Highlights, UEFA Champions league final 2019, Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool: Liverpool win sixth Champions League title

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Highlights, UEFA Champions league final 2019, Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool: Liverpool win sixth Champions League title
  • 03:02 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners

    We'll leave with you with this image of Jordan Henderson, so often criticised by fans and pundits alike, lifting the Champions League trophy as Liverpool captain.

    Thank you for joining us tonight! Good night! 

  • 02:54 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners

  • 02:52 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners

    A touching tribute from Alberto Moreno for Jose Antonio Reyes.

  • 02:50 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners

    Savour the moment Liverpool fans! You deserve it!

  • 02:49 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners

  • 02:47 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners

  • 02:45 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners!

    A serene atmosphere at the Wanda. The champions of Europe are celebrating! On that note, I bid you farewell.

  • 02:44 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners!

    The Spurs players, many of them in tears, trudge on to the podium to collect their runners-up medals. Most of them refuse to wear it around their necks and walk off. Take nothing away from Spurs' run this season. 

  • 02:41 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners!

    This is a brilliant gesture from Des Kelly.

  • 02:39 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners!

  • 02:38 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners!

    Amazing scenes in Madrid!

  • 02:37 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners!

    His Lakers side might not have made it to the NBA Finals but LeBron James has something to be happy about!

  • 02:35 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners!

  • 02:34 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners!

  • 02:31 (IST)

    Liverpool are 2019 Champions League winners!

    Peep peep! That is it. It was not the grand spectacle football fans had anticipated. Virgil van Dijk has been announced as the man of the match. That is indicative of how this game panned out. Mettle won Liverpool the European Cup - not the kind of blitzkrieg and barnstorming football they tend to play. There was always a danger that this final was never going to match the hype after all the drama in the last four and that is precisely what transpired.

  • 02:31 (IST)


    Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 to win the 2019 Champions League title! Goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi were enough for Liverpool to get past a tired Spurs side and clinch their sixth Champions League title.

  • 02:26 (IST)

    90+3` Spurs 0-2

    Five minutes added on after the end of the 90 minutes. You'll Never Walk Alone rings out at the Wanda Metropolitano. Brilliant scenes in Madrid!

  • 02:23 (IST)

    88` Spurs 0-2 Liverpool 

    Delirium in the Liverpool end. They serenade the Belgian striker, who has won them the European Cup. Absolute madness. The Reds have put in one of their worst performances but will lift the trophy.

  • 02:22 (IST)

    87` GOAL! Divock Origi doubles Liverpool's lead!

    Origi has surely won Liverpool their sixth Champions League title! The ball finds its way to Origi after Spurs fail to clear from a Liverpool corner. The unmarked Belgian fires in a low shot beyond Lloris to all but win it for Liverpool.

  • 02:20 (IST)

    84` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Alisson denies Eriksen with a flying save! LeBron James knows hoe big he has been for Liverpool tonight!

  • 02:16 (IST)

    83` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Spurs get a free kick on the edge of the box on the left after Milner brings down Rose. Spurs players want a penalty but replays show that the foul occurred just outside the box.

  • 02:15 (IST)

    82` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Those six lost finals have had a bearing on Klopp. His Liverpool have been very defensive and cautious. Divock Origi is helping out in defence. It is very much a 4-5-1 out of possession. Salah is the only one with a license to stay in front of the ball.

  • 02:15 (IST)

    79` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Son and Moura force Alisson into making a couple of difficult saves within seconds. Son from distance with venom forcing Alisson to parry the ball away. The ball is recycled to Lucas inside the box and he shoots from the outside of his right boot. Alisson dives quickly to his right and hangs on to the ball.

  • 02:11 (IST)

    76` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Son charges through the Liverpool defence and is almost through on goal. Almost because Virgil Van Dijk, that colossus of  a man, matches him stride for stride and gets in a good tackle to put the ball behind.

  • 02:09 (IST)

    75` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Sterile football. Low on quality. That said, space is opening up. Legs are tiring in this heat. It could still be an absorbing last 15 minutes with a lot of tension. Tottenham will have to roll the dice at some point.

  • 02:08 (IST)

    74` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Alli looks to curl the ball above and beyond Alisson but the ball falls into the Liverpool goalkeeper's arms. Mousa Sissoko can't continue anymore and he comes off with Eric Dier coming on.

