Highlights IPL final 2017, MI vs RPS match result in Hyderabad: Mumbai win the title by 1 run

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Highlights IPL final 2017, MI vs RPS match result in Hyderabad: Mumbai win the title by 1 run
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    So that brings to an end of this blog. 60 matches and 47 days later, we finally have a winner. It is the first time since 2008, that the table toppers have managed to win the title. The Indian Premier League might have come to an end, but the Champions Trophy is only a few days away. We will bring you all the action and we hope you join us. Till then, goodbye and cheers. 

  • Ben Stokes becomes the second player to win player of tournament award in a debut season of IPL after Shane Watson (2008).

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    Mumbai Indians' skipper, Rohit Sharma: To be honest, I was quite nervous but guys pulled off a great game. To be able to come out and defend 130 was a huge effort. I am very happy. Not much really, we never really needed to change our bowling plans. We bowled great variations. A lot of credit to the bowling unit. When you have bowlers like Bumrah and Malinga in the side, the belief is always there. Our spinners too, throughout the season, have been bowling well.  

  • 00:39 (IST)

    Rising Pune Supergiant captain, Steven Smith: Its a hard one to swallow. Proud of the boys. A lot of credit should go to Mumbai as well. 130 was an under-par score, but they fought well. They bowled beautifully. I thought Johnson was magnificent. Bumrah and Malinga were very good as well. We had some wickets in hand and it was probably only one or two overs to get over the mark. But their bowlers did a terrific job to restrict this total. It is a great tournament and I have learned so much from it. 

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    Ben Stokes grabs the Most Valuable Player of IPL 2017 award. 

  • 00:34 (IST)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets the Purple Cap for scalping the most number of wickets in IPL 2017 - 26 wickets. 

  • 00:33 (IST)

    The Orange Cap is handed over to David Warner for scoring the most number of runs in IPL 2017 - 641. 

  • 00:30 (IST)

    Glenn Maxwell wins the award for hitting the most number of sixes in the season. 

  • 00:29 (IST)

    Gujarat Lions win the Fair Playaward.


  • 00:28 (IST)

    Basil Thampi wins the Emerging player of the tournament award.

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  • Most finals won in T20 cricket:
    8 - Sialkot Stallions 

  • MI stayed in the game throughout with their bowling. No team wanted to deliver the finishing punch too soon. In the end MI held their nerves better and had better skills at the end. Having Malinga, Bumrah and Johnson to bowl the last three overs is gold in a pressure game. How important were those runs in the end from Krunal Pandya? MI were put on the back foot early but decided to just stay in the game as long as possible. RPS made tough work of a regulation chase there. Someone had to take a few more risks in the middle overs to avoid too much pressure at the end. A great season for them though especially after losing a lot of games early in the season. The team showed great character in reaching surprising everyone and reaching the final.

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    Man of the Match, Krunal Pandya: I feel really amazing that I have performed in both the last two matches. The wicket was on the slower side so I knew that 130 would be a good total for our bowlers. Amazing a dream come true, playing my first IPL final and winning the Man of the Match trophy. All credit goes to Nitin Patel (physio) who made sure that I will be fit to play the final. 

    This was my reaction after Christian managed to get just two runs while needing four off the last ball. To be honest, I wasn't the only one with such an expression written all over my face. The crowd was predominantly supporting Pune, and quite a few of them still are shell shocked even as I type this. 
    It was meant to be an epic showdown between the two top dogs of the tournament, and that is exactly what the fans got -- a contest worth every cent. Smith and Dhoni adopted the right approach of saving wickets for the end, but did not get the intermittent boundaries that often, which eventually built the pressure. It took some outstanding bowling by the pace trio of Johnson, Bumrah and Malinga to clinch it for them in the end. 
    Mumbai are now the most successful side in the history of the league, with three title wins. 

  • 00:05 (IST)

    Shane Bond: It is exciting. We spoke before the game about the leaders stepping up. Bumrah is a brilliant young bowler. Great to work with him and he stepped up on the biggest stage.

  • Welcome to professional sport. Joy, heartbreak, fortune, victory, defeat. All wrapped up in 240 balls. Incredible finish, and full value for money for the Hyderabad crowd, but many in Pune will be disappointed. 

