Highlights, IPL 2017, SRH vs KXIP, cricket scores and updates: Sunrisers register a dramatic 5-run win

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Highlights, IPL 2017, SRH vs KXIP, cricket scores and updates: Sunrisers register a dramatic 5-run win
  • 23:47 (IST)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar chosen the Man of the Match for his match-winning 5/19 in four overs.

  • 23:41 (IST)

  • 23:41 (IST)

  • Least matches to take 100 wickets in IPL:

    70 - Lasith Malinga
    83 - Amit Mishra, Ashish Nehra

  • Youngest players to take 100 wickets in IPL:
    26y 117d - Piyush Chawla 
    27y 71d - BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR*
    29y 247d - Ravichandran Ashwin 

  • 23:39 (IST)

    After 19.4 overs,Kings XI Punjab 154/10 ( Sandeep Sharma 5 , )

    Kaul to bowl the last over. A cheeky scoop. Two runs.  Could have gone to hand. A wide off the next ball. What a thriller this! Both the matches today went down to the wire. Another wide from Kaul. This is where you need experience and  quality. This is not great from Kaul. Bowls a low full toss. An attepted yorker. Played straight back to the bowler. But gets the yorker spot on with the next ball and Ishant is bowled. That's all over for KXIP as they are all out, stopping five runs short. The SRH players are cock-a-hoop. Scenes of passionate celebration, as it should be really. They won a good contest, but spare a thought for KXIP. They ran the defending champs right down to the post. A great match though, a great advertisement for the IPL. A lot of fantastic performances -- Bhuvneshwar, Warner, Nabi and Rashid for SRH, and Mohit Sharma and Manan Vohra for Punjab. 

  • What a fantastic game of cricket, and an unbelievable innings from Manan Vohra. For once he carried on a good start and took his team within a whisker of an unlikely victory. In the end Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been the difference and won the game for Sunrisers. The senior players for Kings XI continue to let them down and there has to be a lot of soul searching for Maxwell and the other overseas stars. Three losses in a row for Kings XI should see them make some changes, potentially including Martin Guptill and Shaun Marsh if fit. 

    Shikhar Dhawan can now breathe again. 

  • Best bowling figures by Indian pacers in IPL:
    5/12 - Ishant Sharma v KTK at Kochi in 2010-11
    5/19 - BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR* v SRH at Hyderabad in 2017*
    5/21 - Munaf Patel v KXIP at Mohali in 2010-11

  • 23:34 (IST)

    OUT! Ishant bowled by Kaul. It's all over for KXIP as they end their innings on 154

    Ishant b S Kaul 2(5)

  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar becomes the first bowler to take a five-for SRH in IPL. 

  • 23:30 (IST)

    After 19 overs,Kings XI Punjab 149/9 ( Ishant Sharma 2 , Sandeep Sharma 2)

    Bhuvi to play the penultimate over. Knocks back Cariappa's stumps with a fine yorker. Ishant vSharma is the new man in. Then the big wicket. Vohra is caught plumb in front of the stumps. He had gone deep in the crease, but Bhuvi nails the yorker again. Spare a thought for Vohra. A superb 95, but it may not just be enough. Sandeep Sharma is the new man in. Bhuvi bowls a no ball. Free hit. It's all happening here. A leg cutter, Sandeep misses. No damage done for SRH. Single of fthe last ball. KXIP need 11 off the last over. Bhuvi takes a fifer and what's more had bowled 15 dots off his four overs. 

  • 23:24 (IST)

    OUT! Vohra caught in front of the stumps by Bhuvi. KXIP 145/9

    Vohra lbw b Bhuvneshwar 95(50)

  • 23:23 (IST)

    OUT! Cariappa bowled by Bhuvi. KXIP 144/8

    Cariappa b Bhuvneshwar 1(5)

  • 23:22 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Kings XI Punjab 144/7 ( Manan Vohra 95 , KC Cariappa 1)

    Kaul comes back. Smoked over long on to get into the 90s. This is his highest score in IPL. Two runs in each bof the next two balls. KC Cariappa, who came in at the fall of Mohit's wicket, hits one firmly, but a desperate stop by Henriques at extra cover. Important stop that. 16 needed off 12 balls.