  • 02:07 (IST)

    71` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Alisson finds Salah with a brilliant pass and the Egyptian is on his bike racing towards the Spurs goal. He looks to play in Origi but the ball takes a couple of nicks off Spurs players and fall onto Mane's path. Alderweireld is on hand to boot the ball away to safety. Trippier, Sissoko and Rose go down injured.

  • 02:05 (IST)

    70` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Oh this doesn't look good for Spurs. Three of their players are down on the pitch nursing different injuries. Spurs make a rare attacking foray and the Liverpool defence can only watch as Trippier gets on the end off a long ball down the right and play a dangerous cross. However, there is no player in white to attack it. He gets another go but Allison grabs it. 

  • 02:02 (IST)

    68` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    James Milner comes so close to making it 2-0 for Liverpool! He finds himself in the box with the ball at his feet. He shifts it on to his left and lets go off a rasping drive. Lloris is caught napping but the ball fortunately rolls just past the post.

  • 01:59 (IST)

    66` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    And right on cue, Pochettino brings on Lucas Moura. Harry Winks is the one to come off much to our surprise. It looked like Dele Alli or Harry Kane would be hauled off. Poch gambling with an extra goal threat. With Winks gone, the job will become more difficult for Sissoko in the middle of the park.

  • 01:56 (IST)

    63` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Lucas Moura time or is Pochettino holding out for that one moment of Kane brilliance that admittedly seems far off?

  • 01:56 (IST)

    62` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    A second change for Liverpool as Gini Wijnaldum makes way for the experienced James Milner. 

  • 01:55 (IST)

    60` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    It's becoming a snooze fest. Klopp has no hesitation in taking off Firmino, who offered too little and didn't look fit (hint Mauricio!). When he plays badly, Liverpool tend to play badly. Safe to say that's been confirmed tonight. Liverpool are taking the sting out of the game. This is a face we don't get to see so often from the Reds. There is a lot of steel and solidity behind all the attacking prowess.

  • 01:54 (IST)

    59`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    First change of the match and it is Liverpool who make it. The ineffective Roberto Firmino is replaced by Divcok Origi. Jurgen Klopp has a quick pep talk with the Belgian.

  • 01:51 (IST)

    57`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    This time it is Son who tries to put in a cross from the right only to be blocked by Robertson once again. Allison charges from his line to punch the ball away. Not a good punch as the ball falls to Rose who looks primed to rip one into the top corner. But his shot is blocked behind for another corner. Alderweireld rise highest but can only send his header above goal.

  • 01:48 (IST)

    54`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Scrappy. The final has failed to ignite and you fear that it will stay this way. Then again, who am I to defy the football gods? This season has seen so many dramatic twists and turns. The Londoners are trying to set the tempo. Liverpool are, seemingly, careful to not score a second goal and invoke an Ajax scenario. After 55 minutes, Tottenham still haven't registered a shot on target.

  • 01:48 (IST)

    55`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Robertson puts in a delightful cross from the left towards Mane but Lloris gets ahead of the Senegalese forward and pounces on the ball. Liverpool getting ever so close to a second.

  • 01:47 (IST)

    53`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Salah barrels in on the Spurs goal and tries to curl in from 10 yards out. Vertongen gets his leg out to block the shot. 

  • 01:45 (IST)

    51`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Quick play from Spurs to have a go at Liverpool. Eriksen, on the left, sees Harry Winks running unmarked into the box and finds him accurately. Winks tries to jinx past Robertson but the Liverpool left-back comes away with the ball once again. Good solid defending from the Scotsman.

  • 01:43 (IST)

    50`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Matip and Van Dijk have been solid tonight like they have been for Liverpool this season. They have done well to maintain that high line and not allow the likes of Alli and Son to get behind them. 


  • 01:40 (IST)

    47`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Kane runs at the Liverpool defence and sends in a low cross across the box but the ball flashes just in front of Son. Kane needs to turn up in this half to justify his selection tonight.

  • 01:38 (IST)

    46`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    And the players are out for the second half. A huge roar again from the Liverpool end when Alisson sprints on to the field. Lucas Moura had been warming up during the first half so will Pochettino show his hand early in the second half? Here is a stat for you to contemplate: Liverpool have completed 101 passes; their fewest in the first half of a game across all competitions this season.

  • 01:37 (IST)

    46`! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Jurgen Klopp is the first one to emerge from the tunnel and looks calm. Poch, on the other hand, hurries on to his seat on the bench. Spurs get us underway in the second half.