  • Points table position-wise winners in IPL:
    1st - 2008, 2017*
    2nd -  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
    3rd - 2010, 2016
    4th - 2009
    Part of most IPL final wins: Rohit Sharma (4) 
    Most wins in IPL final as a captain: Rohit Sharma (3)

  • What a finish. Sensational scenes at Hyderabad. After Malinga, it's Johnson turning back the years. The final over had everything. Early boundary, dropped catch, misfield of the final bowl, a missed run out chance from Parthiv, a last-ball run out. And somehow right at the end MI managed to edge past Pune by the slimmest of margins. Johnson erred with his length on the first ball but bowled five near perfect deliveries at the end.

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    Sachin Tendulkar: Amazing! It was simply amazing. At the break time, we discussed a little things. Mahela gave a good speech. We believed we can pull it off. We bowled well and the fielding was also brilliant. I always believed in the phrase Once a champion, always a champion He's (Malinga) one guy who can change the game. 

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    Mahela Jayawardene (Mumbai Indians' coach): It was (a tough match). Guys showed a lot of composure. It is like a marathon, it doesn't depend on the start but on the finish and we finished well. We always felt that we had experienced bowlers so we decided to bat first. Our bowlers came back really well to win the game for us. 

  • 23:57 (IST)

    Ambati Rayudu: Couldn't contribute much with the bat. But that catch (of Smith) will stay with him forever. 

  • 23:55 (IST)

    Parthiv Patel: I was batting well throughout the season. Whenever we have got good starts we have posted a big score. Before the innings started, we knew that SRH had defended scores here. I think the Pune batsmen took it too deep. 

  • 23:55 (IST)

    Jasprit Bumrah: The ball was reversing, we needed a wicket at that time. Mahi bhai's wicket was the crucial wicket because he can be dangerous in these situations. After the first innings, we always wanted to fight because we were short on runs. Our bowling effort was brilliant.

  • 23:53 (IST)

    Karn Sharma: I didn't perform well last year but the team backed me well and I performed so I am happy.

    Lendl Simmons: The runs were on the board, there was scoreboard pressure and that is what helped us.

  • 23:50 (IST)

    Smith must have felt gutted when Rayudu held that -- he really hit it sweet as anything, and there was acres of room on the off side, with all fielders in the ring except one.

    Washington Sundar the new man. Johnson gets the yorker perfectly, outside off, Sundar can't put bat to it but Christian runs with the ball, and they sneak the single. Parthiv should have seen that coming.

    Six now to get, two balls left. Christian on strike, and amazingly, he is yet to face a single ball, now he has two to face and has to get six runs off them.

    Johnson around the wicket and on middle, Christian flicks, in the air, Hardik races in from the deep, dives headlong, gets both hands to the ball and spills it, and they run two. Very tough catch, but Hardik is among the ebst fielders in the league and has taken many far more difficult ones.

    Four now needed off the last ball of the match. Johnson around the wicket, and Christian swings, out on the on side, they take two, they take on the throw for the third but can't make it as the throw comes in and Parthiv takes the bails off, and Mumbai win by a single run off the last ball of the match.

    Amazing result for MI, who looked done and dusted not merely at the halfway stage, but even after the first ten overs of the chase. Having batted as if suffering from a collective attack of nerves, MI got it all back together in the final quarter of the game, bowled, fielded for all they were worth, and ended up deserving their third title.

    Smith, and Dhoni, and indeed all the RPS boys, must be feeling gutted -- they beat MI thrice in this IPL, what a time to get pipped at the post, chasing a modest ask.

  • 23:47 (IST)

    That is it! Mumbai Indians edge Rising Pune Supergiant by 1 run to win their third Indian Premier League title. What a match! Celebrations all around, they have finally managed to finish the Pune hoodoo. The Mumbai players are in a huddle and jumping around. What a splendid final over from Mitchell Johnson. Steven Smith can't beleive his luck. 

  • 23:45 (IST)

    Johnson bowls a full ball and Washington misses it compeletly. A fumble from Patel allows Christian to run through. Christian takes a couple on the fifth ball as Hardik Pandya puts down a tough chance at deep mid-wicket. 4 off 1.

  • 23:43 (IST)

    Mitchell Johnson to bowl the final over, defending 10 runs. Tiwary on strike. Over the wicket, angling in just back of length, Tiwary goes down on his knee and pulls it off his chest, four behind square, what a heck of a shot under immense pressure, that from Tiwary. 

    Ball two, and Tiwary backs away, lofts, but doesn't get hold of that properly, it was bouncing on him and all the batsman can do is hit it straight to Pollard on the boundary at long on. Got a bit cramped there, Tiwary. 7 now off four needed.

