batting woes, especially the middle-order, as admitted by Chandimal. The form of Chamara Kapugedera has been a worry, while Milinda Siriwardana hasn't show the confidence.

If Dilshan and Angelo Mathews don't fire, it could be a problem for the islanders, who also have been struggling with the net run rate.


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