Highlights US Open 2018 Men's final: Novak Djokovic wins 14th Grand Slam championship against Juan Martin Del Potro

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Highlights US Open 2018 Men's final: Novak Djokovic wins 14th Grand Slam championship against Juan Martin Del Potro
  • 06:16 (IST)

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  • 06:12 (IST)

    The 2018 Men's Grand Slam winners!

  • 06:11 (IST)

    The 2018 Women's Grand Slam winners!

  • 06:03 (IST)

    The 2018 US Open champions!

  • 05:56 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic's 14 Grand Slam titles

  • 05:34 (IST)

    2018 US Open champion Novak Djokovic speaks

    I want to attribute this win to the support of my loved ones. To my kids, wife and my small team who have been there with me. When I had my surgery on my elbow, I realised what Juan Martin was going through and I tried hard to get back into this position.

    On 14th Grand Slam title and tying with Pete Sampras on all-time list: I was hoping he was going to be here tonight but he's not so I just want to say, I love you Pete and I hope to see you soon.

    On Del Potro: I also want to say congratulations to Juan Martin for what he has done over the past four-five years coming back from his wrist injuries and to have faith and belief in himself. I know that he will return here and become champion again.

    On the fans: It felt like a football match with Argentine fans on one side and Serbian fans on one side. The fans were excellent and were supportive of both players and never went over the line.

  • 05:32 (IST)

    Juan Martin Del Potro speaks

    On what he would say to his fans: It's not easy to speak right now, but I love you too guys. I'm so happy to be playing in the final against this magnificent idol. He's one of my friends and I want to watch him win titles. I'm sad to lose but I'm happy for him and his team.

    On coming back after his wrist injuries: I never gave up during my wrist problems. I was trying to get through my injuries to return and it took nine years, but I'm here. The US Open is my favourite tournament.

  • 05:19 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic wins 2018 US Open title

    Juan Martin Del Potro is in tears. The Argentine slumps on his seat and wraps a towel around his head and weeps. Djokovic, back after celebrating with his team, spends some time with Del Potro. 

  • 05:16 (IST)

    The moment when Novak Djokovic won his third US Open title

  • 05:15 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic is the 2018 US Open champion!

    Djokovic beats Juan Martin Del Potro 6-3, 7-6 (4), 6-3

    He has done it! Novak Djokovic beats Juan Martin Del Potro to win his third US Open title and ties Pete Sampras in third place for most Grand Slams won with 14 to his name. Brilliant comeback by Djokovic in 2018. Struggled at the Australian and French Opens but roared back to claim the Wimbledon crown and adds the US Open title to cap off a stunning year. 

  • 05:05 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, (4) 6-7, 3-5*

    Djokovic breaks and he's just a game away from winning the 2018 US Open title! A couple of backhand errors coupled with a rare double fault gives Djokovic two breakpoints. And with Del Potro sending his backhand sailing wide, Djokovic moves within a game of winning the match and the title. No reactions from the Serb though.

  • 04:59 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, (4) 6-7, *3-4

    A tricky hold for Djokovic there. Del Potro, with the crowd on his side and becoming vocal again, hit some of his powerful forehands but Djokovic defended well. In the end, the Serb holds and moves to within two games of winning his third US Open title.

  • 04:53 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, (4) 6-7, 3-3*

    Del Potro consolidates his break with an easy hold to 15. We are back on serve in the third set!

  • 04:48 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, (4) 6-7, *2-3

    Djokovic challenges a line call on the first point and gets the decision reversed in his favour. Brilliant defence from Del Potro as Djokovic progressively advances to the net with each shot. Del Potro, though, gets a brilliant crosscourt forehand winner on the run which impresses Djokovic too. Del Potro saves a couple of game points before getting the break with a forehand volleyed winner at the net. Can he get the set back on serve now?

  • 04:37 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, (4) 6-7, 1-3*

    At 0-15, Djokovic does incredibly well to get to a Del Potro forehand and reply with a forehand of his own. Del Potro, at the net, is surprised by the pace on the shot and can't get the timing of the volley off his ankles right to give Djokovic a 0-30 lead. The Argentine battles back to 30-30 but Djokovic gets an opportunity to break, Delpo responds with a very good service winner to get to deuce. What follows is simply incredible from Djokovic. Brilliant defence from the Serb to stay in the rally and after frustrating Del Potro, he gets another break point opportunity. He is pumped up and then gets the break. 