    Dan Christian the new man, but it is Smith on strike to ball three from Johnson as the batsmen crossed while that hit was in the air.

    Every time the camera pans to the crowd, it is to pick out someone praying as if their life depends on it. Johnson now around the wicket to Smith and WICKET!!!!

    That was fullish in length, Smith got under it and lofted the drive, and clinically picked out the only filelder in the deep on the off side, Ambati Rayudu gets the ball coming to him, swinging through the air, at top pace -- that really was hit beautifully -- and somehow hangs on to it for dear life. Two in two to Mitch Johnson, more to the point, two dot balls as well, now it is 7 in 3

  • Most catches in an IPL season:
    19 - AB de Villiers,2016
    15 - KIERON POLLARD,2017*
    14 - David Miller,2014
    14 - Dwayne Bravo,2013

  • 23:41 (IST)

    OUT! Oh my word, this match cannot get any more exciting. Johnson bowls a full delivery on the stumps, Smith makes room eyeing to go over covers. But unfortunately for him and Pune finds Ambati Rayudu in the deep. The Australian pacer is pumped up and why not? Mumbai need 7 runs in 3 balls.

  • 23:38 (IST)

    OUT! Johnson follows up with a slower delivery, Tiwary looks to go over long on, but holes out to Kieron Pollard at long on. Pune requirer 7 runs in 4 balls.

  • 23:37 (IST)

    FOUR! Tiwary goes across and sweeps the first ball to the square leg fence for a boundary. 7 off 5 balls.

  • 23:36 (IST)

    After 19 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 119/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 51 , Manoj Tiwary 3)

    The ask at the start was just 6.5. Somewhere, RPS eased off the pedal, and is now facing an ask of 11.5 on a big ground where mishits won't get you the sixes you could get on some of the smaller venues.

    Bumrah to Smith. This game is slowed right down, MI taking time between balls, lots of field settings, lots of talk, making the RPS batsmen wait.

    Bumrah starts with a full toss. Surprises Smith, who swings it but doesn't really get body into the shot. In the air, but it falls of Hardik Pandya out in the deep, just one though for what could have been costly.

    Slower ball on good length outside off, Tiwary manages to get bat to it, single to cover.

    Ball three, yorker, beautifully bowled, and again great fielding keeps Smith down to a single as he digs it out from middle stump.

    Ball four, Full into Tiwary's pads, they scramble a leg bye. Bumrah is brilliant here, impossible to hit. Ball five, outside off, and that is the shot Smith was looking for. The ball is outside off so Smith has some room, winds up and has a huge swing, gets under the ball and lofts it into the stands over long off, six.

    Last ball, full toss and Smith swings it around, two for it. Smith upset, thinks that ball was above his waist and should have been called. I thought it was just a fraction below the waist, though. Nigel Long thinks so too, doesn't call it. 11 now needed in six.


  • 23:35 (IST)

    FIFTY! Steven Smith brings up his fifty with a double.

  • 23:30 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 107/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 41 , Manoj Tiwary 2)

    30 off 18 needed after that Bumrah over. JB still has an over to go and it is hard to see anyone taking him to the cleaners, so RPS needs runs in overs 18 and 20.

    It is Malinga with his final over. Smith on strike. Wide of off, yorker length, Smith was backing away, ends up too far from the ball, can only toe end it to cover, no run. Dot balls gold now.

    Ball two, Smith this time walks over to off stump, it is predictably yorker length, Smith hits it on the full off the bottom of the bat, to long on, single. 

    Ball three, Tiwary on strike, and the swinging yorker on off, driven to mid off, single. Now it is MI with the momentum in the field, everyone seems up, fielders bustling around, attacking the ball every chance, and two quick bowlers sending down yorker after yorker.

    Ball four, yorker again, and there is nothing Smith can do with that -- whistles in to him and hits the inside of his front leg, outside leg so no LBW but again, the ball slides an inch past that leg stump, that's the second time the ball has missed the stumps and no one knows how.

    Ball five, crowd in a constant ferment now, and again the yorker but what a shot -- Smith across his stumps, flicks it, taking it deep inside the crease and flicking on the half volley, four through square leg.

    Ball six, slower ball and Smith plays it out on the on, square, and gets one. 24 more needed, 12 balls to go, and Bumrah will bowl the 19th.

  • Malinga slips in a near perfect over. Smith had to take a calculated risk to get a boundary away. MI have one over from Bumrah to go. Whoever takes the other over probably has the fate of this match hanging in his hands.

