Highlights IPL 2017, KKR vs RPS in Kolkata, cricket scores and updates: Pune beat Kolkata by 4 wickets

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Highlights IPL 2017, KKR vs RPS in Kolkata, cricket scores and updates: Pune beat Kolkata by 4 wickets
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    That brings us to the close of our live coverage of Match 41 of IPL 2017. Rising Pune Supergiant were absolutely superb this evening, first restricting KKR to a smallish total and then chasing it down. Rahul Tripathi tore the KKR bowling apart and was unlucky to have missed a century. There was bit of a hiccup in the end, but nothing alarming for Pune. With this win, Pune climbed up to the third spot and now look good to qualify for the play-offs. KKR will have to pull themselves up from two losses on the trot now, when the travel to Bangalore next. 

    Tomorrow, though, it would be Delhi Daredevils taking on Gujarat Lions at the Feroz Shah Kotla, and we would be back with all the live scores and updates. Don't forget to join us then. For the time being, from all of us here, it's goodbye.

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    IPL 2017: Meet Rahul Tripathi, the Rising Pune Supergiant batsman who is making heads turn this season}

    Rahul Tripathi helped Rising Pune Supergiant to their best start in the IPL. And amidst the flotsam of a third straight defeat, he was one of the few positives that RPS could clutch on to.


  • Destroyed by Tripathi's blitz. That's what happened to KKR tonight. The KKR bowlers fought and stretched the game to the last over. After Kuldeep went for 20 runs in the 13th over, the runs conceded in the next six overs read - 1, 3, 5, 7, 2, 3. What's more three wickets went down. And big ones -- Stokes, Dhoni, Tripathi. But it would really have to have been a miracle for Pune to lose this. And in the end there were no miracles. A sobering loss for KKR. Uthappa not playing and Nathan Coulter-Nile not being a hundred percent would have hurt them. They should still qualify for the play-offs. But what they would want is to finish among the top two, which would give them a second chance to reach the final. It is really getting a bit congested at the top.

  • 23:42 (IST)

    Rahul Tripathi is the Man of the Match for his blistering knock

  • Highest scores for Rising Pune Supergiant in IPL:
    103* - Ben Stokes v GL, Pune, 2017 
    101 - Steve Smith v GL, Pune, 2016
    93 - RAHUL TRIPATHI v KKR, Kolkata, 2017*

  • Super win from RPS, against one of the best teams, in front of a raucous away crowd.  The best news is that their two Indian players, Jaydev Unadkat and Rahul Tripathi have scripted it. RPS can now sniff the playoffs, and considering they will be losing Stokes after the league phase, this gives them immense confidence. 

  • 23:25 (IST)

    ALL OVER! Rising Pune Supergiant beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 4 wickets

    Dan Christian finishes off with a six and it's Pune's sixth win in seven matches. Dominant display from Pune tonight. A good bowling display was backed by an even better batting performance, especially from Rahul Tripathi whose 92 off 52 balls was the difference in the end. Pune go second in the tabel with the win, leapfrogging Kolkata

  • 23:22 (IST)

    After 19 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 151/5 ( Washington 0 , Dan Christian 2)

    Brilliant over from Kolkata. Pune need 5 runs off the last over

  • 23:21 (IST)

  • Tripathi gone now and this is not over. RPS would have hoped for a cleaner finish, but they are stumbling with the finsih line in sight, and the crowd is wide awake. 

  • 23:16 (IST)

    OUT! Rahul Tripathi 92 (52) b Chris Woakes c Powell

    Brilliant innings comes to an end. Pune need 6 runs from 9 balls

  • 23:13 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 148/5 ( Rahul Tripathi 92 , Dan Christian 2)

    Good over from Umesh Yadav at this stage with just two runs coming off it. Kolkata staying in it, but with Tripathi at the crease, Pune are always favourites

    After 17 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 146/5 ( Rahul Tripathi 91 , Dan Christian1 (3))

    It was a brilliant over from Kuldeep Yadav who removed Dhoni off the first ball, untill Triptahi who eased the pressure with a six over mid-wicket on the last ball. If Pune win it would pretty much be a single-handed effort from the young batsman

  • KKR have gotten a look at Pune's number 7 Dan Christian, and while he certainly can bat, it puts a bit of an edge into this contest. ALso goes to show how good Tripathi has been. This isn't the easiest wicket to bat on. The next highest score tonight is 14. This young man deserves a hundred, and has a chance to get one. 

