Highlights NBA Finals, Game 3, Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers: Stephen Curry and Co take 3-0 lead with 118-113 win

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Highlights NBA Finals, Game 3, Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers: Stephen Curry and Co take 3-0 lead with 118-113 win
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    That's it from us in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. We hope it was an entertaining for you as it was for us. Join us for Game 4 on Saturday. Goodbye.

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  • 09:46 (IST)

    Looks like the Warriors have the backing of chess royalty.

  • 09:38 (IST)

    Here's the post-match press conference.

  • 09:29 (IST)

    Here's that dagger to the Cavaliers' heart from Kevin Durant.

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    Warriors 118-113 Cavs, Warriors clinch Game 3 

    This is heartbreaking for the Cavs to say the least. They were leading with 38 seconds remaining. But KD let loose a three-pointer to turn Game 3 on its head! The Warriors take a 3-0 lead.

  • 09:15 (IST)

    Warriors 116-113 Cavs

    And with seconds remaining, the Warriors have extended this to a three-point lead. That's harsh!

  • 09:14 (IST)

    Warriors 114-113 Cavs 

    KD from downtown with 38 seconds remaining! That three-pointer just gave the Warriors the lead! 

  • 09:11 (IST)

    Warriors 111-113 Cavs

    With 1:15 remaining, it's now a two-point game as Durant scores.

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    Kyrie Irving's shot hangs around on the rim for what seems like an eternity but doesn't go in. Irving then claims a rebound despite being on the ground.  

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    Warriors 107-113 Cavs

    JR Smith nails a three when his team needs it the most! But how good was that pass from James with just over three minutes left!

  • 09:05 (IST)

    Uncle Drew is a ledge.

  • 09:04 (IST)

    Incredible defence from James and Love to block a KD two-pointer. Cavs still leading with minutes remaining in Game 3. Can they hold on?

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    Warriors 107-108 Cavs 

    And now Klay Thompson comes to the party with a three-pointer to reduce this to a one-point game with 4:40 remaining in the 4th quarter. 

  • 08:58 (IST)

    WHAT. A. MAN! Kyrie Irving is putting on a show! He beats Klay Thompson, scores and earns a freethrow.

  • 08:55 (IST)

    Kevin Love and JR Smith growing into the game. 

  • 08:53 (IST)

    Like puns? Here:

  • 08:51 (IST)

    Warriors 99-104 Cavs

    KD with an easy two. But LeBron drives and scores two.

  • 08:48 (IST)

    LeBron just passed Jordan!

  • 08:47 (IST)

    Kyrie's stepping it up!

  • 08:45 (IST)

    Warriors 93-100 Cavs

    Kevin Love shoots another three-pointer to help Cavs touch 100 with 9:02 left in Game 3.

  • 08:43 (IST)

    Warriors 93-97 Cavs

    Iguodala steals and throws it to Klay Thompson. Two points easy!

  • 08:42 (IST)

    Warriors 91-97 Cavs

    James nails a three-pointer. That's 35 points from him tonight. We still have just over 10 minutes left in Game 3.

  • 08:40 (IST)

    #ICYMI: Here's that drive to the paint from Kyrie.

  • 08:39 (IST)

    Warriors 89-94 Cavs, End of third quarter.

    What an immense quarter from the Cavs.The rest of their players have finally stepped it up and relieved the pressure off LeBron James' shoulders. We still have 12 minutes left in Game 3.

  • 08:33 (IST)

    Warriors 87-94 Cavs

    HOW! Incredible minute of play sees LeBron nail two, then score twice as the Cavs take their biggest lead in the NBA Finals.

  • 08:31 (IST)

    Warriors 86-88 Cavs

    And now Kyle Korver nails a three-pointer. The Cavs are stepping it up in this quarter.

  • 08:24 (IST)

    Warriors 80-80 Cavs

    The teams are now level with 5:36 left on the clock in the third quarter.

  • 08:23 (IST)

    The importance of JR Smith

  • 08:22 (IST)

    Steph just reminding people that's he on the court too.

  • 08:21 (IST)

    Is anyone else as pumped up as Draymond Green right now?

  • 08:20 (IST)

    James striding past people in the charts today. Here's another one.

  • 08:18 (IST)

    Warriors 76-78 Cavs 

    Irving drives to the paint for the umpteenth time and nails his two-pointer with 6:55 on the clock in the third quarter.

  • 08:17 (IST)

    Warriors 72-74 Cavs

    JR Smith now finds his jumper! Another three-pointer from the Cavs has them take the lead again. 

  • 08:15 (IST)

    Warriors 69-71 Cavs

    And Cavs wrest the lead! Kevin Love has been struggling all night from the perimeter but hits a sweet three-pointer to hand his side the lead for the first time since early in the 1st quarter.

  • 08:12 (IST)

    Warriors 69-68 Cavs. 

    Whatever the pep-talk was that Lue gave at half-time, it's working. The Cavs have reduced this to a one-point game as Kyrie Irving drives to the paint and sets up a two-pointer.