  • 23:29 (IST)

    It seemed like Malinga would end with a top over, but Smith cleared his front leg and flicked a yorker to the square leg fence for a boundary. 7 off the 18th over. Pune need 23 runs in 12 balls. The question now is: who will bowl the 19th over? Bumrah or Johnson. 

  • This is the downside of the Dhoni formula. High pressure on the next batter if Dhoni gets out. For the Nth time this season, Pune's fate in the hands of Manoj Tiwary.

  • Rohit had held back his trump cards for the end. You can't call upon a more reliable death bowling pair than Bumrah and Malinga. Bumrah has delivered right away in his come back over claiming MS Dhoni's wicket. MI need one big effort from Malinga. He has been this team's talisman for so many years. Bumrah has taken his place as team's main strike bowler but the experience of Malinga is going to be crucial.

  • 23:22 (IST)

    After 17 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 100/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 35 , Manoj Tiwary 1)

    Bumrah it is, as expected, to bowl the 17th. Ball one, to Smith, the yorker length on middle and flicked to deep midwicket, Hardik Pandya does well to race around, field and throw in one motion, keeps it to one.

    Ball two, and WICKET!!! Outside off, not short enough to cut but MS tries it anyway, beaten as the ball climbs on him, gets the thick edge straight to the keeper, Parthiv holds easily.

    And that is always the danger with Dhoni circa 2017. Not that he takes time to settle, but that he could get out before he seals the deal. RPS now under pressure.

    Manoj Tiwary, who I thought should have been at four anyway, now to the wicket, and taps the first ball down behind point, gets one.

    Ball four, Bumrah to Smith who plays it out on the on and again, Hardik doinog well, racing forward, attacking the ball, keeps it to one. Keep in mind this is a big ground, these strokes should get two but Hardik is doing superbly.

    Ball five, Bumrah, length ball nipping back in, hits Tiwary on the pad, huge appeal by Bumrah and everyone else, and the appeal is turned down. That was hitting an inch outside line of off, though it would have gone on to hit the stumps. Great call by the umpire. Acion replay on ball six, but this was sliding to leg anyway.

  • 23:21 (IST)

    This game is alive. Jasprit Bumrah has one over left, Malinga and Johnson should bowl the other two. Pune need 30 runs in 18 balls. 

  • 23:18 (IST)

    OUT! Cometh the hour, cometh the man! Jasprit Bumrah has brought Mumbai Indians back into a game many a times. He bowls a length ball, outside off, Dhoni opts for a flashy cut, but only edges it to Parthiv who completes a regulation catch. Pune need 32 off 22 balls. 

  • 23:14 (IST)

    After 16 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 97/2 ( Steven Smith (C) 33 , MS Dhoni (W) 10)

    It's getting to that point where, in the next twelve balls, one of these two batsmen has to decide to step it up and break this game open. A couple more overs of this pushing and prodding and the asking rate will really climb -- and on a pitch that is slowing down,  and with the big boundaries of Uppal, hitting out isn't going to be easy.

    Johnson, Malinga and Krunal all have an over each, and Bumrah the death specialist has two, so Bombay has bowling options in hand. Remember there is also Hardik Pandya's four overs in hand.

    47 from 30 at the start of the over. Krunal going to bowl the 16th over; Bumrah will likely bowl 17 and 19. Short ball first up, Dhoni down the track, but it is really short, he can only hit it to long on, single.

    Ball two, Smith dances down, Krunal holds the length back, single through the covers is the best Smith can do to it.

    Ball three, quicker, flatter, and Dhoni slaps a cut at it, lots of wrist, beats point, four. Then comes down the track, pushes and takes Rohit Sharma on with a quick single straight to Rohit at mid off standing well inside the ring.

    And there it is -- Smith reverse sweeps, hits it perfectly, high into the stands behind point. That was a length ball on middle stump, Smith picked it early, determined his shot and nailed it. Single as a follow up, to long on, ends the over and now RPS need 34 off 25. 14 came in that over.

  • MI have probably the two best death over bowlers in IPL, Bumrah and Malinga. RPS have one of the best finishers the game has ever seen, Dhoni. Steve Smith is among the top batsmen in world cricket now. This is the battle an IPL final deserves.

  • 23:09 (IST)

    After 14 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 77/2 ( Steven Smith (C) 22 , MS Dhoni (W) 2)

    Malinga comes into the attack. Dhoni works the first ball to the on side, single. Ball two, outswinger on yorker length outside off, Smith swings hard, finds mid on, gets one.