  • 23:09 (IST)

    OUT! MS Dhoni 5 (9) b Kuldeep Yadav c Sheldon Jackson

  • 23:08 (IST)

    After 16 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 139/4 ( Rahul Tripathi 85 , MS Dhoni (W) 5)

    Pune doing it in singles, taking no risks. Five runs come off the Umesh Yadav over. Pune need 17 runs from 24 balls

  • 23:03 (IST)

    After 15 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 134/4 ( Rahul Tripathi 83 , MS Dhoni (W) 2)

    Good comeback from Kuldeep Yadav after being hammered in the last over. Gave away just three runs. But it’s wickets that Kolkata need.  

  • Tripathi is doing at the end of the innings exactly what he did at the start, cutting big chunks out of the total, and leaving scraps for the other batters. He has his highest IPL score, in India's biggest stadium, in front of almost 60,000 away fans, who will certainly give him a standing ovation when this is over. What a night for Rahul Tripathi.

  • 23:00 (IST)

    After 14 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 131/4 ( Rahul Tripathi 82 , MS Dhoni (W) 0)

    Successful over for Snuil Narine and Kolkata but it appears too little too late for them as the equation totally favours Pune

  • 22:57 (IST)

    OUT! Ben Stokes 14 (15) c & b Sunil Narine

  • 22:54 (IST)

    After 13 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 130/3 ( Rahul Tripathi 81 , Ben Stokes 14)

    Kuldeep Yadav continues and Ben Stokes picks up an easy single to start off. The Englisman seems happy to just rotate the strike, but Tripathi is in a hurry to finish off the game. He dances down the track to hit Kuldeep over mid-wicket. The next ball he repeats the feat, this time from within the crease. Two sixes however doesn’t fulfil his hunger as he smashes a third straight one over long on. Tripathi has taken this game completely away from Kolkata and it’s just matter of time for Pune now

  • 22:49 (IST)

    After 12 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 110/3 ( Rahul Tripathi 62 , Ben Stokes 13)

    Just as when one though Pune would be happy to see off the spinners, especially Sunil Narine, Tripathi heaves him over mid-wicket for a boundary. The West Indian almost has revenge as he beats him, but Tripathi just about gets back into the crease. Nine runs come from the over eventually. It works well for Pune at the moment

  • 22:45 (IST)

    After 11 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 101/3 ( Rahul Tripathi 57 , Ben Stokes 9)

    Kuldeep Yadav comes in to bowl his first over, but the Pune batsman successfully milk him for five runs off the over. The early blitz from Tripathi has ensured that the Pune batsman can win it at a canter and they aren't willing to risk it against the spinners

  • 22:42 (IST)

    After 10 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 96/3 ( Rahul Tripathi 54 , Ben Stokes 7)

    Stokes smashed Sunil Narine for a boundary off the very first ball to really put pressure on the West Indian. However the wily spinner responded well to give just three more runs in the over

  • The ball is showing some signs of swing. I had expected movement off the pitch like Umesh Yadav got to send back Rahane, but Woakes is getting the ball to move in the air as well, bith ways. Thats why he is holding the ball in his left hand as he walks in, and the RPS batters will need to watch out for that.