  • 01:34 (IST)

    Halftime! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Poch's decision to start with Kane might come back to haunt him

  • 01:33 (IST)

    Halftime! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool


  • 01:31 (IST)

    Halftime! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Do Spurs have it in them to mount a comeback once again this season?

  • 01:27 (IST)

    Halftime! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Both teams have been below their best. Tottenham have offered very little in attack. Has Kane been on the pitch even? Liverpool have protected their lead mostly. Klopp has taken a sensible and cautious approach, but you can almost see that they haven't had a game in the last three weeks.

  • 01:26 (IST)

    Halftime! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Spurs have had no shots on target so far and have only two attempts to show for their 61% possession. Cagey affair so far.

  • 01:24 (IST)

    Halftime! Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    A flat first half that reminded us of Baku. You wonder how the game would have panned out without that early goal? The first 45 minutes have been imprecise and slow, perhaps illustrated by Christian Eriksen's shot in the last minute. In a decent shooting position, he blasted it over. No composure and no bravura. That sums up this first half. This game is on course to be the worst final since 2007 and Liverpool defeating AC Milan. Finals tend to be bad. We have been spoiled off late (except in Baku of course) so maybe this was destined to happen. Then again, it would be low-key finish to a fantastic Champions League season.

  • 01:19 (IST)

    44` Spurs 0-1 Liverpool

    Eriksen gets in a good position outside the Liverpool box and has a go at goal with his weaker left foot. He manages to clear Allison, the goal and the first row in the stand with his attempt. 

Preview: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has a midfield conundrum and his Tottenham Hotspur counterpart Mauricio Pochettino must decide whether Harry Kane is ready for action as both bosses face selection dilemmas for Saturday's Champions League final.

The unusually long, almost three-week, break between the end of the Premier League season and the European final in Madrid has allowed injury worries to ease for both managers - but that only adds to the difficult decisions that will have to be made.

For Klopp, who has seen Brazilian forward Roberto Firmino return to fitness in time for the clash at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, there is probably only one big call to make.

The German is likely to stick with his trusted back-four from the title run-in with Joel Matip partnering Virgil van Dijk in the centre of defence.

With Firmino expected to start — Klopp said this week that the striker "should be fine" — then Liverpool will be able to use their preferred attacking 'trident' with Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah playing either side of the Brazilian.

That would, however, mean no place in the starting lineup for Belgian forward Divock Origi, who scored twice in the 4-0 crushing of Barcelona in the semi-final, second leg.

Brazilian Fabinho has made the deep, holding midfield role his own and Dutch midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum, who also claimed a brace against Barcelona, is likely to play just ahead of him.

That leaves one more midfield slot with two English players competing for one place — James Milner and Jordan Henderson.

Picking Milner would make a lot of sense from a tactical point of view as he is capable of temporarily tucking into the left-back role to cover Andy Robertson when the Scotsman charges forward.

Yet Henderson is Liverpool’s captain and has delivered some strong displays of his own this season and it would be a massive blow to him should Klopp leave him on the bench for the big game.

Fully-fit Kane

The long wait for this game has benefited Spurs in particular with striker Kane recovering from his ankle injury and declaring himself fit and ready.

A fully-fit Kane would surely start but Pochettino will have to decide whether his top scorer is 'match fit' after seven weeks on the sidelines.

If Kane does start — in tandem with South Korean forward Son Heung-min, who has struck 20 goals this season — then that could well mean no starting place for Lucas Moura.

That would be a cruel decision, however, after the Brazilian’s sensational hat-trick in the semi-final, second-leg win over Ajax Amsterdam which took Spurs to Madrid, but the Argentine coach has never flinched from such calls.

Moura could then be held in reserve as an impact substitute, a role that would take full advantage of his devastating pace.

Pochettino has utilised a number of different formations this season though and he could play a similar three-pronged attack to Liverpool with Son and Moura playing wide roles and Kane down the middle.

That variation would require Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli to play deeper midfield roles than they normally prefer — although both have done so at different times this season.

Presuming though that Pochettino opts for a four-man midfield then Moussa Sissoko is likely to the deepest with Harry Winks playing just ahead of him. A more cautious option would be to ask Victor Wanyama to partner Sissoko.

With inputs from Reuters

Updated Date: Jun 02, 2019 03:03:39 IST