    Ball three, wide outside off, Dhoni reaches for it, hits it into the ground and on the bounce to Parthiv Patel. The plan seems to be, nothing on length to Dhoni, and nothing on the off stump either. 

    Ball four, down the leg side, flicked, single, Simmons at deep backward square. Ball five, yorker again, good swing in, Smith in a tangle defending, inner bottom edge onto front foot and the ball goes within a heartbeat of hitting the leg stump. 

    Last ball, Malinga now not bothering with changes of pace, trying to bowl swinging yorkers at pace every ball, misses his direction, goes every wide of off, called. Last ball bowled again, and this time to the yorker outside off, Smith square drives, gets two, great running between wickets to take that second run, and it is the last time out of IPL 2017.

    RPS 83/2 after 15; MI were 81/7 at this point. Neck and neck on the scores, RPS has wickets in hand and 49 to get in the last five overs.

  • This year Dhoni has targeted the best bowlers in the opposition at the back end of the innings, in line with his formula of taking the game deep. Seems to be doing the same today, and he will believe, like he said after his 61* vsSRH, that the RRR doesn't matter. It's a close thing though.

  • Just six runs came off the 12th and 13th overs. Dhoni's slow start pushing the run rate high. RPS need a big over to break away. Which bowler will they  target? Has to be either Johnson or Malinga. 

Preview: Two-time Indian Premier League (IPL) champions Mumbai Indians will be wary of the challenge posed by Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) when the two Maharashtra cities lock horns in what promises to be a pulsating final of the 10th edition of the cash-rich cricket league at Hyderabad on Sunday.

On paper, Pune have the upper hand, considering that the Steve Smith-led side defeated Mumbai thrice in this season, including a comprehensive 20-run win in the crucial first qualifier earlier this week.

 Highlights IPL final 2017, MI vs RPS match result in Hyderabad: Mumbai win the title by 1 run

Rising Pune Supergiant captain Steven Smith and Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma. Sportzpics

Smith can take a lot of tips on absorbing the pressure in such a high-octane game from former India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who will be playing a record seventh IPL final.

But Mumbai, having reached the IPL final on three earlier occasions, can clearly take a cue from their past 2013 and 2015 performances at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium on Sunday.

Going into the final, Mumbai will have their tails up after their comprehensive six-wicket win against the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the second qualifier in Bengaluru on Friday.

Mumbai chased down a paltry 108 with 33 balls to spare after leg-spinner Karn Sharma (4/16) and pacer Jasprit Bumrah (3/7) decimated the strong KKR batting line-up.

Skipper Rohit Sharma has the luxury of great depth in the side. When Englishman Jos Buttler left for national duty, Mumbai got the hard-hitting West Indian Lendl Simmons as the opening partner with stumper Parthiv Patel.

Nitish Rana has been one of the finds but when Ambati Rayudu came back from injury, he was equally effective.

The Pandya brothers — Krunal and Hardik — provide the all-round balance while West Indian Kieron Pollard has also been amongst the runs, as is Rohit of late.

Among the bowlers, veteran Australian pacer Mitchell Johnson and Karn have tormented the batsmen after replacing injured Mitchell McClenaghan and Harbhajan Singh respectively.

With Sri Lankan Lasith Malinga and Bumrah in their side, Mumbai can boast of the best death bowlers in the IPL.

On the other hand, Supergiant won't be getting an extension as per current rules, and will be aiming to end their association with the IPL with a silverware.

After unceremoniously removing Dhoni from captaincy, the veteran Ranchi stumper, who will most likely be seen in his Chennai Super Kings jersey in the next edition, will have another chance to silence his critics in the franchise.

In the batting department, Pune will be banking on the in-form opener Rahul Tripathi (388 runs), who is certainly the find of the season, along side the experienced Ajinkya Rahane.

Smith has also been in great touch while Manoj Tiwary has redeemed himself with some vital contributions. Along with the world's best finisher -- Dhoni, Tiwary took away the game from Mumbai's grasp, milking 41 runs from the last two overs during the first qualifier at the Wankhede Stadium.

On the bowling front, Pune weren't troubled despite losing star all-rounder Ben Stokes and veteran leg-spinner Imran Tahir due to their national commitments for the upcoming Champions Trophy.

Young off-spinner Washington Sundar proved his mettle against a top class Mumbai line-up while the pace duo of Jaydev Unadkat and Shardul Thakur have come of age in the business end of the tournament.

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