  • Well, well, well suddenly the pressure showing on Sunrisers with some poor bowling and shoddy fielding creeping in. You can see the steam coming from Warner's ears. Vohra is playing the innings of his life and that reprieve from Dhawan could be the difference. Finally Vohra showing what he's capable of. 

  • 23:17 (IST)

    After 17 overs,Kings XI Punjab 132/7 ( Manan Vohra 84 , KC Cariappa 0)

    Bhuvi comes back into the attack. Gets the wicket of Mohit with a leg cutter, as the batsman holes out to Dhawan at sweeper cover. Vohra hits a four off the next ball. He is playing an absolute blinder. Dhawan drops him off the next ball. Has he dropped the match? 28 needed from the last three overs.

  • 23:15 (IST)

    OUT! Bhuvneshwar gets rid of Mohit. KXIP 127/7 in the 17th over.

    Mohit Sharma c Dhawan b Bhuvneshwar 10(5) 

  • 23:12 (IST)

    After 16 overs,Kings XI Punjab 125/6 ( Manan Vohra 79 , Mohit Sharma 8)

    Rashid for his last over. Vohra gets stuck into Rashid. Hits a four at square leg, then two back nto back sixes - one over long leg and the other straight down the ground. Gets a four off the last ball as the fielder in the deep makes a mess of it. 21 runs from that over. The pendulum swings in KXIP's favour now. They need 35 runs of fthe last ball.

  • This is Manan Vohra's just the third fifty in IPL and his first fifty after eight IPL innings. His last fifty came exactly a year ago against DD at Delhi.

  • 23:09 (IST)

    After 15 overs,Kings XI Punjab 104/6 ( Manan Vohra 59 , Mohit Sharma 7)

    Sran back into the attack. Hammered over cover for six by Mohit. Vohra goes down the ground and smokes one straight for six. The next ball is played towards the midwicket fence and Hooda makes a hash at the boundary as the ball rolls over and touches the cushions. Vohra goes after Sran again off the last ball. Good fielding in the deep by Dhawan saves a certain boundary. Massive over that for KXIP. 20 runs from that over. KXIP are back in the reckoning.

  • 23:05 (IST)

    After 14 overs,Kings XI Punjab 84/6 ( Manan Vohra 47 , Mohit Sharma 0)

    Henriques in the attack and gets rid off Axar Patel. Patel goes over extra cover but does not get the distance. Well judged by Shikhar Dhawan. OUT! Mohit Sharma is the new man in. Henriques could have had another in that over. Vohra steers it fine and Nabi goes airborne at short third man, gets his hands to it, but fails to hold on. Would have been a stunning catch if it had stuck.

  • With Axar's demise this game is all but over as Kings XI have a long tail. Vohra is still out there but it looks like it'll be too much to do. There will have to be a lot of soul searching for Kings XI after this game, especially amongst their senior players and overseas players who have really let them down. 

    Sunrisers have been fantastic with the ball, consistently taking wickets and not allowing Kings XI to gain any momentum on what is a difficult surface to get in on, particularly against the spinners. 

  • 23:01 (IST)

    OUT! Axar Patel holes out to Shikhar Dhawan in the deep off Henriques. KXIP 82/6 in the 14th over.

    Axar c Dhawan b Henriques 7(12)

  • 22:59 (IST)

    After 13 overs,Kings XI Punjab 80/5 ( Manan Vohra 44 , Axar Patel 6)

    Nabi continues. Vohra goes after him, getting two fours off the last two balls. Too short from the Afghan and the KXIP opener gets two fours to long on. Thirteen runs from that over, but a brilliant spell nevertheless. Could well have turned the match in SRH's favour along with Rashid.

  • 22:56 (IST)

    After 12 overs,Kings XI Punjab 67/5 ( Manan Vohra 35 , Axar Patel 2)

    Rashid continues. Good variation there, employing the googly and leg break to good effect. Clearly the presence of spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan in the SRH ranks have helped these two Afghan spinners to no end. Suddenly the SRH total seems huge.

