Highlights, UEFA Champions League Final, Real Madrid vs Liverpool: Los Blancos win third consecutive title

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Highlights, UEFA Champions League Final, Real Madrid vs Liverpool: Los Blancos win third consecutive title
  • 02:32 (IST)

    So Real Madrid win their third successive and overall 13th Champions League title at the expense of Liverpool. Cristiano Ronaldo adds a fifth Champions League title to his trophy cabinet. That's it from us here at Firstpost. Thank you for joining us. Goodbye!

  • 02:22 (IST)

    Real Madrid win the Champions League

  • 02:21 (IST)

    Real Madrid win the Champions League

    Jordan Henderson leads his Liverpool side to the stage to collect their runners-up medals. The Real Madrid players console their fallen rivals. No Mohamed Salah but Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain makes his way to the stage on crutches. Lorius Karius takes off his medal as soon as it touches his neck. You've got to feel for him.

  • 02:19 (IST)

    Real Madrid win the Champions League

  • 02:18 (IST)

    Real Madrid win the Champions League

  • 02:17 (IST)

    Real Madrid win the Champions League

  • 02:16 (IST)

    Real Madrid win the Champions League

    Lorius Karius is inconsolable. The German keeper apologises to the Liverpool fans and the Liverpool fans applaud their keeper despite his two blunders giving Real the title. Class.

  • Real Madrid win the Champions League

    Zidane smiles. He becomes the first manager to win three consecutive European Cups and equals Carlos Ancelotti and Bob Paisley. It's an anti-climatic finish. Ronaldo is in the penalty box, but, out of nowhere, a fan invades the pitch and the referee halts the game. It's all but the last action of the game. Karius sinks to his knees, in despair and disgrace, but no Liverpool player goes over to console him. Bale does. Madrid retain the Champions League. They don't even seem ecstatic about it.

  • 02:13 (IST)


    Peep peep peeeeep! That's it! Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 to win their third consecutive Champions League title! Two stunning Gareth Bale goals and two horrendous errors from Lorius Karius see Liverpool's magical Champions League run come to an hear-breaking end. 

  • 90+2 RM 3-1 LIV

    The game is up for Liverpool. Madrid were not per se superior, but those two Karius howlers decided the final.

  • 02:07 (IST)

    90` RM 3-1 LIV

    Benzema goes off to a standing ovation as Marco Asensio comes on in place of Real's first goal scorer. It is all but over for Liverpool now. 

  • 02:05 (IST)

    87` RM 3-1 LIV

  • 85` RM 3-1 LIV

    Real's experience is showing here. Liverpool are still dangerous when going forward, but they are seeing less and less of the ball. Time is running out. And, oh dear, Karius. That's the European Cup for Madrid. It's an awkward shot from Bale, but that should never be a goal. Madrid's fans are buoyant now. Forget about Salah, forget about Bale's masterpiece, this is the hideous Karius final. The Liverpool fans offer a rendition of 'You Never Walk Alone.' Klopp looks miffed.

  • 02:03 (IST)


    Another costly error from Lorius Karius! Gareth Bale cuts in from the right and hits a dipping and swerving shot from 25 yards. Karius was perfectly positioned to catch it but somehow manages to spill the ball and let it bounce off his shoulder and into goal. Van Dijk collapses as soon as the ball hits the back of the net. Terrible from Karius.

  • 01:59 (IST)

    81` RM 2-1 LIV

    What a pass and what a save! Real go on the counter with Bale, He spots Benzema's unmarked run on the left and whips in a delightful ball over the top from the outside of his boot. Benzema shoots but Karius makes a flying save to deny the Frenchman.

  • 01:56 (IST)

    78` RM 2-1 LIV

    With 12 minutes to go Real are doing really well to hold off any Liverpool attacks. Liverpool clearly look short of ideas at the moment. Jurgen Klopp has gone to the bench to consult with his assistants on the next course of action. 

  • 73` RM 2-1 LIV

    Ronaldo is not in prime form, is he? Clean through on goal, he is too slow and sluggish and Robertson can prevent him from scoring Madrid's third. It is great last-minute intervention, but the Portuguese should really have done better. He has got fifteen minutes left to get his goal...