  • 22:40 (IST)

    After 9 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 89/3 ( Rahul Tripathi 53 , Ben Stokes 1)

    Excellent over from Chris Waokes. Just one run off it, but more importantly a wicket for Kolkata. The home side have done well to slightly pull things back in the last two overs, but with Ben Stokes at the crease, they must look for another wicket soon or the game could completely slip out of their grasp

  • 22:40 (IST)

  • 22:34 (IST)

    OUT! Manoj Tiwary 8 (9) b Chris Woakes

  • Most runs scored in powerplay overs in IPL-10:
    82 MI v KXIP,Indore
    79 SRH v KKR,Hyderabad 
    76 KKR v KXIP,Kolkata
    74 RPS v KKR, Kolkata*
    73 KKR v GL,Rajkot

  • 22:30 (IST)

    After 8 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 88/2 ( Rahul Tripathi 53 , Manoj Tiwary 8)

    Sunil Narine into the attack, but a deft touch from Tiwary earns him a boundary to start off the over. The run rate has given Pune the license to play it safe against Narine, but that’s not how Tripathi likes to bat. He plays a cheeky shot off the last ball to find the boundary and bring up his half century 

  • 22:28 (IST)

    After 7 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 77/2 ( Rahul Tripathi 48 , Manoj Tiwary 2)

    Good over from Courter-Nile, giving away just three runs. Manoj Towary i still finding his feet at the crease, but the bowler did well to keep tabs on Tripathi who has everything that has been thrown at him so far. 

  • Did anybody expect this sort of brutal attack by Rahul Tripathi? The KKR bowlers have been downright massacred in the first six overs. It was jaw-dropping. Reminiscent of Chris Lynn's innings against Gujarat and David Warner's knock against KKR themselves. But even while giving all credit to the Pune opener, it must be said that the KKR bowling looked pretty bland and hardly challenging. Coulter-Nile never looked hundred percent since getting hit on the helmet. This is the second match on the trot that the KKR bowlers have been put to the sword. Warner did it in the previous match, and now it is Tripathi. The scales are heavily tilted in Pune's favour. If Tripathi stays a bit longer, this should be over quickly. 

  • RPS have lost two important wickets but thanks to another Tripathi blitz, the required run rate is close to a run a ball. Should be a canter from here, thanks to nerveless batting from this man. this is now his seventh score of 30 or more in eight games. 73 runs means RPS' best Powerplay score by a distance. What an impact he is making. 

  • 22:23 (IST)

    After 6 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 74/2 ( Rahul Tripathi 47 , Manoj Tiwary 0)

    Courter-Nile continues for Kolkata but Rahul Tripathi continues his domination. Smashes a big six off the third ball on the leg side, before a beautiful shot off the off side gets him four runs. There is no sign of slowing down from Tripathi as he sends Courter-Nile’s last ball over mid-on for anbother four. Tripathi is in a hurry to finish this off quickly. Excellent PoewrPlay for Pune

  • 22:19 (IST)

    After 5 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 60/2 ( Rahul Tripathi 33 , Manoj Tiwary 0)

    Chris Woakes comes into the attack and Smith welcomed him with a six straight down the ground on just the second ball of the over. Like any sensible batsman would, Smith followed it up with a single. Triptahi who appears to be in the form of his life, plays a beautiful straight shot for a boundary. Later in the over, Steve Smith has another ‘brain fade’ as he is bowled trying to go big and give Kolkata a window back into the game

  • 22:17 (IST)

    OUT! Steve Smith 9 (9) b Chris Woakes 

  • 22:14 (IST)

  • 22:12 (IST)

  • 22:12 (IST)

    After 4 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 47/1 ( Rahul Tripathi 28 , Steven Smith (C) 2)

    Umesh Yadav is unlucky to start off as the ball goes straight through the batsman and past Dhoni for four byes. Smith then gave the strike back to the in-form Tripathi who hit Umesh Yadav for a six on the leg side off a short ball. The youngster doesn’t stop there and smashes Umesh through point for another boundary. 17 runs off the over for Pune. Great start! 