  • 04:32 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, (4) 6-7, *1-2

    Djokovic starts off with an ace and then goes 40-15. Del Potro threatens to get it to deuce but Djokovic gets the hold with forehand smash at the net.

  • 04:26 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, (4) 6-7, 1-1*

    Del Potro gets the hold. The intensity has dropped off considerably from the last set. Both from the players, as well as the crowd.

  • 04:23 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, (4) 6-7, *0-1

    Djokovic starts off the third set with a tricky hold. Del Potro isn't giving up so soon.

  • 04:12 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic wins the second set!

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, (4) 6-7, 0-0*

    Three breaks on the trot to start the tie-breaker. Del Potro nets his forehand but Djokovic loses his serve with a backhand to the net and then Del Potro hits a forehand winner to take a 2-1 lead. A blistering forehand winner is followed by a forehand to the net from Del Potro which is really frustrating from the Argentine. His forehand fails him a couple of more times and Djokovic breaks him twice to take the second set 7-6 (4) on tie-break. 

  • 03:58 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, *6-6

    Djokovic holds and we need a tie-breaker to decide the winner of the second set.

  • 03:58 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, 6-5*

    It has piped down after the fast and raucous start with fans being vocal about their support for Del Potro, Djokovic has still managed to tune all that out, or at least not let his game drop despite the hostile crowd and stay in the set. That is not good news for Del Potro who gets a hold to 15. Djokovic will now serve to take this set onto tie-break.

  • 03:51 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, *5-5

    Djokovic gets a comfortable hold. 

  • 03:48 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, 5-4*


  • 03:47 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, 5-4*

    Expecting another long game, many fans stream out of the stadium to get their bladders emptied and beers refilled. Del Potro makes short work of it with an easy hold. Djokovic angrily remonstrates angrily towards his box to netting his backhand at game point.

  • 03:45 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, *4-4

    Well that was long. A 20-minute hold from Djokovic there. Del Potro had three breakpoint opportunities there but couldn't convert. Towards the end of the rally, a new ball is introduced to replace one that was lost. Djokovic isn't happy and asks the umpire to get it in the next game prompting jeers and whistles from the crowd. Del Potro backs Djokovic and we resume. The Serb finally gets the hold. Whew!

  • 03:22 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, 4-3*

    What an impact the crowd has had on the match. Two games ago, it felt like Djokovic would run away with the match but Del Potro consolidates his break with a lightning-quick love-hold. Djokovic, to say the least, is very angry with how the crowd support has turned the tide. Between points, he lets out another angry rant at the crowd, which won't make things better for him.

  • 03:18 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, *3-3

    Del Potro breaks and he is fired up! Djokovic clearly unhappy with the crowd's support for Del Potro. It all started with Del Potro blasting a forehand winner and let out a roar. That fired up the crowd and the chair umpire had to repeatedly ask the crowd to calm down and allow Djokovic to serve. Del Potro gets to breakpoint but Djokovic saves it and gestures to crowd to stay quiet before letting out a stream of words to express his anger. Del Potro gets another breakpoint and this time converts it. The crowd at Arthur Ashe is up on its feet. 

  • 03:09 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, 2-3*

    A roar goes up from the crowd as Del Potro holds. At 30-15, Del Potro sends one of his blistering forehands deep into the corner sure of winning the point but Djokovic somehow gets to it and gets his return over the net. He sprints over to the other corner but can't return this time. Del Potro gets the hold two points lates with a backhand winner.

  • 03:03 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, *1-3

    And Djokovic consolidates the break with another easy hold. 

  • 02:56 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, 1-2*

    At 30-15, Del Potro tries the tweener but Djokovic wins the point with a smash shot at the net. Del Potro concedes a breakpoint opportunity with a long forehand and Djokovic converts to go a break up in the second set! 