  • 01:49 (IST)

    70` RM 2-1 LIV

    Mane hits the post! The Senegalese forward comes mighty close to levelling it up again for Liverpool with a low shot from outside. Navas was clearly beaten there. 

  • 01:42 (IST)


    If Cristiano can do it, so can Bale! The Welshman scores with a stunning overhead kick just minutes after coming on. Zinedine Zidane, himself a scorer of brilliant Champions League final goals, simply can't believe it. What a way to introduce yourself into the match!

  • 01:37 (IST)

    60` RM 1-1 LIV

    First unforced change of the match as Zinedine Zidane sends on Gareth Bale in place of Isco. 

  • 01:35 (IST)

    59` RM 1-1 LIV

  • 01:34 (IST)

    58` RM 1-1 LIV

  • 01:33 (IST)


    Liverpool hit back quickly! Lovren rises the highest to head the ball towards goal from Milner's corner. Mane is quick to react and tow poke it past Navas. The Liverpool fans, stunned just minutes before, have found their voices again. Game on!

  • 01:29 (IST)


    That is going to haunt Karius for the rest of his life! Benzema charges down a long ball but the Liverpool keeper catches it. He looks to roll the ball out quickly but Benzema sticks his leg out and the ball rolls into the back of the net as Karius watches in horror. A goal out of nothing really!

  • 01:25 (IST)

    47` RM 0-0 LIV

    And we almost have one! Isco hits the bar! Ronaldo and Marcelo combine for Real but it is a poor clearance from Lallana that provides Isco with a shot at goal. With Karius closing him down, Isco's chipped-volley smacks the crossbar before a Liverpool defender smashes it out for a corner.

  • 01:22 (IST)

    46` RM 0- LIV

    Real Madrid get us underway in the second half. Here's to hoping that we see some goals in the second half. 

  • 01:14 (IST)

    HT. RM 0-0 LIV

  • 01:14 (IST)

    HT. RM 0-0 LIV

  • HT. RM 0-0 LIV

    Klopp is energetic on the touchline, but he must be worried. Real Madrid are dominant. They even had the ball in the back of the net, but a very good call to disallow Karim Benzema's rebound goal. The half-time whistle goes, but everyone is still trying to digest Salah's injury. Ramos has now been cast as the pantomime villain of the final. Liverpool need the break to regroup, Madrid will be confident going into the dressing room. Fair to say this hasn't been a classic so far.

  • 01:03 (IST)

    45+1` RM 0-0 LIV

    Three minutes added on by the referee. Liverpool have been on the backfoot ever since Salah's departure. 

  • 01:01 (IST)

    43` RM 0-0 LIV

    GOOoooooaaallll? Nope. Benzema denied by the offside flag. Terrific save from Karius to keep out Ronaldo's header. De Gea-esque. Benzema tucks the ball in from the rebound but is offside. In fact, looks like Ronaldo was also offside in the buildup. 

  • 40` RM 0-0 LIV

    It's a strange final all of a sudden. Everyone is stunned. Klopp looked stunned, Zidane looked stunned. Salah and Carjaval both left the pitch in tears. Madrid in control now. 

  • 00:52 (IST)

    34` RM 0-0 LIV

    Another injury and another teary footballer. This time it is Carvajal. The Real right-back went down and he looks to have damaged his Achilles. He lies face-down on the field and is inconsolable as he walks off the pitch. Nacho comes on in his place.

  • 32` RM 0-0 LIV

    Hammer blow for Liverpool, but let's be honest, that was a professional assassination by Sergio Ramos. With all his experience in the dark arts, he has knocked Salah out of the game. Liverpool look shocked. Lallana has come on to replace the Egyptian and Sadio Mane is switching sides.

  • 00:48 (IST)

    30` RM 0-0 LIV

    Oh dear. This does not look good. Salah looked to have shrugged off his injury but it looks like his match is over. The first Egyptian to play in the Champions League final is in tears. Adam Lallana comes on to replace him. A massive massive blow for Liverpool.