  • 22:08 (IST)

    After 3 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 30/1 ( Rahul Tripathi 18 , Steven Smith (C) 0)

    Courter-Nile continues with some aggressive stuff, but Rahul Tripathi is upto it. The youngster scores a brilliant boundary off the second ball, before smashing him for a six on the fourth delivery. With the pressure back on the bowler, Tripathi shows off his strokeplay with back-to-back boundaries on the last two deliveries. First one straight down the rgound off a full toss and second one a  well-controlled pull shot wide of fine leg

  • 22:03 (IST)

    After 2 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 11/1 ( Rahul Tripathi 0 , Steven Smith (C) 0)

    Umesh Yadav comes into bowl the second over and beats the outside edge of Rahane. There is a sound but the ball is clearly missing the bat. Some mystery there. However Rahane lifts a short delivery from Umesh over the offside infield for aboundary. On the next ball Rahane tries to repeat that shot but Umesh Yadav’s ball swings in to take the edge of Rahane’s bat. Sheldon Jackson takes an easy catch. Umesh completes an excellent over for Kolkata

  • 22:01 (IST)

    OUT! Ajinkya Rahane 11 (8) b Umesh Yadav c Sheldon Jackson

    Brilliant ball from Umesh Yadav that drats back in and takes a top edge of Rahane. Jackson takes an easy catch

  • 22:00 (IST)

    After 1 overs,Rising Pune Supergiant 7/0 ( Ajinkya Rahane 7 , Rahul Tripathi 0)

    Rahane and Tripathi open the batting for Pune. Coulter-Nile opens the bowling for KKR. The first delivery just kisses Rahane's pads as the batsman shoulders arms. There is an appeal, but not out given. The second ball is edged. Some width from Coulter-Nile and Rahane flashes at it. Gets a thick outside edge and the ball flies to the third man fence. Should Gambhir have had a second slip? He had one when KKR defended a low score against RCB and got Kohli's wicket. Gambhir seems to have realised it. Asks the bowler if he needs two slips. Seven runs off the first over.

  • A late flourish by Surya Kumar and de Grandhomme took KKR to a respectable total in the end. Certainly this is at least 20 runs less than what KKR would have wanted, but these smallish scores have often proved to be difficult to get, as RCB found out. KKR have the bowling to put up a good fight, and one imagines it would not be as easy as Pune pacer Jayadev Unadkat suggested it would be at the snap interview after the KKR innings 

  • Rising Pune Supergiant have won three out of four matches while chasing in this IPL. On the other hand, Kolkata Knight Riders have only one match out of three while defending a total in this IPL.

  • How a single over can change the figures of a bowler. Unadkat might have been thinking about getting his best ever IPL figures, but a 21 run over has ruined them and given KKR something to bowl at. Still RPS will be the happier team walking off the field, they have a real chance to jump to 2nd on the leader board.

  • 21:40 (IST)

    After 20 overs,Kolkata Knight Riders 155/8 ( Suryakumar Yadav 30 , Umesh Yadav 2)

    Good last over from Ben Stokes who gives away just three runs from the last over. Barring the penultimate over, Pune will be fairly pleased with the score which they have restricted Kolkata to. Good effort Suryakumar Yadav in the end to get Kolkata past 150

  • 21:36 (IST)

    OUT! Nile Courter-Nile 6 (5) b Ben Stokes c Washington Sundar

  • 21:35 (IST)

  • 21:33 (IST)

    After 19 overs,Kolkata Knight Riders 151/7 ( Suryakumar Yadav 28 , Nathan Coulter-Nile 6)

    Suryakumar Yadav started Unadkat’s final over with a boundary over shot fine leg. He followed it up with another four, this time on the opposite side of the ground. The third ball then disappeared on the leg side for a six. Unadkat came back with a yorker on the fourth ball, but Courter-Nile smashed him from a six as Stokes and Smith collided on the boundary. Big over for Kolkata as 21 runs came off it

  • 21:27 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Kolkata Knight Riders 130/7 ( Suryakumar Yadav 13 , Nathan Coulter-Nile 0)

    Dan Christian bowls another over. Suryakumar Yadav gives Kolkata a much needed six with a big shot on the leg side, but on the very next ball, Chris Woakes is run out. Christain strikes Courter-Nile on the helmet with a quick bouncer, but the batsman is fine. 10 runs come off the over

Preview: A Ben Stokes-inspired Rising Pune Supergiant will pull out all stops in their bid to consolidate the play-off spot when they take on Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in an Indian Premier League (IPL) face-off at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata on Wednesday.