  • 02:52 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, *1-1

    Djokovic is now getting points off Del Potro's forehand now. Three on the trot and Djokovic is up 40-0. He loses a point after sending a backhand to the net with Del Potro at the net. Del Potro comes to the net on the next point too but Djokovic powers a backhand winner past him to get the hold.

  • 02:49 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, 1-0*

    That was a difficult hold for Del Potro. Djokovic has momentum and also a psychological edge over Del Potro. The Serb is exerting his authority on the court and is fetching the ball deep off the Delpo forehands and gets two breakpoint opportunities. Del Potro saves both and gets the hold but you can feel that he is on the backfoot now. 

  • 02:38 (IST)

    Novak Djokovic wins the first set!

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-6, *0-0

    Djokovic holds to win the first set 6-3. The Serb started slowly with Del Potro dominating with his booming forehands. But he adapted and looked to keep the rallies to Del Potro's backhand and is rewarded for his approach.

  • 02:31 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-5*

    Del Potro races to a 40-0 lead hitting the first ace of the match along the way. However, he lets Djokovic into the game by two uncharacteristic forehands hit long. Djokovic then comes up with a brilliant deep running forehand which Del Potro nets. Djokovic, on the up now, perseveres and gets the break! He will now serve for the first set!

  • 02:24 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic *3-4

    But Del Potro can't add to his six points won off the Djokovic serve as the Serb closes out a love-hold with a blazing forehand winner from the net.

  • 02:23 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 3-3*

    Another easy hold for Del Potro. Djokovic has only manged to win two points off Del Potro's serve whereas Del Potro has managed six. 

  • 02:17 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic *2-3

    A comfortable hold to 15 from Djokovic. He has been challenging Del Potro's forehand, which is the Argentine's weapon, with mixed results so far. But positive play from the Serb. 

  • 02:12 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 2-2*

    Del Potro starts off with a 105 mph forehand winner. Djokovic needs to find a solution to Del Potro's serve and forehand combo as the Argentine gets another point off it. Delpo wraps up another easy hold with a backhand winner. 

  • 02:09 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic *1-2

    Djokovic starts the game with a forehand hit wide. He challenges the call but there was comfortable daylight between line and ball. Delpo makes it 0-30 with a forehand smash at the net. But he follows it up with two backhand slices to the net to get Djokovic back in the game. At 40-30, Del Potro unleashes his forehands and gets the point with a winner beyond Djokovic. Djokovic responds with a pinpoint forehand winner of his own and wraps up the hold with another forehand beyond Del Potro. 

  • 02:00 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 1-1*

    Very good service hold for Del Potro. Starts and ends with big serves out which sets up the points in his favour. Gets the hold to love with a booming forehand winner. 

  • 01:57 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic *0-1

    Djokovic forced to wait to serve as fans in the crowd don't quiet down in time. A short first rally ends with Djokovic nets his forehand but gets it right on the next point to win it. Del Potro, on the backfoot, almost manages to get a backhand past Djokovic at the net but it lands behind the baseline. Djokovic holds to win the first game.

  • 01:52 (IST)

    Del Potro vs Djokovic 0-0*

    Ready? Play! Novak Djokovic will serve first.

  • 01:47 (IST)

    Juan Martin Del Potro vs Novak Djokovic

    Del Potro and Djokovic are out at the Arthur Ashe Stadium!

    Speaking ahead of the match, Djokovic said, "It is one of the biggest matches of the year. I've worked very hard to get here after injury so I am going to enjoy."

    Del Potro, playing in his first Grand Slam final since the 2009 US Open final, said, "It is an amazing feeling and I am glad to be back here. I have to play my best tennis ever to beat Djokovic today. He is the favourite to win today."

  • 01:38 (IST)

    History not on Del Potro's side

    Juan Martin Del Potro has met Novak Djokovic 18 times in his career but has only won four times. The duo have met four times in Grand Slams with the Serbian winning all four meetings. Will Del Potro's travelling group of supporters from Tandil spur their hometown hero to a second Grand Slam title?

  • 01:23 (IST)

    Coco Vandeweghe and Ashleigh Barty are the 2018 US Open women's doubles champions!