  • 22:54 (IST)

    After 11 overs,Kings XI Punjab 63/5 ( Manan Vohra 33 , Axar Patel 0)

    Axar Patel is the new man in. Nabi bowls the next over. Raps Vohra in front of the stumps. Huge appeal. Not out given. That looked absolutely plumb. Unless the batsman got an edge, he was clearly out. Replays show there was no edge. The umpire seemed extremely confident givingnthat not out, but in actuality it is a terrible decision. The standard of umpiring in the IPL, especially by the Indian lot has been pretty shoddy. No wonder India doesn't have an elite panel umpire. Nabi drops a caught and bowled off his own bowling. Unlucky. But a brilliant over nevertheless.

  • 22:49 (IST)

    After 10 overs,Kings XI Punjab 62/5 ( Manan Vohra 32 , )

    It is Rashid this time. The Afghans are having a blast in the IPL. Bowls a beauty that spun in a bit and fizzed after pitching, cramping new batsman Miller for room. Bowled. Wriddhiman Saha is the new man in. And he is bowled too. Rashid on fire. What a comeback after an expensive first over. A wrong 'un. But doesn't spin as much as Saha expected. Beats his outside edge and rattles the stumps. The Afghan have KXIP in total disarray.

  • Miller's struggles against spin continue and this game is now slipping away from Kings XI. They've had almost no contribution from their senior overseas stars in this match, and little through out the tournament so far. With only Vohra and Axar as capable batsmen left, it'll take something special to win from here. SRH have bowled fantastically and strangled Kings XI. Great response from Nabi and Rashid Khan especially. 

  • 22:43 (IST)

    OUT! Rashid Khan produces a beauty to get Miller bowled. KXIP 62/4 in the 10th over.

    Miller b Rashid Khan 1(6)

  • 22:43 (IST)

    After 9 overs,Kings XI Punjab 61/3 ( Manan Vohra 31 , David Miller 1)

    Nabi back into the attack and produces a huge wicket with his first ball. A delivery that slides on with the angle and crashes into the middle and leg stump. Kept a bit low too. Morgan goes back in the crease, but misses it completely.   That's Afghan power and Rashid Khan is really happy for his compatriot.

  • 22:38 (IST)

    OUT! Morgan bowled by Nabi for 13. KXIP 57/3 in the 9th over

    Eoin Morgan b Nabi 13(17) [6s-1]

  • 22:38 (IST)

    After 8 overs,Kings XI Punjab 57/2 ( Manan Vohra 28 , Eoin Morgan 13)

    Kaul comes back for the next over. Bowls another tidy over. Only four runs from that over, after his first one went for five.

  • 22:29 (IST)

    After 7 overs,Kings XI Punjab 53/2 ( Manan Vohra 26 , Eoin Morgan 11)

    Henriques into the attack. Yuvraj concedes a single on the field. Henriques beats Vohra with the next ball. Henriques pulls it back for SRH after a very expensive last over. Only two runs from that over and srategic timeout is taken at the end of that over. 

    A lot would have been discussed by both teams in the break. The match is evenly poised. Punjab would want this the Morgan-Vohra pair to carry on past the 10th over, while SRH will need wickets at regular intervals to defend their score.

  • Good recovery by Vohra and Morgan, Vohra taking to Rashid Khan will certainly get David Warner thinking. Vohra does have a tendency to throw away good starts so the stage is set for him tonight to establish himself as a match winner rather than someone who flashes in for a quick twenty or thirty. 

  • 22:26 (IST)

    After 6 overs,Kings XI Punjab 51/2 ( Manan Vohra 25 , Eoin Morgan 10)

    Spin from both ends. An all-Afghan attack now as Rashid Khan comes into the attack. The first ball strays down the leg side, and is deflected off the pads. Tremendous fielding by Sran at the fence behind the wicketkeeper to save a certain four. Vohra goes over wide mid off on the fourth ball. Picked up the googly from the hand there. Then he gets stuck into Rashid. The ball is in the slot for Vohra and he sends it many a mile back with a slog sweep and puts the icing on the cale with another four over extra cover. A massive over. Not what Rashid Khan is used to. 19 runs off it. Punjab getting a move on and is well placed at the end of the powerplay.