Stokes, the most expensive player in the 10th edition of the cash-rich league, smashed an unbeaten 63-ball 103 to pull Pune out of a hole at 10/3 chasing 162 for victory and help script a five-wicket win over Gujarat Lions on Monday.

KKR, led by Gautam Gambhir (L) , face Steve Smith's RPS at the Eden Gardens. Sportzpics

KKR, led by Gautam Gambhir (L) , face Steve Smith's RPS at the Eden Gardens. Sportzpics

The triumph saw Steve Smith's side widen the gap between them, placed fourth in the eight-team points table with 12 points from 10 outings, and Kings XI Punjab to four points though the latter have played a game less.

KKR, on the other hand, have all but made the play-offs sitting pretty at the second spot having 14 points from 10 games. Mumbai Indians are top of the tree with 16 points while Sunrisers Hyderabad are third raking up 13 points from 10 matches.

A David Warner special (59-ball 126) brought KKR's three-game winning spree to an end on Sunday as Hyderabad posted a mammoth 209 to which the likes of Gautam Gambhir and Robin Uthappa had no answer.

Although Uthappa fought gallantly for his 28-ball 53, it was too big a target to chase down even for the on song 'Men in Purple'.

The KKR bowlers were hit all around the park by Warner and suddenly the likes of Nathan Coulter-Nile and Chris Woakes looked vulnerable. Though the relaid Eden deck would support them, the form Stokes is in and the quality of Smith, Ajinkya Rahane and MS Dhoni should keep the hosts on their toes.

Dhoni has had a taste of the Eden recently, playing a few Vijay Hazare matches here for Jharkhand. The celebrated former India captain has looked out of touch and not the lethal finisher he is known to be but there is no denying the fact that the 35-year old can explode at any moment.

It will also be a homecoming of sorts for Manoj Tiwary, the Bengal captain who has been in good touch for Pune. Out-of-favour pacer Ashok Dinda also plays for Bengal.

Since their seven-wicket reversal to KKR at home, Pune have notched up a couple of wins over a dismal Royal Challengers Bangalore and Gujarat.

Stokes missed the KKR match due to injury and had to sit out against Bangalore as well. But the England all-rounder made a roaring comeback on Monday and could be difference yet again on Wednesday keeping in mind his prowess with the bat and ball.

South African leg-spinner Imran Tahir has been in good form too for Pune and is the second-highest wicket-taker so far this season at 16 behind Hyderabad's Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

In the head-to-head count, KKR have emerged on top in all three meetings so far.


KKR: Gautam Gambhir (C), Sunil Narine, Kuldeep Yadav, Manish Pandey, Suryakumar Yadav, Piyush Chawla, Robin Uthappa, Shakib Al Hasan, Chris Lynn, Umesh Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Sheldon Jackson, Ankit Singh Rajpoot, Trent Boult, Chris Woakes, Rishi Dhawan, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Rovman Powell, R Sanjay Yadav, Ishank Jaggi, Darren Bravo, Sayan Ghosh, AColin de Grandhomme.

RPS: Steven Smith (C), Shardul Thakur, MS Dhoni, Ajinkya Rahane, Faf du Plessis, Ashok Dinda, Ankush Bains, Rajat Bhatia, Ankit Sharma, Ishwar Pandey, Adam Zampa, Jaskaran Singh, Baba Aparajith, Deepak Chahar, Usman Khawaja, Mayank Agarwal, Ben Stokes, Manoj Tiwary, Jaydev Unadkat, Rahul Chahar, Daniel Christian, Lockie Ferguson, Saurabh Kumar, Milind Tandon, Rahul Tripathi, Imran Tahir.

With IANS inputs.

Updated Date: May 04, 2017 00:17 AM

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