Humans of Olympics: Meet Scots Stewart and George, in Rio to cheer their canoeist friends


They draw attention wherever they go. Not because of their pasty white colour or the Union Jack that they carry around, but because they walk around in what Brazilians think are skirts, and what they traditionally call the kilt.

The two came to Rio to watch the Summer Games, but especially to cheer their slalom canoeist pals Richard Hounslow and David Florence. The pair won their second consecutive team silver in canoe slalom, and Stewart and George were around to see that.

Stewart, whose wife is from Chennai, loves to travel but hates the fact that his skin reacts to the change in weather and geography by going all red on him within 24 hours of him leaving Edinburgh. “Even if I go to London, I go all red,” he says. “In Rio, it is a little better now as I have been here for a week.”

Updated Date: Aug 16, 2016 15:59 PM

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