  • 22:21 (IST)

    After 5 overs,Kings XI Punjab 32/2 ( Manan Vohra 11 , Eoin Morgan 9)

    Spin introduced for the first time in the innings as Mohammad Nabi comes to bowl. Bhuvi gets a break. Drops the first ball short. It was asking to be hit and Morgan rocks back and pulls the ball all the way for a six over wide long on. Morgan, as we all saw, during England's tour of India, is exceptionally strong in the arc between long on and mid wicket. The batsmen milks the bowling fourb four more runs in ther next five balls. 

  • Kings XI Punjab's No.3 batsman in each match in this IPL:
    W Saha (14) v RPS
    A Patel (9) v RCB
    M Stoinis (9) v KKR
    W Saha (7) v DD
    G Maxwell (10) v SRH

  • 22:16 (IST)

    After 4 overs,Kings XI Punjab 22/2 ( Manan Vohra 8 , Eoin Morgan 2)

    Siddharth Kaul in for the fourth over. Bowls to Vohra Starts with a wide on the leg side. Pretty tidy ocver thereafter. Morgan gives the bowler the charge and bludgeons one down the ground. Doesn't get the placement ot timing right. A single at mid on. Five runs from that over.

  • 22:13 (IST)

    After 3 overs,Kings XI Punjab 18/2 ( Manan Vohra 6 , Eoin Morgan 0)

    Bhuvi is owner of the Purple Cap, and showcases some fine piece of bowling. Varies his line and length well. Reaps the benefit of some consistent good bowling. Bowls a yorker to Maxwell and it looks like it has done some damage to Maxwell's bat. Then disaster happened for Punjab. A slower one from Bhuvi and Maxwell mistimes it. The ball goes high in the air and Warner takes an easy catch at extra cover. Good captaincy by Warner too. Had brought the third man in and encouraged Bhuvi to employ a change of pace. Captain gets captain, Australian gets Australian. Massive blow for KXIP, as SRH making a stout defence of their score.

    Eoin Morgan is the new batsman at the crease.

  • Worst possible start for Kings XI, first the might Hash departs and now Maxwell throws it away. I liked the idea of Maxwell coming in at three and taking it on with the field up, especially when it will get harder to score as the ball gets softer, but that shot was awful. Really really poor from the skipper. There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity, and unfortunately Maxwell crossed it tonight. Long way back now for Kings XI, they will require something special from Miller and Morgan. 

  • 22:08 (IST)

    OUT! Huge wicket for KXIP as Maxwell is caught bt Warner. SRH 16/2

    Maxwell c Warner b Bhuvneshwar 10(12) [4s-2]

  • 22:04 (IST)

    After 2 overs,Kings XI Punjab 15/1 ( Manan Vohra 5 , Glenn Maxwell (C) 10)

    Barinder Sran to bowl the second over. Short and wide first up, and Vohra takes full toss. A fierce cut over point. Take four. Maxwell plays and misses the third ball, but comes back to get a boundary at long on. A wild swing off thye last ball. No connection. Had thrown everything at that. 

  • 22:00 (IST)

    After 1 over, Kings XI Punjab 6/1 ( Manan Vohra 0 , Glenn Maxwell (C) 6)

    Bhuvi has an economy rate of a touch over five and has one of the top bowlers of the competition so far. Bowls one with a hint of inswing to Amla first up. Rapped on the pads. Plumb. No chance for Amla. A golden duck for him. The worst possible start for KXIP. Maxwell comes in at the fall of that wicket. Good intention shown by the KXIP captain. Maxwell gets a boundary on the leg side off the first ball. Bhuvi bowls a good length and channel, with the ball coming in in that over. A fine first over.

  • This is the second golden duck of Hashim Amla's T20 career. His first golden duck came v Zimbabwe XI at Harare in 2012.

  • 21:56 (IST)

    OUT! Amla caught in front of the stumps by Bhuvi off the first ball of the innings. SRH 0/1

    Amla lbw b Bhuvneshwar 0(1)

  • 21:53 (IST)

    Manan Vohra and Hashim Anla to start the batting for KXIP. Bhuvneshwar has the new ball for SRH.