  • 00:43 (IST)

    25` RM 0- LIV

    Oooh! Salah is down after getting entangled with Sergio Ramos. Looks to have damaged his left shoulder there.

  • 00:42 (IST)

    23` RM 0-0 LIV

    Excellent save from Navas to deny TAA. Milner's cutback from the left finds Firmino in the box. The No 9 swivels and shoots but his shot is blocked. The ball comes to a charging TAA who unleashes a ferocious shot. Navas is quick to get down low and hang on to the ball. Liverpool looking more likely to score first.

  • 21` RM 0-0 LIV

    Well, the kings of Europe are being hustled and rushed here. Marcelo had a meek attempt towards goal and Madrid are trying to impose their normal pace and rhythm, but they are having difficulties. Liverpool want to keep playing at breakneck speed. Here comes Ronaldo with an incursion! Real danger and his first sniff of the game almost puts the Spanish one up. Liverpool have been warned. Almost 20 minutes in and no goals! The footballing gods have deceived us.

  • 00:36 (IST)

    18` RM 0-0 LIV

    A careless back pass from Carvajal gifts Liverpool a corner. Salah swings it towards the far post. Navas comes off his line to collect but he has horribly misjudged the hight of the ball. Van Dijk gets his head to the ball but it flies over goal. 

  • 00:33 (IST)

    15` RM 0-0 LIV

    Madrid's defence holds firm as first Mane and then Salah look to get a shot on target. Firmino gets on the end of Salah's blocked shot but he's shepherded away from goal by Carvajal. Liverpool manage to get the ball to the other wing to Alexander-Arnold. TAA crosses but Navas flies to punch the cross out. On the counter, Ronaldo sprints inside the box and he gets close to givng Real the lead but his shot from the right flies over Karius' goal.

  • 00:29 (IST)

    11` RM 0-0 LIV

    After a quick start from the Reds, Madrid now with more possession of the ball. And just as I type it, the Liverpool press forces Kroos to lose possession. However, the German stops the Liverpool counter with a cynical hack on Mane.

  • 9` RM 0-0 LIV

    A very fast start and Mohammed Salah in the tick of it. He has already shown that he is so much more than just a goal scorer. Varane mopped up with a crucial intervention. Liverpool have seized the initiative, which is not a surprise, but can they maintain this intensity and pressing for the whole game? Are Real struggling here? Perhaps, but they haven't conceded a major chance yet. The Spanish can also counter at lightning speed.

  • 00:25 (IST)

    7` RM 0-0 LIV

    It's all Liverpool in the opening stages. Mane looks to chase down a long ball with Varane blocking his path. Navas comes way out of his box to try and clear it and somehow makes a hash of it. Thankfully, Marcelo hoofs it away before Salah can get to the ball.

  • 00:23 (IST)

    5` RM 0-0 LIV

    Madrid get on the attack and Carvajal swings in a cross but Karius comes out to punch it away. On the other end, Ramos fouls Salah on the edge of the box to give Liverpool a chance to take the lead. From the free kick, Milner cuts it back to Salah who makes space to shoot but Modric blocks it. 

  • 00:19 (IST)

    1` RM 0-0 LIV

    And we're off! Liverpool get the ball rolling. 

  • Real Madrid vs Liverpool

    Not to be hyperbolic, but this was a long build-up. At long last, it can begin. The atmosphere is absolutely stormy in Kyiv. Game on!

  • Real Madrid vs Liverpool

    The teams walk out to a packed Olympic Stadium.

  • Real Madrid vs Liverpool

    This is a most romantic of finals, but brace yourself for another tedious opening ceremony. There I said it! It is presented by Pepsi.

  • Real Madrid v Liverpool

    A quick word on this games' two superstars. It's wrong to obsess over two players in a team sport, but then football is a sport of grand scale, all-consuming heroes, the likes of, well, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has great finals pedigree. He scored the winning penalty in 2014 and two last year against Juventus. He can invisible all night long and then suddenly pop up to do what he has done best in his thirties, score. Salah is part of the great Liverpool blitz, that electrical surge forward. He should be able to exploit Marcelo's defensive weaknesses, but there is always Ramos, who can double up, to contend with it as well. There has been a slight adaption with Madrid. These days they like to push you back and keep possession, to load balls into the box knowing Ronaldo will eventually find the tiny pocket of air he requires to combination punch the ball into the back of the net. With Liverpool, the best moments have all been about the surge and the blitz, led so often by Salah.