  • 01:11 (IST)

    Driven by new-found self-belief, Novak Djokovic aims to overcome Juan Martin del Potro challenge in final

    This hard court season, fresh off a straight-sets title win at the Cincinnati Masters over Roger Federer, Djokovic will be nothing short of triumphant as he goes into the finals at Flushing Meadows.

    Now ranked sixth, Djokovic sees the numbers firmly in his favour as he fights for his third US Open title against Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina. Most importantly, Djokovic has perhaps his biggest weapon of all back – his self-belief.

    Read Anuradha Santhanam on Novak Djokovic's resurgence.

  • 01:07 (IST)

    With recharged batteries, comeback kings Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin Del Potro to fight for glory

    The title will mean different things for the two players. For Djokovic, confirmation that he is well and truly back in the big league. For Del Potro, a chance to finally put away his career ghosts of ‘what might have been.' Read Deepti Patwardhan's preview of the final.

  • 01:02 (IST)

    Hello and welcome to Firstpost's LIVE blog for the US Open Men's singles final 2018. Two former champions – Serbia's Novak Djokovic locking horns against Argentina's Juan Martin del Potro. After a controersial final in the women's draw on Saturday, here's to hoping that tonight's final goes by without any incidents.

Preview: Novak Djokovic can equal Pete Sampras's record of 14 Grand Slam titles when he faces Juan Martin del Potro in Sunday's US Open final where friendship will be put to one side in pursuit of unfinished business.

Djokovic is into his eighth final in New York where he was champion in 2011 and 2015.

But the 31-year-old Serb has also suffered five heartbreaking defeats in 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2016.

Del Potro won his only Slam at the tournament in 2009, memorably defeating Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer back-to-back to achieve the goal.

His career then famously suffered an injury-plagued nosedive which pushed him to the brink of retirement three years ago.

For Djokovic, another appearance in the final at Flushing Meadows looked unlikely just three months ago.

A quarter-final defeat at Roland Garros, where he had completed the career Grand Slam in 2016, left him in deep despair, threatening even to skip Wimbledon.

It was the latest setback to his motivation already dealt bodyblows by an elbow injury which forced him to skip last year's US Open and contributed to a last-16 exit at January's Australian Open.

But the man hardened by the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 showed his inner steel by confounding everybody by racing to a fourth Wimbledon title in July.

Just as at the All England Club, principle rivals Federer and Nadal departed New York earlier than expected, paving the way for Djokovic to eat further into their legacy.

Almost perfect

As well as going level with Sampras on Sunday, a win for Djokovic would put him just three majors behind Nadal and six back from Federer who is six years older.

After needing two four-setters in the opening two rounds, Djokovic has glided into the final, his 23rd at the Slams.

He has dropped serve just five times – three of those coming in the first two rounds.

He also enjoys an impressive head-to-head record over the 29-year-old Del Potro, winning 14 of their 18 matches.

That includes all four meetings at the Slams.

"He's a gentle giant," said Djokovic of his giant Argentine opponent.

"He nurtures the right values in life. He cares about his family. He cares about his friends. He respects everyone.

"He fights every match from the first to the last point. He treats others the way he wants others to treat him. I think that's why people love him."

Del Potro will be playing in just his second final at the majors.

When he swept to the 2009 title in New York, he was just 20 years old and expected to establish himself as a permanent rival to Djokovic, Federer and Nadal.

But as those three carved up the Slams between them – 50 in total – Del Potro spent more time on the operating table than on the courts.

Three wrist surgeries caused him to miss 10 Grand Slam events and by the end of 2015, his world ranking had plummeted to 581.

"The worst moment was in 2015 when I was close to quitting because I couldn't find a way to fix my wrist problems," he said.

"I was suffering a lot. I got depressed for a couple of months also."

This year, Del Potro has lurked as a major threat, beating Federer for the Indian Wells Masters title and making the semi-finals at Roland Garros and last-eight at Wimbledon.

"I didn't expect to get this kind of emotions playing tennis again. Reaching finals, winning titles, having my highest ranking ever in this moment, everything is almost perfect," he said.

With inputs from Agencies.

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