  • 21:51 (IST)

    After 20 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 159/6 ( David Warner (C) 70 , Rashid Khan 6)

    Sandeep Sharma to bowl the last over of the SRH innings. Starts with a bouncer to Nabi. Another bouncer on the third ball, which climbs up steeply and Nabi has an almighty swing trying to up the ante. Only manages to hit it way in the air and Miller takes the catch at deep midwicket. One Afghan replaves another as Rashid Khan walks out to join his captain. Sandeep to Warner and the batsman clobbers it over wide long on. Morgan has an opportunity, but he tips it over. Very goalkeeper-like. Should consider a stint in the Barclays Premier League. Rashid adds some more weight to the SRH total with a slog for six over long on, which would have pleased his captain no end. A challenging total in the end.

    A captain's knock in all sense of the term by Warner. Carries his bat through the innings and stays not out on 70. A big reason why SRH could get to this total. He chas the Orange Cap too now.

    KXIP lost their way a bit after a good start, conceding 105 in the last 10 overs. But they would feel the 160-run target is eminently gettable.

  • Lowest totals defended by SRH in IPL:
    119 v PW at Gahunje in 2013
    126 v PW at Hyderabad (RG) in 2013
    134 v RR at Hyderabad (RG) in 2014 

  • I think Sunrisers will be really happy with that, it was not an easy pitch to bat on. Kings XI once again started really well with the ball but didn't finish the job and allowed Warner to eventually get going towards the back end of the innings. The pitch is definitely slow, and offering some assistance to the bowlers so 160 will not be an easy chase for Kings XI. There were definitely good signs from the bowlers, but they are still yet to put in that clinical bowling performance with ball in hand. 

  • David Warner becomes the third opener to score 3000 runs in IPL after Chris Gayle and Gautam Gambhir. 
    Least innings to score 3000 runs among openers in IPL:
    73 - Chris Gayle 
    85 - DAVID WARNER*
    104 - Gautam Gambhir 

Preview Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab both will look to avoiding a hat-trick of defeats when they face each other in an Indian Premier League (IPL) contest at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad on Monday.

While defending champions Hyderabad have lost to Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians in their last two matches, Punjab suffered defeat at the hands of Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner (L) and Kings XI Punjab skipper Glenn Maxwell

Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner (L) and Kings XI Punjab skipper Glenn Maxwell

Both Hyderabad and Punjab had very good starts and they will have to repeat those heroics as the campaign moves into the middle part.

Both the sides will expect their batting units to fire in unison as they have let down their teams in the past two matches.

With power-hitters like Glenn Maxwell, David Miller and Eoin Morgan in good form, Punjab can hope for another good start from Hashim Amla and Manan Vohra. Wicketkeeper-batsman Wriddhiman Saha can also use the long handle at will which makes them a good batting unit.

On the bowling front, medium pacer Sandeep Sharma and left-arm spinner Axar Patel have delivered more often than not in this IPL while veteran Ishant Sharma and Varun Aaron will also have to step up.

Captain Maxwell said after the loss to Delhi, who won by 54 runs: "The weaknesses tonight were basically everything. Batting, bowling, fielding; everything was pretty average."

About his side's bowling, Maxwell said: "It is not about the quality of our bowling, it is about bad execution on the day. Last two games we haven't executed our plans, it's as simple as that."

For Hyderabad, whose two wins came at home here, it will be a matter of comfort to play at this Uppal stadium after two tough away games.

Batters David Warner, Shikhar Dhwan, Yuvraj Singh and Moises Henriques will be important. Yuvraj is the leader of an inexperienced middle-order and he needs to raise the bar again to maximise the good starts from Dhawan and Warner. Middle-order Deepak Hooda hasn't lived up to the expectations and that can be a worry for coach Tom Moody.

Seamers Ashish Nehra and Bhuvneshwar Kumar and young Afghan leg-spinner Rashid Khan hold the key and they need to continue to deliver.

With inputs from IANS

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