  • 08:10 (IST)

    On being asked what went wrong for his side in that half, Cavs coach Lue told the on-court NBA reporter, "We're breaking down mentally."

  • 08:08 (IST)

    And we're off in the third quarter.

  • 08:05 (IST)

    Here's what ails the Cavs.

  • 08:02 (IST)

    Stepping it up!

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    Where's the support?

  • 07:56 (IST)

    The move of the day so far. Agree?

  • 07:54 (IST)

    Stat: Warriors had 21 assists in the first half. Cavaliers? Only six.

  • 07:53 (IST)

    The buzzer beater from Kyrie Irving can only limit the damage so much. Warriors lead 67-61 after the first half. 21 for Klay, 16 for Durant and 14 for Curry.

  • 07:51 (IST)

    Warriors 67-61 Cavs. End of 2nd quarter

    Kyrie 'Uncle Drew' Irving races from the halfway line, does a slick pirouette, drives to the paint and beats three Warriors men to score a two with a buzzer-beater!  

  • 07:49 (IST)

    Warriors 67-59 Cavs 

    And just as we said that, Irving drives to the paint and scores a two. But Klay Thompson shoots a three-pointer and then Curry shoots from downtown to extend their lead to the biggest margin of the quarter.

LeBron James isn't changing his game. Tyronn Lue isn't changing his lineup. The Cavaliers aren't slowing down.

Defiant in the face of a 2-0 deficit to the postseason-perfect Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the defending champions are sticking with their plan.

They may have no choice.

Kevin Durant, left, drives on LeBron James during Game 2 of NBA Finals. AP

Kevin Durant, left, drives on LeBron James during Game 2 of NBA Finals. AP

Back home after being outrun and outgunned by the Warriors, who won Games 1 and 2 at Oracle Arena by a combined 41 points, the Cavs find themselves in the same predicament they were in last year. This time, though, the hole feels deeper mostly because Kevin Durant is now leading a team seeking revenge after blowing a 3-1 lead to Cleveland in last year's Finals.

To this point, chapter three of Cleveland vs Golden State, a Finals dubbed "The Three-Match" has been a mismatch.

Still, Lue, the Cavs' cool-under-pressure coach, believes his team can equal the Warriors' frenetic pace and flip the script as it did in 2016.

"We just have to take care of the basketball," Lue said Tuesday after the Cavs practiced at Quicken Loans Arena. "I think taking good shots when we're playing with pace and not turning the basketball over, letting them get out in transition. So that's our game. We're not going to change our game because of who we're playing. And I'm confident that we can play that way, and we did it last year.

"A lot of people said we couldn't. But that's our game. That's who we are. And we're not going to change just because we're playing Golden State."

One of the options Lue has heading into Wednesday's Game 3 is to bench struggling starting guard JR Smith for Iman Shumpert, who played well defensively in Game 2 but wore himself out guarding Durant and needed IV fluids afterward.

Smith drained a 3-pointer for the series' first basket, but hasn't scored since. He's just 1 of 6 from the field, and for some strange reason, one of the game's most confident shooters has been hesitant to let his jumper fly.

Lue, though, is staying with Smith, who said his wife, Jewel, offered advice on how to end his slump.

"She had a great idea for me," he said. "She told me every time I touch it, shoot it."

That's how the Warriors seem to be playing.

Golden State's break-neck speed on offense has been a sight to behold. With unmatched firepower, the Warriors are pushing the pace and the Cavaliers to exhaustion.

According to ESPN's research, the pace of play in the first two games was faster than in any of James' previous 212 career postseason games. And, the first quarter in which the Warriors outscored the Cavs 40-34 and the teams combined for 130 possessions, was the fastest James' career — regular or postseason — spanning 5,100 quarters.

It's no wonder James, who has been his typically dominant self, averaging 28.5 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists, stopped attacking in the second half. He was gassed, and the Cavs couldn't keep up as the Warriors scored 132 despite 20 turnovers.

Cleveland prefers to play at a high tempo as well, and while that would seem to play into a trap with Golden State, Lue and James were adamant the Cavs aren't pumping their brakes.

"That's not our game. We don't play slowdown basketball," James said. "We play at our pace. We play our game. We got to this point playing our way. We have won a lot of games playing the way we play, so we're not going to change."

However, what has to change is production from Cleveland's role players. James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are doing their part, but Cleveland's Big 3 isn't getting enough support.

Tristan Thompson has been neutralized as the Warriors are devoting multiple players to keep Cleveland's relentless rebounder off the boards. Sharpshooter Kyle Korver is just 1 of 6 on 3s, backup point guard Deron Williams is scoreless in 33 minutes and Richard Jefferson, two weeks shy of his 37th birthday, is the only reserve contributing more than expected.

In real time, Cleveland's two losses in Oakland looked lopsided, but Irving said the tape revealed some positives.

"When you watch it, it doesn't necessarily seem as bad because you understand that the things that you can't control," he said. "They're just kind of boneheaded plays that you are just like, 'Oh, man, we can be better.' Whether they're speeding us up or whether they're getting in our chest or challenging us, we need to hit back. And it's just as simple as that."

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