  • Real Madrid v Liverpool

    It's time for the club anthems. Klopp watches on as 'You Never Walks Alone' takes over Kiev. It's a wonderful sight.

Preview: For once in a Champions League final, Cristiano Ronaldo will yield some of the spotlight to another player sweeping up adulation and personal acclaim.

While five-time world player of the year Ronaldo is chasing a record fifth Champions League triumph, and fourth with Real Madrid, Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah is chasing a first. Not just a first Champions League success, but a first major title in football in his maiden cup final.

Victory in Kiev's Olympic Stadium on Saturday would be a fitting climax to an astonishing debut season at Liverpool for Salah. A season when the Egyptian seized his second chance at a Premier League club with gusto after a faltering spell at Chelsea.

Salah has had such a devastating impact that he poses a serious threat to the decade of dominance of the world player of the year award by Ronaldo and Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

"Comparing players with Ronaldo and Messi is something you can't do," Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos said on Friday. "They're in another orbit. There are players who are in fashion, those who come and go and others who stay around.

"Salah is a top player, that's clear. He's shown that this year and he's got a great chance to show that over the next few years as Ronaldo and Messi have done — but the day after tomorrow."

While lacking the flashy touch of Ronaldo, and presenting the image of a more modest lifestyle on social media, the "Egyptian King" is as adept at harnessing his commercial appeal. In recent weeks, Salah could be found at news conferences promoting a cellphone company, a logistics firm and taxi service. No wonder Salah is making the most of his newly-elevated status in the global game. In 2014, when Ronaldo reached the first of his four Champions League finals with Madrid, Salah was just completing his first five months drifting in and out of the Chelsea team.

Salah never settled and was eventually discarded by the west London club after only 13 appearances under Jose Mourinho. In Italy, a career stalling was reignited at Roma and Liverpool came calling last year.

Few could have imagined Salah's impact, powering the five-time European champions to their first Champions League final in 11 years with 11 goals in a run that began in the playoff round. Ronaldo eclipsed Salah in the competition with 15 goals after starting out in the group stage.

But both Salah and Ronaldo stand locked on 44 goals for the season in all competitions heading into the final. So potent is the 33-year-old Ronaldo, he only required 43 games. Salah, who is eight years younger, played eight more than the Portuguese.

"He's the best," Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said of Ronaldo, "and he proves it every year."

Particularly in Europe, where Ronaldo is the all-time leading Champions League scorer with 120 goals. Real Madrid is seeking a record-extending 13th European club title.

"When you're at this club you cannot take your foot off the gas, least of all in this competition," Ronaldo said. "I love that side of it because it motivates me a lot."

While Madrid and Liverpool are contesting the biggest prize in club football, they were far off the pace in their home leagues.

Third in the Premier League still represented progress for Liverpool under Juergen Klopp, who previously finished sixth, eighth and fourth.

But Madrid regressed in La Liga, surrendering its title with a third-place finish. Madrid has won the Champions League three times in the last four years, with two produced by Zidane early into his first managerial job. It might take retaining the European Cup for Zidane to remain in the post.

"To reach a final is not easy," Zidane reminded his critics. "This is beautiful. This is my passion, I've always been a good competitor, I like to compete and behind all that is a lot of hard work. Not only on my part but also the players. If you like to compete and want to work hard you can achieve what we are doing."

Klopp's grip on the Liverpool job will not be impacted by Saturday's result but victory would put the brakes on a run of five cup finals losses, including in the 2013 Champions League decider to Bayern Munich while Borussia Dortmund manager.

"I know how I lost the finals, it didn't change my life," said Klopp, a two-time Bundesliga champion with Dortmund. "It's not that I wake up every morning and think, 'Wow. That was a big chance.'"

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